Congressional Fear Factor

Have you noticed how the politicians are running and hiding like cockroaches when you turn the light on in a public restroom? What has them so scared? The answer, my friends is, WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that have them running to hide!

While on break, members of congress are holding far less town hall meetings compared to just a few years ago. Almost 70% of Democrats and half of Republicans are not holding town halls. One might assume they are quite possibly a bit afraid of facing the people they represent. We The People- the taxpayers of this great country, who have allowed each one of these elected “leaders” to represent us.

Could it be that they know they have not done the job they were hired to do? Could it be they have had a brief moment of clarity and realize they are going to have to answer for the fact that they have continued to reach into the pockets of the citizens of this nation to finance endeavors despite that fact that they were explicitly told no?  They know they have backed programs that destroy private sector jobs and made government larger. They know We The People DEMANDED that the “usual way of doing things in Washington” had to stop!

They may think they can avoid us and get by without paying the toll they owe, but we have news for them:

“You will pay the piper when your reelection comes!”   

It would serve each of them well to remember what happened to Arlen Specter in 2009 when he held a town hall meeting and was taken to the mat by citizens over the health care “reform”.  Specter’s town hall meeting was not the only town hall meeting that drew harsh criticism from constituents on the health care issue. Many politicians felt the wrath of the common American citizen as they faced the people that elected them to be their voice in Washington.

This is just one of the issues that we must remember when it comes election time. If they vote against the people’s will, then have the audacity to try to avoid us, then it is time we hand them their pink slip and make them listen.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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One Comment

  1. Recently, Nancy Pelosi had a townhall meeting with some of her constituents and they were really p.o’d and after a lot of yelling at her, they started throwing stuff at her and the police representative there told her they could not control the crowd and Nancy was told she should probably leave, so she did. And Nancy is supposed to represent the poor? There are no “poor’ living in the Presidio, San Fransisco. They are all rich people who are a bunch of yuppies, and old Frisco money who back Pelosi, and have always back Pelosi. Nancy is one of those from that part of San Fransisco who have what is called “safe districts” where they can run for the rest of their lives and never have anyone run against them. What the hell is that? I think San Fransisco needs to have a serious redistricting so that the “races” are more “equally” represented. That ‘s what they do here in Louisiana when the Blacks think they can mess up Republican’s efforts to get more conservatives into the state legislature, and that is to redistrict so that more Blacks can be included into what is a district that is as balanced as it can be according to the numbers of Blacks and Whites there are in any one district. You know you can have just so many Blacks in any one district, and the same for Whites.

    But I’ll tell you this, there has never been any redistricting done because the White people in that district complained that there wasn’t enough representation for them. It has ALWAYS been for Blacks, so that they can have “fair” and “equal” representation. But in reality that is impossible to have a balanced district. It will always be one race or the other that has more people in it. ALWAYS! But it’s always Blacks who get to have their district changed so there are more Blacks in mostly White districts. But isn’t it funny that even though it’s a Black district, it’s a White liberal Democrat who is the elected representative of most all Blacks? Why is that? It’s obvious that Blacks can’t come up with a lawyer who wants to run for office. Why does it have to be a lawyer? Because it’s usually who runs for office. It sure won’t be some ordinary Black walking around because usually those people don’t have enough education to be barely able to read a third grade reader, let alone a bill presented by the state house of representatives. And the Democrats think they want Mexican’s to be their voters? Hell, the problem with Mexican’s is they become violent more quickly than Blacks, because they’re smarter than Blacks, and if you make them mad they will come after you. But the ordinary Black won’t do anything but complain. But the advantage for a Democrat catering to Blacks is, Blacks are easy to fool, Mexican’s aren’t. Maybe that’s why Democrats are running around like they’ve scared of something.

    What really worries a Democrat is that they won’t get enough White voters voting for them. They use Blacks and Mexican’s as reasons for a bills existance, not as voters. That’s the job of organizations like ACORN to get Blacks to the polls. Who gets Mexican’s to the polls, La Raza? I don’t think any Mexican needs to be shown where the poll are.

  2. Democrats look at the polling for jobs, and which race is fairing better during this time. You’d think it would be the Mexican’s. Well, guess what? It’s not. Mexican’s are actually leaving the country because the employment rate is 9.8% in the U.S., and 4.3% unemployment in Mexico. Hey, you think we could go to Mexico to look for jobs? Well, the US population isn’t THAT nomadic yet. They’re nomadic to a large degree, which started back in the late 80’s after all the bubbles popped and the oil industries were taken over by the major oil companies, people had to start giving up their homes and began moving around the country looking for work. Seems to me that it’s been that way in America several times and every time it was caused by the government sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t belong, in the private sector! And we are seeing that now with a employment rate showing 20% more Whites are out of work than there should be, Mexican’s are showing a 40% more employment rate, and Blacks are the worse as it’s always been and they are at 60-70% more are out of work than should be. The age groups are those who will be out looking for work more that other age groups and the limit is where a person’s career would be peaking. So we get ranges of 17 to 38 years of age. That’s a huge group of people who make up a very large percentage of working American’s. But they are also the group that pay taxes radically to. These people will work for awhile then quit, then find another job, then quit. For people who are working for a career, these age groups are when a person is building experience, not job hopping like most others especially in the Mexican and Black races.

    Democrats are real worried about the Whites in that age range because those are the people who are working on building careers and are in high taxable incomes. But now they’re not and that is a big worry to Democrats, and Republican’s are worried to but not as much as Democrats. Republican’s don’t worry about it so much because it’s the establishment of institutions of higher learning where the first third of that age range that vote for Republican’s and who are pursueing making alot of money later on when they graduate. It’s the liberals who are in college in that age range that will be going to work for the government when they graduate and will vote Democrat. But when Democrats see nothing but a growing number of White liberals who are in college by way of student loans and are not paying for their education out of their pockets, that can be worrisome for a Democrat who is under the gun to have the funding cut off. Where are they going to get the money to keep these liberals in school?

    I’d be worried to and running around looking for supporters who aren’t being affected by the economy. Who isn’t being affected by the economy?

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