Dear Congress: STAY HOME!!!

Market in free fall! Credit rating demoted! Interest rates! Unemployment! Lions and tigers and bear markets – oh crap!!

When the President signed the debt deal last week, he probably figured that it would end the crisis. I’m sure he already had his Department of Education folks working on revising history textbooks to have his awe-inspiring solutions be compared to that of the Great Compromise of 1787.

And then it happened…

Those evil rich Wall Street robber barons did something to the market! Why, it went down Friday… and, and then Monday too!!! They are ruining his great(er) compromise!!

But then, his training kicked in. You know from all of those years studying at the Rahm Emmanuel School of Crisis Manufacturing. PhD (permanent head damage), graduated Suma Cum Lousy. IT’S ANOTHER CRISIS!! WOO HOO!!! Let’s get Congress back in from their break and pass some more laws! And then I’ll sign them, take credit, blame Bush and save the day!! Man, I’m good!

Well, back here on planet Earth, for those of us who prefer rivers of living water over Beltway Kool-Aid, things are a tiny bit different. Congress is on fall break and of course, there is the typical liberal cry to call an emergency session and save the day again…. Kinda like with the debt deal. Here’s a thought – STAY HOME! GO ON VACATE! TALK TO A CONSTITUENT OR TWO!!

We should know by now that the less meddling Congress does to try to fix the economic woes of the country, the better off we will be. We even have both parties agreeing that the best way out of the recession is to restart the economic machine. So quit tinkering with it!

It really broke my heart, after last week’s debt compromise was struck (and when I mean struck, I am talking about getting hit with a blunt force object) to see so many Facebook and Twitter posts saying something to effect of, “well, at least they did something!” That’s the problem, they did something!! We are so used to looking to Washington to solve all of our problems that we loose sight of the fact that Washington IS the problem!! The thought that the GOVERNMENT has to swoop in and save the day over every little bump in the road is ludicrous, incredulous… SOCIALIST!!

Ironically, we have a Constitution that – if we are going to be that stupid – will allow us to give the store away to the federal government and create the nanny state that so many want to see in this country. It is also this Constitution that will allow us to take it back. It all depends on just how fed up we get with the whole situation. Are you there yet? I AM! Tell you Congressman and Senators to stay home, take a Valium and let the economy heal itself. They may act high and mighty now, but come November of next year, 100% of the House, 33% of the Senate and a President will be asking you for a job! Be ready boss!

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