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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Yeah, he can “shove it” … and dont let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out, Mr. O.
    We need a true Conservative in 2012!

  2. LMAO Shove it Ready. Anybody got a can of Mace? I don’t love you Odumbo, I’m not that kind of guy. Please return to Reggie Love.

  3. I heard that Harry Reid told reporters that he didn’t know what to do with it. Gee, I thought Reid was up Obama’s butt and didn’t have a brain of his own. I guess he does after all. The Senate voted unanomously against Obama’s economic bill the last time he sent something destructive through. You’d think he would learn his lesson from the first time, but for a Marxist I guess learning lessons is out of the question, isn’t it? Obama has an agenda and that’s that. You’d think that Reid and the rest of the Socialists would gather together and tell Obama to knock it off, or else. And some of that is going on now because the economy is negatively affecting their constituents now, and I knew it would eventually. I figured that when Democrat policy started taking money away from the people who voted them into office, their own constituents would be telling them, enough is enough. And I guess some of that is started happening now, since this thing has gone on for so long.

    See, it’s okay to beat the hell out of American’s just so long as it doesn’t last for very long. Democrats can target conservatives and Republican’s with restrictive policies that take money away from them, and hurt targeted businesses by allowing Chinese products to come in that hurt American businesses Democrats are punishing for, like, not voting for Obama. Obama has been doing that for some time now. But see, it’s starting to trickle down to liberal businesses that get some of their sales way down the line from those being affected. As long as the damage is being done to Republican businesses specifically for a short period of time, it’s okay because the liberal businesses don’t rely that much on the Republican businesses until the loss of business affects other businesses down the line. But in order for that to happen, the damage to the economy has to last a long time in order for the trickle down to take place. For many years it didn’t because the Democrats would stop the damage before it got that bad. But now with Obama in charge, they can’t stop it whenever they want, like they have always been able to do before. Obama has his agenda to bring America down, to hurt it permanently, and make it’s people suffer like never before, and not just those targeted by the Democrats. The damage being done to our economy is more out of the hands of the Democrats now than it ever has been, and it’s scaring the hell out of them. They don’t know what to do because it’s never been this bad before. They’ve always been able to stop it long before it ever got this bad, it’s never been this bad. When Harry Reid says he doesn’t know what to do, you know it bad. He’s the leader who would be stopping damage by now, and he’s not the one to do it now, it’s Obama, and liberals have given him a blank check. Well, that check has bounced, and it just keeps bouncing!

  4. I didn’t ever think that damage to the economy would ever affect Blacks, so I never added that to my therory about how the economy is being affected by damaging manipulation by Democrats who hold power over certain committee’s, like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. They have been able to do that specific damage to certain areas of the economy whenever they wanted to punish Republican’s for not going along with certain law they wanted instituted. Obama is doing that right now, except it’s not so much about targeting certain areas like Democrats have always been doing. Obama is carrying this thing on for far to long now, and it’s started affecting Democrat constituents, and the Democrats don’t like that. They found out how mad people were when they lost so badly back last November. But now Obama has just kept doing damage to the economy to the point where everyone is being affected, and that’s not how Democrats have been playing ball. Obama isn’t playing fair. He’s only supposed to hurt Republican’s and conservatives. But he’s hurting everyone….equally. And liberals are all for “equality” and all, but now it’s getting ridiculous and Democrats are worried that the rest of their constituents will rebel next year and cause some of them to be put out to pasture, and Democrats are beginning to talk about how to stop Obama’s agenda in order to keep them from being thrown out of office that playing ball has allowed them to keep for a long time.

    When people like Obama is doing things to this nation that may end up bringing in people from Europe and China and the Soviet Union, oh yeah, I meant Russia(yeah, right), Democrats don’t like it one damn bit. They don’t mind taking Republican power away from them, but when you start messing with theirs, you’re messing with the bull. And you know what happens when you mess with the bull??

  5. And who is Obama’s so-called “Job’s” bill going to hurt? Because it has to hurt somebody. It can’t just help everyone, that wouldn’t be staying on his agenda. So, who is it supposed to help? Is it going to help anyone? He says it’s going to help small business owners because in it there is a tax cut, so-called “pay roll tax”, which is a cut in the Social Security tax when there has already been a pay roll tax cut. Not much of one, but when you’re talking about taking out that 500 billion dollars from Social Security to help pay for Obama Care, and add that last S.S. tax cut, and now this one again would be adding insult to injury. Obama’s twisted idea of, since he’s allowing more tax to be cut from the employees checks, that would be less money the employer would have to cough up, so according to Obama, who you know is such a economic whiz kid, that not having to pay in Social Security money would give employers enough so that they would have the extra money to pay for another employee or two, depending on how many employees the business had working there to begin with. Maybe the employer would have enough money left over from not having to pay SSI for their employees, they might be able to hire ten people.

    But see, that just shows you how little Obama knows because if he had ever had a business he would know that you just don’t hire new employees because you have extra money left over from not having to pay some tax you had to collect. You hire employees when you are selling more of your products, or more people coming in wanting your services, and you are making more money from that, okay, but you are having to make more of whatever it is that you sell, or have so many people coming in that you need to hire a couple more employees to keep up with the demand. That’s how it works, not just having extra money warrents hiring more people. It’s the economy, stupid!

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