Stephanopoulos The Mobster’s Veiled Threat To Michele Bachmann

I want to know where George Stephanopoulos was during the 2008 Presidential election cycle! If he would have been throwing his proverbial “reporter” weight around back then like he is now we would not have Barack Obama as our President! Maybe we would know the real connection between Obama and Tony Rezko, without the feigned innocence act. The same goes for Bill Ayers. Oh, yes, I know we know the truth! However, it sure would have been nice to have someone in the Main Stream Media actually acknowledge the facts back in the last election.

Oh! Wait! I forgot! Georgie is one of the “DC Insiders”, and a Democrat to boot. I should know that someone who worked in the Clinton White House would never try to find the truth about a fellow Democrat!

No worries, though, America! Help is on the way! George is going to make sure that he uses his “journalistic”… job? (talent just does not seem appropriate here) to find out the truth for all of us! He knows we do not want to end up in the same mess we are in now with our next president, so he is going to make sure he investigates everyone and everything to get to the truth, no matter what! He is going to search high and low, go to any back alley he has to, and talk to anybody and everybody just to protect us! And that includes foster children!

In an interview with 2012 Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, George Stephanopoulos did very little to veil the menacing threat:

Stephanopoulos: Finally one—one final question. I think one of the most impressive things that people find in your background is the fact that you and your husband have helped raise 23 foster children and I know you want to shield them but are they prepared and are you prepared for the loss of privacy that comes with the president campaign? And is that something you are concerned about for them?

As a mother of 5 children, all of who were adopted through the foster care system, I am literally sick to my stomach with this man! Has he no decency at all?

I will use my family as an example of what he- and the American people- very well may find out when they start invading the privacy of these people who had so much turmoil in their young lives by just being in the foster care system. It is a very broken system!

It would not surprise me to find out most, if not all of these young people have grown up to be quite successful, and hopefully have been able to move past the events of their time in foster care. There may be some that have not. However, this is not the business of the American people!

So, back to my family. Though I am not running for President of the United States, I will give you a small snippet of information about my children. Please keep in mind that my children have NO CONTROL over the biological parents they were born to, just as none of us do.

If I were running for President, and my children were investigated, they would find that:

One of my children is a cocaine addict. (Once an addict, always an addict, right? He was BORN addicted to cocaine!

– One of my children was involved in a drive-by-shooting. (Her mother took her on a drive-by-shooting at the age of 3!)

– One of my children has been called “Satan’s spawn” by previous foster parents! She was 4-years-old when she came to us, so this tells you how old she was when this was written about her! Yes, those exact words are actually in writing! It is very interesting that she is one of the best behaved children I have! ALL she needed and wanted was love, attention and LOVING discipline!

– Two of my children used to scavenge the trash can for food. They were 1-year-old and 2-years-old at the time.

This is just a drop in the bucket to the other issues our children have faced. This does not include the other 5 children that came into our home through the foster care system and were sent back to their biological family.

There is no telling what the media is going to “find” on this little scavenger hunt of theirs in an attempt to discredit Mrs. Bachmann in her run for President. The very fact that they were in the foster care system says that they went through things that were not rosy. I hope these foster care children that were so very blessed to be given a home by Mrs. Bachmann and her husband will file lawsuits against each and every media outlet and personality PERSONALLY for invading their privacy! As foster parents we are informed that the privacy of these children are of utmost importance! So for the media to get a “free pass” to invade their past is absolutely unacceptable!

There is one thing that I ABSOLUTELY agree with Barack Obama on! During the 2008 election campaign he said that his children were off-limits. I ABSOLUTELY agree with this! But, if this is going to be the case for one candidate it should be the case for ALL candidates! However, we know the liberals don’t play fair that way. All we have to do is look at the Palin family to see the liberal media hypocrisy and the children of candidates!

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  1. With that comment Stephanie was implyjoining the demonRATic throngs. They are committed to taking the heart out of the Bachmann candidacy by a vicious assault upon her like they mounted against Sarh Palin. His question was a virtual reminder of that in how he phrased it.

    “but are they prepared and are you prepared for the loss of privacy that comes with the president campaign? And is that something you are concerned about for them?”

    I submit that for a just announced “female” Republican candidate there can be no other motivation. I would challenge anyone to ascribe another “reasonable” motivation for such. What he really was doing was saying in a roundabout manner that you’ve set up 23 little targets for us and we’re going to take advantage of that fact. The “and I know you want to shield them, but…” was a gratuitous inference on his part and the icing on a foul demonRATic cake. Politics has always been the dirtiest game and the dems have always played it that way.

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