Hoffa vs. Tea Party: How History Repeats Itself

Jimmy Hoffa must have missed the memo on rhetoric because he sure dropped on doozey of a political faux pas while working up the crowd for Obama’s speech. After talking about Obama’s army, and going to war against the Tea Party, Hoffa declared that the workers of America should “Take These Sons of Bitches Out.” No worries, Obama didn’t seem to catch it so it must not be that big of a deal…right?

It was a good pandering tactic to Unions and their bosses on whose rumps Obama’s lips are firmly planted, which is why our glorious leader said nothing against the rhetoric he has so often scolded the right for using. In fact, our President was happy to thank him at the beginning of his speech.

Thing is, what Obama and Hoffa need to understand that this isn’t the first time a Tea Party has come up against a very large and very threatening “Union Boss.” Failing to understand that those “Tea Party sons of bitches” are still the same American people that defied a king that controlled the most powerful army in the world is going to cost these Union bosses a lot in the end and not to mention, Obama his Presidency. We’re used to this kind of fight; it’s our specialty as rebellious by nature, American citizens. King George learned this the hard way when he was pacing his throne room talking about those Tea Party sons of…well you know.

So Jimmy Hoffa can unite his army, call us names, and vow to take us down if it floats his lefty union vote boat, but come time to fight the battle he so vigorously called for during his speech, he’s going to find the same resistance and defeat he and his cronies experienced in Wisconsin.

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Rich Mitchell

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