911 Remembered

Ten years ago on September, 11th, an icon of American capitalism was attacked and destroyed by Islamic Terrorists. The Twin Towers were not only representative of New York City’s modern architecture, but they were the symbol of America’s powerhouse economy, built in a country of freedom and liberty.

That was before – this is now:

Because of two Jihadist pilots, we are no longer the country we were before that day. Many of our freedoms have been infringed and virtually wiped out of our everyday life. From warrantless wiretaps to TAS’ groping searches, Americans can no longer feel free to say what they please or go long distances unmolested on airplanes. Loved ones can no longer walk to the airport gates to say goodbye to their families or friends. Our “open-door” immigration policy is still in effect and more and more terrorists have been infiltrating our country. Our Southern Border is insecure. Islamic Jihadist literature has been found in the washes used by Coyotes that bring in illegals in Arizona. Al Qaeda has set up an enclave in Mexico and established terrorist training camps there.

Historically, Muslims build mosques on the sites of their greatest conquests and they plan to do so again. Our Politically Correct government is willing to give the organization that wishes to build a mosque close to the site of Ground Zero, a sacred place of history for Americans, the money that they need to build the Muslim abomination.

We are still under attack.

The result of their attack is pictured below:

On the 10th anniversary of this vile and repulsive attack, let us take time to remember those who died there, the people in the buildings who jumped from the floors above the collapsed stairwells, the first responders who lost their lives trying to save the lives of others. Remember the families who lost loved ones that day and may not have any portion of their remains. Let us take time to pray for them.

And let us take the time to dedicate ourselves to

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One Comment

  1. great article eleanor- i can’t believe bloomberg is not allowing any clergy – we all know this decision was made in efforts to not offend muslims. i say we all boycott watching any of the coverage and spend time quietly praying for the victims familes and asking God’s forgiveness for electing, God hating, anti christian, antisemetic leaders.

    1. Robin, thanks for your comments! I know how difficult it is for you to make them! Bloomberg is cutting off his nose to spite his face! As a Jewish person, at least in his background if not his actual practice, he should recognize the threat that some Muslims are to him and his fellow Jews. It is something I won’t ever understand.
      I think your suggestion of boycotting any coverage of the politicized event for Obama to campaign is the only action we, as Patriotic Americans, should take. Reflecting on the meaning of those who died and those who tried to save those people, as well as approaching God is an excellent idea.
      Thanks again for your comments. They are thought provoking.

  2. A very telling and accurate analysis of what the radical Muslims did that day as well as the subsequent slouch back into political correctness after a very short period of unity. Many Americans don’t want to face the danger radical Islam presents the world, it gets in the way of their lavish lifestyle and might require sacrifice by them similar to the sacrifices Americans made during WW II. In the end, no foreign faction could ever really defeat America, only a generation of Americans who have forgotten how precious freedom is and how hard it is to obtain could do that.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Bake,
      Thanks for the comments. Your observations are right on the money. Americans have been hiding in the cabbage patch for a very long time. If I had my way, the videos of the Twin Towers coming down would be shown on television every day on the news or other “politically minded” programs.
      I long for this country to be united again, as we were in the aftermath of that travesty.

  3. Great article on 911. After 10 years, you would think Americans would be more educated on the evils of Islam. But, it seems as though, they are embracing it more.

    1. Chris, nice observation. Too bad we don’t have Iron Lady Jr. as our President! Her comments this past week were on target! Assimilate into our culture or go someplace else. Iron Lady Jr. is what I have dubbed the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. She has observed what is going on in Europe and told Muslims that Australia was founded on Christian principles, that it was a Christian country. She stated that it was fine if Muslims wanted to practice their religion that was fine too, but they were not to try to force their religion into Australian society. If they wanted to live in an Islamic Theocracy, they could move to a country that already had one. Compare Julia to Obama and you will see he’s a puff of smoke, blowing away in the wind. Unless he has his teleprompter, TOTUS, Telepromter Of The United States! 😀

  4. “Loved ones can no longer walk to the airport gates to say goodbye to their families or friends. Our “open-door” immigration policy is still in effect and more and more terrorists have been infiltrating our country. ”

    This is the greatest dichotomy of our time. How America could be attacked by Muslim extremists… yet our governments response has been to treat ALL Americans as TERROR-SUSPECTS. Instead of CLAMPING DOWN on the immigration problem that allowed EXTREMISTS into our country.

    Our goose was cooked when the first TSA office opened for business. It will take nothing short of a revolution to restore our freedoms from whence they came.

    1. Max, thanks for the comments! When we were attacked on 911, Israel stepped up to help her ally and offered to teach us how they profiled all fliers. They are so good at it that once the flight is in the air, if it’s an international flight and they are offering a meal that needs a knife to cut it, you get a sharp knife. This is confidence. But the people in our country that made such decisons, said, nah, thanks anyway, we’ll do it our way. “Our way” has resulted in the Patriot Act, one of the most freedom hating bills to pass through the hands of the Congress Critters and be signed by the “buisness as usual” polititican President. (I am backing Herman Cain for president as he’s NOT a politician as well as other reasons.)
      A revolution is coming. In a previous article, I stated that there are four boxes we have to change things: The Soap Box, The Jury Box, The Ballot Box and The Ammo Box. I also stated in that article that I didn’t want to see that last box used. I still don’t want that box used, but every day, I think we are closer and closer to it. May God help us.

      1. The question of a second american revolution isn’t “if,” but “when.” And it doesn’t need to involve an ammo box to do it. I think a peaceful revolution is more plausible, with the right people in office.

        1. Max, I sure hope you’re correct in your assessment of a 2nd revolution being peaceful. My fear is that if Obama loses the election in 2012 that there will be those that will riot. There are organizations that are planning “rallies” now and they are calling for violence. I am praying very diligently that the Ballot Box Revolution is the start of a Congressional Revolution beginning a return to the Constitution that the Founders established.

  5. Just in case you missed it today, you’re a bunch of assholes. How dare you try to link the events on 9-11 to a “open-door” immigration policy . The Bush Administration was informed for an impending attack and did nothing. The terrorist gained LEGAL entry into the United States. The Bush family is to this day still doing business with the Bin Laden family. So in short go f**** yourself. You and this site spits on the ideals that made American what is WAS until Bush came into office. Shame on you all and may your children grow up to be “liberals”.

    ** Edited for profanity

    1. Joe New Yorker,

      Ok genius… how many of the 19 hijackers were stopped from entering the U.S. ? Despite YEARS of intelligence, our Government failed to prevent THE WORST from entering this country LEGALLY.

      You are obviously a rabid dog with a bite on Bush. What about your boy Clinton who had the chance to get Bin Laden but REFUSED.

      Incidentally, you moron, all kids grow up to be liberals, thats the ultimate opportunity of youth rebellion. It’s the smart kids who grow out of that silly little piss-ant phase of life and become true conservatives. So either that makes you 12 years old, or your around 30 and still mooching off your parents. Either way, you have a lot of growing up to do.

      ANTI-OBAMA 2012

    2. Joe Jackass,

      One more thing. Concerning the 19 hijackers, they were given VISA’s under Clinton’s administration. Now go lick your nuts.

      From the 9/11 report,

      “Beginning in 1997, the 19 hijackers submitted 24 applications and
      received 23 visas. The pilots acquired most of theirs in the year
      2000. The other hijackers, with two exceptions, obtained their s
      between the fall of 2000 and June 2001. Two of the visas were issued
      in Berlin, and two were issued in the United Arab Emirates. The rest
      were issued in Saudi Arabia. One of the pilots, Hani Hanjour, had an
      application denied in September 2000
      for lack of adequate documentation. He then produced more evidence in
      support of his student visa application, and it was approved. Except
      for Hanjour, all the hijackers sought tourist visas.”

  6. America was first modern country to adopt a constitution separating church from state ..Islamic Law does not separate one from the other, and neither does Jewish Law. 9/11 was an act of war committed by one against the other on American soil and its death-toll of non-military targets unacceptable. The real victims are the families of those who died in these attacks who were not Jewish, Muslim or even military personnel.

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