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Romney’s Achilles Heel

Romney instituted a socialistic health care program in the state of Massachusetts while he was the Governor there and many politically minded people believe that if he is the GOP candidate, he will not be able to defend his statements concerning why he did so. Other are concerned that he will not repeal Obama’s health care program which will be ...

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911 Remembered

Ten years ago on September, 11th, an icon of American capitalism was attacked and destroyed by Islamic Terrorists. The Twin Towers were not only representative of New York City’s modern architecture, but they were the symbol of America’s powerhouse economy, built in a country of freedom and liberty. That was before – this is now: Because of two Jihadist pilots, ...

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Turn to the Great Physician

We all deal with one. Maybe more than one. An issue in our heart that we know does not belong there. Maybe a dream we wont let go. An impossible dream that will hurt others as we strive to obtain it, because the actions we would have to take are unhealthy for those around us – based on selfishness.  A gambling ...

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