Rick Perry – Is He the ‘Right’ Candidate?

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Texas governor Rick Perry is said to announce his entry into the 2012 Presidential race on Saturday. But, is he the ‘right’ person for the job? Perry is the longest standing governor in Texas. He entered office as governor in December 2000 and still in the office today.

Until 1989 Perry was a Democrat. The Hill.com said this morning that “the battle for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination will be altered dramatically Saturday when Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) announces he is entering the race”. I don’t see it as changing “dramatically” but it will make it harder on some to pick one to vote for.

Tom Jensen of the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling told The Hill in their article that Perry is a more credible alternative [to Romney] than someone like Bachmann,” he continued saying, “There are going to be conservatives who would think, ‘I don’t really like Romney but I just can’t see Bachmann as president’. If it’s Perry, they are going to say: ‘I don’t really like Romney and I can see Perry as president.”

While I do like Rick Perry and his conservative style, I disagree with his support of the Trans-Texas Corridor, a $145+ billion-dollar project that would build multi-lane highways, rail lines and data lines from Oklahoma to Mexico, and from east to west in southern Texas.

The U.S. Department of Transportation under the Obama administration continues to harbor the dream of Mexico-to-Canada NAFTA superhighways. The Federal Highway Administration website proclaims that the “Corridor: Interstate 69 (I-69) – Texas to Michigan” to be fully operational under the following project description: “The 2,680-mile international and interstate trade corridor extends from Mexico to Canada.”

NAFTA needs to be abolished and immediately,why?  Because, the fact is that NAFTA encouraged a number of US manufacturers to move their operations to Mexico, and Perry supports putting in an “express lane” for it.  NAFTA was implemented in the interest of providing American Corporations with cheap labor, with total disregard for the living standards of the Canadian worker, the American worker, or the Mexican worker. No where in North America have any workers benefited for this trade agreement. The simple fact is that the citizens of North America were blatantly lied to by their leaders that NAFTA would benefit them–however it has done nothing but lower ther standard of living for all North American Workers across the board with all the jobs lost.

If that was not enough to deter me from supporting Rick Perry he is said to belong to a secret group of elitists by the name of Bilderberg. Some believe the group is made up of an elite group of people whose strategic goal is a new world order. The NWO is something I do not want to see, that is not the conservative way of thinking. Gina M. Aveni, a writer here on Conservative Daily News, has posted three separate articles about the Bilderberg group article 1, article 2, article 3 I would suggest Perry supporters should look at them.

I really hate to say Perry is not a true conservative but I believe he is a (CINO) conservative in name only.




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One Comment

  1. It hasn’t dawned on you that the people of the United States need to stand together against government whether Republican or Democrat and the huge corporations? Don’t you know they laugh at us..little people?

  2. That corridor idea is really idiotic, exporting more jobs to Mexico that can’t be taxed.

    As an alternative, what I propose, is creating an economic zone along our southern border to be operated as follows;

    – U.S. factories are built on the U.S. side.
    – Mexican labor will be on a working permit basis.
    – Mexicans enter the U.S. daily / go home to Mexico daily to their own communities in Mexico.

    This plan not only provides tax revenue to the United States, but it also taxes Mexicans working within the United States, who equally benefit by spending their high income money at home. Both sides benefit. Another added bonus: By opening new checkpoints to allow for the high flow of Mexican workers, the number of illegal crossing corridors will decrease to the point of zero, if done properly.

    1. The TTC is now a dead issue in Texas. It cannot be resurrected under any other name. In fact, the governor recently signed HB 1201, which removed all remaining references to the TTC from state statutes. Perry has not attempted to resurrect it or do an “end run” around the legislature and the people. Here is a local (Houston) story that sums up the public outcry over the TTC.

      By law, toll roads in Texas can never be owned by anyone other than the state and are not being “leased away.” The public never relinquished ownership of any state roads.

      The governor signed a law in 2005 that prevents a free road from being “converted” to a toll road. This is current law under the Transportation Code, Chapter 228.201 and he signed SB 18 on May 19, 2011, a bill which strengthened property owner’s rights when eminent domain is exercised by a government entity. Eminent domain “land grabs” were one of the big concerns that Texans had relating to the TTA.

      1. Ranger, thank you for that information. Smalgov should have stated that in his article.

        I found this as well,

        April 2011, SPEAKER STRAUS (Texas House): “So today is a true milestone. With Trans-Texas Corridor completely repealed, I look forward to more responsible transportation debates to keep goods and people moving in and around Texas,” Kolkhorst said.

        Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, R-Irving, co-author of the legislation, said: ”The Trans-Texas Corridor was too unwieldy, too expensive, and would have taken too much private property. Transportation infrastructure is a vital requirement for a robust economy and growing population, and Texas will proceed without the Trans-Texas Corridor.”


        1. What is important to note is that while Obama is defending his unpopular, ineffective and costly health care plan, Rick Perry listened to the people and realized he was wrong. The sign of a true leader isn’t the ability to get everyone to do what you want – but instead, to gather their ideas and lead them to success.

          Rick Perry is responsive to the will of the people, unlike Obama.

          Rick Perry put tort reform in place in Texas – unlike Obama

          Rick Perry created a business economy that thousands of doctors from other states wanted to work in. Obama .. did not.

          The Bilderberg, UFO-style craziness on this site is the only negative to Perry. Then again, it’s all from one author so I think the mainstay of the site is level-headed.

          Rick Perry is the man that will defeat Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination. Mark my words.

          I hope he chooses a worthy V.P., but we’ll worry about that later.

          1. Hey Ranger, Were you aware of this? Perry was Gore’s campaign manager in 88! NO WAY is he getting my support. I don’t care what his excuse is… Gore is as bad as they come. It would be like excusing Chamberlain for supporting Hitler before he was “Hitler.”

            “Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have forgotten a thing or two about the Al Gore presidential campaign he helped lead in 1988.

            In an interview with an Iowa radio station on Monday, the Republican presidential contender explained his role as the Gore campaign’s Texas chairman by saying that “this was Al Gore before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming.”

            Source is Politico (i have never used them before as a credible source… but this story appears legitimate from other sources)

      2. Ranger,

        I was going off of this information that I found: Evidence on numerous government and industry alliance websites shows the TTC project is proceeding under the cover of being broken up into two separate projects and rebranded as the I-35 Corridor and the I-69 Corridor.

        You can read the rest here. You may have to sign up to read it all – it’s free to sign-up:

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