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Tying the Knot


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Excellent toon Tony! What ever is happening in America is happening at a rate with twists and turns that boggles the mind!
    I personally feel that there are just too many “suspect” people in America right now! LOL!
    The progressive movement is comprised of unions, illegals, socialists and other dubious cliques!
    They have infested this country like cockroaches.
    We MUST enact: voter reform, election reform, immigration reform even judicial reform… probably more so that we can once again be “Constitutionally balanced”…. Right now, we are watching as our Constitution is being assaulted by a huge socialist agenda in this country! IF we don’t stop it by electing people who are the voice of the people, we can start saying goodbye to The United States of America, a once Free Republic!
    They’ve assaulted the way we pray, how we pray and what we say when we pray.
    They’re now, as you’ve so brilliantly expressed in your political cartoon, assaulting the sanctity of marriage… Something has to be done… Honestly!
    Even here in California, the voters voted NO on prop 8! And what do the LOONS do? They try to overturn what the PEOPLE voted for! There are “suspicious” judges who are involved too!
    I’m not one who would quickly say “REVOLUTION”, but I am begininng to wonder if it might not be a bad idea…
    Anyway Tony! Great Toon! As always!

    1. Corkie, your RANT shows your ignorance (which isn’t saying much)…

      Our Founding Fathers DESPISED democracy… MOB RULE… exactly because of your RANT! The majority DENYING rights to a minority!

      The Constitution of the United States never mentions DEMOCRACY for the Founders knew the tyranny that ensued! Instead, it ESTABLISHES a Constitutional REPUBLIC where rights are protected for ALL PEOPLE and can’t be voted away because they have INALIENABLE rights (maybe you should read the Constitution)!

      Since you DENY rights to homosexuals, you would undoubtedly DENY rights to those of a different skin color for NOTHING is different!

  2. Hi Corkie,

    Just one correction; YES on PROP 8 was to uphold a marriage as being defined as One man & One woman in the California Constitution. Prop 8 passed; it is the folks behind No on Prop 8 that are trying to have it overturned through the courts.


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