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Speaker Boehner to Obama: Not So Fast, Mr. President

    Shortly after President Obama’s stimulus, err jobs speech where the President demanded many, many times that his “jobs bill” ( which no one has seen in writing) be passed right away, right now, hurry, hurry, he received a letter from Speaker Boehner and several top Republicans. The gist of this letter?   Not so fast Mr. President!

Speaker Boehner points out that he would like to a actually see the bill, in writing, and that it be scored by the CBO before they can even consider passing it. Can you believe the arrogance of these Republicans? They actually want to read the bill before hurry, hurry, passing it! Ex-Speaker, Liberal Nancy Pelosi must be rolling around in her grave upon hearing of this craziness. What’s that you say ? The ex-speaker is still in Congress? Oh yes, that WAS her leading the childish clapping of the Democrats every 30 seconds during Obama’s bully-pulpit rant for another expensive stimulus package disguised as ….well, whatever it was supposed to be. Only in a liberal mind could extending unemployment benefits be considered job creation. Yes Nancy, Republicans actually want to read the bills before passing them. What a novel idea!

The Speaker’s letter also contains another bit of revelation intended to help  President Obama to discover the American way of passing legislation. The letter informs the President that Republicans will also reserve the right to make changes as they see fit to Obama’s latest stimulus scam attempt disguised as a jobs bill. Maybe Congress isn’t totally irrelevant after all folks. I was so pleased upon  discovering Speaker Boehner’s letter that informs Barack Obama that they will be following protocol in the U.S. House of Representatives and NOT ramming another stimulus bill through Congress without carefully weighing the complete make-up of the bill, that I felt like throwing a party! This could lead us to a new National Day of Recognition, maybe even a new Holiday to celebrate the novel idea of reading the bills in Congress before passing them. Thank you Speaker Boehner, from all Americans believing in the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers in the three branches of our government. Those separations of power are our checks and balances that keep us from being ruled by a dictator like another Hussein, as in Sadaam. No, Mr. President, just because you get up on the teleprompter bully-pulpit on national TV and demand your stimulus ( posing as jobs) bill be passed right away without careful consideration as to exactly what is in it, and how it will be paid for, doesn’t make it law.  America is not a dictatorship, we are a Republic. One would think the great law scholar Barack Obama would have been aware of this before he even tried to ramrod any spending bill past the House of Representatives. Maybe then Barack Obama wouldn’t have looked like such a fool while repeating that Congress must pass this bill right away some seventeen times during his speech, to which Speaker Boehner simply replied: ” Not so fast Mr. President.”

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  1. It’s obvious that Obama has such a distain for Constitutional procedure, and law that he thinks what he and Reid want is to vote on something that doesn’t exist on paper, that we should just pass a vote on Obama’s voice alone. What is that? What is it that Obama thinks he can stand there and tell a joint House session, and millions of American’s watching on TV and listening to the radio, and on the internet, that instead of teaching people who don’t know, and all the young people, children listening, that he shows such disregard for the Constitution that he couldn’t say, “Tomorrow I will send a bill to the Congress so that they can take a look at it, and I hope that they like what they see and will vote for it.” But instead he just said “vote on it”, “vote on it”, “tomorrow morning, vote on it”. Vote on what Mr. President? is what everyone in both Houses were asking themselves, and I’m sure many wished they could ask him right there on camera, “What in the hell are you talking about, Mr. President, do you have something on paper, a proper bill that you can show us?”

    But all we got was vote on it, vote on it. This man has no idea what he’s doing that he would not even mention the proper process that he must know is the right thing to do, he has to know that you don’t just “order” the Congress and the Senate to do something like he’s some kind of dictator, a Black Chavez of North America.

    The message he is sending to our young is that is the way law is made is the Houses just do what the President tells them what to do, and then if they don’t do it, it’s like when a kid doesn’t mind their parents? He took the position of a parent telling their kids to “Clean up this room!”, “Do it right now!!” That’s what he was saying wasn’t it? That’s what he meant was to tell the Republican’s “Don’t you disobey me!” like he doesn’t have to answer to them, they have to answer to him. Well, Mr. President our Constitution is not set up that way no matter how you wish it was set up, and no matter how much you want to “fundimentally” change how our country operates, you will not get rid of our Constitution. And if we can relagate Reid to a very small room in the basement of the Capital building, and shut him up once and for all, we might be able to get our government back to where our children will know that the President just doesn’t order the House or any department outside his authority to “just do it”. I want our children to know the truth, not this fantasy Obama is in where he thinks he’s in charge of everything, and there is no one who will call him on a single thing he does.

    I want a lot more calling him down on these things, out in the open where everyone can see that he has limited power because our forefathers set that in stone, and he HAS to obey the law of the land, the Constitution.

  2. As soon as I heard Obama say, “vote on it”, I knew what he was up to. What Obama is going to do is use this insistance on a vote to help American’s get back to work, as a weapon against Republican’s to make it look like, “They don’t want American’s to get back to work.”, “Republican’s don’t want American’s to be able to stay in their homes, they want American’s to be homeless, starving, and having to go without.”. Obama is a slippery devil who doesn’t believe that American’s should have air conditioning in their homes or work places. Obama was in his element during that speech where he was the Community Activist stirring up all the people who were listening to him that night, as a call to arms, because as a Community Activist he doesn’t do the work, he is the man who instills the spark needed to get out there and make it happen. The reason why Obama goes on vacation so much is because he doesn’t do the work of writting the bills, talking to his constituents to see how they feel about their plight if something like what Obama wants the Houses to vote on, will have on their lives. He doesn’t have to do the work of hashing out the details of what would go into a bill, all the things that would have to be taken into consideration of what would happen to them if they would have to remain on unemployment benefits for six more months, or a year, or two more years. He doesn’t have to realize that his idea is no good, and won’t help anyone get back to work because his idea will wipe out dozens more companies and thousands of more people will be put out on the street with nothing. He doesn’t have to realize the consequenses of his actions, and that’s why he has such a good time on vacation and let’s his wife spend so much money on stuff she doesn’t think other ordinary American’s should have. He’s having a great time being President. All he has to do is order people around and if they don’t do what you told them to do, then it’s not because your idea is no good, it’s because they are being an obstructionist, and disobeient.

  3. “Speaker Boehner points out that he would like to a actually see the bill, in writing, and that it be scored by the CBO before they can even consider passing it. Can you believe the arrogance of these Republicans?”

    I know! What the heck are republicans thinking here? Don’t they understand that in order to get deeper in debt, we just need to pass more blank checks for Obama to do with as he pleases? Since when did republicans ever get in in their heads that “Obama’s Stash” has a bottom to it. That would be ridiculous… no, blasphemous, for republicans to interfere with the needs of the messiah.

    And I just loved it when Obama demanded that congress pass his bill, that hasn’t even been written, and when he promised “tomorrow” small businesses would get a tax break. What an incredible idiot we have as President of the United States. What are we now… ranked 5th in the world for investments?

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