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Caylee Anthony


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Do I think she did it? Probably, but no one should spend the rest of their life in prison on what I think.
    I’ve been saying all along, you can’t convict somebody because we think they did it, you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, and there just was no proof that said she did it…. If I was on the Jury I would have come to the same conclusion…..
    Why they even went to trial with this kind of evidence is beyond me

    1. You would have come to the same conclusion if you were on the jury? And you complain that justice was not served?

      How do you know she was Christian?

      1. Warning; This cartoon may be out of your intellectual capacity to understand. I’ve heard the “Cartoon Channel” has easy to understand liberal indoctrination you may enjoy.

          1. Justice was not served for the little girl. I may not agree with the verdict, but i agree with our legal system’s efforts to protect the innocent. If I had been on the jury i may not have agreed with the verdict, but i also would have had a chance to see all of the evidence and judge accordingly. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make, but you are not doing a very good job. Also I don’t know if you have been to a cemetery lately but they tend to have crosses on a lot of the tombstones.

    2. It’s a crooked cross anyway… do you not know perspective as a cartoonist? This just proves your incompetence…

  2. ….did “she “have the motive?? (uh huh) did “she” have the resources?? (UH HUH) did “she “have the stains?(uh huh) did “she” have the reason? (uh huh)…if it moves like a duck…sounds like a duck..smells like a duck…feels like a duck; but you can’t SEE it…is it a duck??

  3. People seems to get reasonable doubt and unreasonable mixed up.In this case it seems the jury was all N.C.I.S. and criminal mine Fans.With juries like this we will neve find people guilty again.These folks need to see a smoking gun.I use facts.1 she Lied.2 she lied # she told bigger lies.thats all I need

  4. Who was responsible for Caylee? Who was she last seen alive with? Where is the alibi for that person? You see this is all smoke and mirrors. It misses all the points. The was with the mother and is found dead. The mother parades lies after lies and will not confirm where or when she left the child in somebody elses hands. My friends the media has you all overthinking this. The responsibility for Caylee rest with her mother. She was the last seen with Caylee. The child is dead and the mother won’t stop lying. What are all of you thinking? The mother either killed the child or abandoned the child either way the responsiblity was on the mother. The idea that you need to see the child murdered or have physical evidence connecting it is absurd. Children don’t jump up duct tape themselves and bury themselves. Last person with Caylee; that is the murderer.

  5. Casey will have it much harder on the outside. In the public eye she will be givin dirty looks, heckled, assalted, children will be guarded intently when she shows up, and she will at that point wish she was in jail. She has little protection on the outside.

  6. I beleive in a Higher Power. Karma is going to be Casey Anothy’s Demise! Than she will be judged.

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