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GOP Wins Special Elections in N.Y. and Nevada

Last night in a special election vote for the disgraced N.Y. Democrat Anthony Weiner’s House seat, retired broadcast executive and political novice Bob Turner (R) beat N.Y. State assemblyman David Weprin.(D)

Not only did a Republican take this seat for the first time since 1922,  NY-09 is a district where registered Democrats have a 3-1 voter margin over Republicans. Weprin also comes from a politically well-connected family up in mostly the blue State of New York.

N.Y. district 09 consists of parts of Brooklyn and Queens, and this Republican win speaks volumes about just how fed up voters really are with the Liberal Democrat’s policies of the past 5 years, and the direction of the country under far left Liberal Democrat, Barack Obama. It will be interesting to watch the Liberal media puppets try to say this is not a referendum on just how far left Democrats have tried to move this country in the last five years.

America is a center-right nation and we can very well expect Americans to prove that fact when Conservatives again win historic victories across America in the 2012 elections. And then we can start repairing the damage from four years of Democratic policies coming out of congress, plus the two and a half years of Barack Obama and Harry Reid blocking Republicans attempts at budgetary reform. Congratulations go out to new Congressman Bob Turner, make that new REPUBLICAN Congressman Bob Turner of N.Y.!  Newsmax also had the following headline that explains on how this massively blue district turned flaming red last night:

Koch Played Key Role in GOP Victory: The Republican victory in New York’s solid blue 9th Congressional District seat in Tuesday’s special election came largely with the help of an influential Democrat: former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. In the special election, the 86-year-old Koch urged fellow New Yorkers, and disaffected Democrats like himself, to send a message to President Obama that they give him a thumbs down for his domestic and foreign policies.

Meanwhile in another special election on Tuesday, Republican Mark Amodei beat another Democrat-State Treasurer Kate Marshall, to become the U.S. Representative for most of Nevada. This election was for Dean Heller’s old House seat, which became vacant after he took a promotion to replace John Ensign, who had resigned in May. This big Republican win also happens to be right in Liberal Senator Harry Reid’s own back yard, and should serve notice that, as soon Reid comes up for reelection, it is time to send him packing into disgraced retirement for his part of  the fiscal disaster America currently faces today.

This is truly a great day in American electoral history. Not only did we get rid of one of the most vile, despicable, loud-mouthed far left Liberal radicals to ever be allowed into the Unites States Congress, but the good people of new York  have replaced him with a conservative Republican!  As someone once said, ” And you ain’t seen nothin yet, baby! 2012 is going to be a rocking good-time election year, with true conservatives swarming the country to restore American Values and some very much-needed fiscal sanity into our government.  While we still have a mountain of work to do to retire far left Liberal Barack Obama and the rest of his political minions and misfits in 2012, this is certainly a good start ! Congratulations  to new Congressmen Bob Turner ( R-NY) and Mark Amodei ( R-NV) !!!!! Lets roll in 2012!~




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  1. Thanks for the Nevada news. First I have heard of it.

    I’m loving how Dems are spinning it… Wasserman-Shultz: “N.Y. 09 has never been a strong democrat district.” That tells me in public, the house isn’t on fire. Behind the scenes, its a 5 alarm blaze. How does this work to their advantage? By not telling their constituents the house is on fire…. they will perish at the ballot box.

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