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New World Order


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. If you don’t know who is behind the formation of the New World Order, then look up this man. His name is Maurice Strong. He’s the one who started all that crap in order to gain control over the “developed countries” and force them to relinguish their natural resources, money generation, and the work of the people of those nations, in order that the “developing nations” can have all them want and need to be up with the developed nations without having to do the work to accomplish that level of life. In other words Maurice Strong is an admitted Socialist who believes in “spreading the wealth around”. Except in his case, he believes it should be the entire world including Russia and China who pay “their fair share” so that everyone can have the same life as everyone else in the world. That way, as has already been tried in other countries where Socialism has failed, the entire world will be equally poor and miserable. Everyone except Strong. He’ll be one of the few who will be filthy rich from all this spreading the wealth around. Some of it will land right in his pocket, like it already is.

    This man is one of the most dangerous men on the Earth. But do you know how to kill this guys dreams of a New World Order off? Cut off the money he gets from each nations contributions to the U.N.. And then you defund all the money America is sending tax money to each NGO Maurice Strong has our government paying into through taxpayer money just like NGO’s are getting funding with tax payer monies. Cut off the head of this snake and all of them will die. This snake has only one head and it’s Maurice Strong’s since he is the one who runs all the organizations and NGO’s he has created and has operated for years. We need to kill them off, and Maurice Strong will have to go out and get a real job. Just make sure we can keep him out of the UN, that’s who is backing him up on all this New World Order crap!!

    It’s not a New World Order, it’s Maurice Strong and George Soros’ s World Order. They cooked this up as a money making sceme just like Strong made up man made global warming to shake down countries for money he says he needs to clean up all the damage done from factories and manufacturing, and his hated of the oil and gas companies that are providing us with gasoline and oil for our cars and trucks, and natural gas to cook by and heat our homes from.

    Maurice Strong doesn’t believe we should have air conditioning in our homes and work places either. Does he have air conditioning in his car, home, office? Probably, but so long as we don’t then the world will be saved from our excesses.

    Look this guy up if you don’t already know who he is. He is insane!!

  2. I want everyone on this site to write their Congressman and Senator and tell them to order the State Dept. they don’t have the authorization to make treaties with Maurice Strong, any organization that he runs that supposedly orders America to do certain things with it’s resources or human habitation that the U.N. is backing. Also, tell them that you know what Maurice Strong is doing and it is a Socialist plot to force America to give up it’s Constitutional governance and hand our rights over to the U.N. to dispose of. You tell your representatives that you know that it is Maurice Strong and George Soros who are behind all these environmental laws our EPA has adopted and has nothing to do with the environment, but is all about shaking down our country for money Maurice Strong and George Soros can get rich by, and takes our money away from us.

    You tell them that you do not give your permission to them to make agreements with the U.N. that takes our money away and gives it to developing countries that hate our guts, but these developing countries are being controlled by Socialist and Communist governments that are taking money from the U.N. to fund terrorist organizations that kill innocent people that Strong and Soros don’t give a damn about.

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