One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots

One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots Author and friend, Amelia Hamilton, was kind enough to provide an advanced copy of her debut book to three young, eager patriots for some vacation reading.  My girls, ages four, six, and eight, have been anxious to lend their review of this colorful treasure, and after three nights of bedtime reading and discussion, I am happy to present a first time review by Ella, Vivien and Madelyn.

Before a commentary by the little patriots in my house, I want to note that the book is the perfect length for a bedtime story, beautifully illustrated, and entertainingly educational. The suggested age range, six to eight, may be a little young for actual reading and discussing the finer points of history and fact presented, but the rhyme, illustrations,  length and adorable factor make it attention grabbing for even younger readers.

Eight year old Ella is an excellent reader all on her own, and was more than a little annoyed that she was being read to, but in just two pages managed to forget that fact and really get into her job as critic.  The most interesting thing for Ella was the things she learned about our country. She can already count ( of course!), but was excited to discuss the history in great detail on every page and in every picture. She clearly plans a more in depth study of the historical accuracy.

Six year old Vivien, also an accomplished counter and reader, was enamored with the rhyme and meter of the book and made mention that it was both fun and made her sleepy. (Mom note: the sleepy part is a GOOD thing!) She really enjoyed the way Amelia was able to create a “short, fun poem to remember all of those facts”.

Four year old Madelyn, a great counter but still learning to read, was most impressed that she only had to ask what a few words meant. She loved the illustrations, was thrilled to be the reviewer in our group who got to point to the numbers at the top of the page. At the end, she declared herself a better counter and planned to practice often with Amelia’s book near her bed, as it is her new favorite bedtime story.

Mom is pleased to say that the reading of One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots , inspired discussion, at every page, on the birth of our nation, as well as a rousing and impromptu singing of our National Anthem just before bedtime.  I am sure that this book will remain bedside for quite awhile. I am hoping that the enthusiastic singing will drop out of the bedtime ritual.

You can purchase One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots here  and like it on Facebook and chat with Amelia on Twitter by following @AmeliaHammy 

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