Dear Debbie Wasserman-Shultz – CC:DNC

Hello DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, I live in Tampa Florida, and just read your marvelous announcements about Fellow Democrat Kathy Hochul winning a seat in congress in the New York (26) special elections. Congratulations!  First of all I must comment on how I’m sure you know New York well, as you still have that New YAWK accent, even though you supposedly live here in Florida and represent all Floridians today as the Democrats mouthpiece. Isn’t that amazing?  Here is something I also found to be amazing today in typical Democratic talking points propaganda media piece speak, from CNSNEWS.COM:

In a statement congratulating Democrat Kathy Hochul on her victory, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz noted that Hochul won in a “solidly Republican district,” despite being outspent by a 2-to-1 margin:

“Tonight’s election result is not just a victory for Congresswoman-Elect Kathy Hochul, it’s a victory for the residents of Western New York and for Americans who believe that our elected leaders should fight to protect Medicare and ensure that our government works for our seniors, working families and young people.

Debbie Wasserman, (I had cancer) Schultz is really getting on my nerves with her hypocrisy here. Let me remind you of one basic FACT here for all of our Seniors concerned about their medicare and believing the Democrat’s lies here: Obama and the Democrats just cut $500 billion dollars out of your medicare to pass Obama-care under the fake budgetary standards the head liberal (Obama) demanded. Clear enough Seniors?


One last question for the new Propaganda Mistress of the DNC, Miss New York- what in the hell are you doing here polluting Florida, Wassermann-Schultz : How about you Democrats explaining just how well you are doing for the “young people” you mention above? Like, explaining to them the over $6 TRILLION dollars of debt they have to repay since you clowns took over Congress in 2006, and the trillion dollar yearly deficits ever since Mr. Hope n Nothin- left- but- change, got into the White House? I’m calling your BULL just what it is W-Schultz, ya got the facts to deny it ?  If you are sooo self-righteous in that garbage and misinformation, lets get together for a one on one here near Tampa. As Tim Pawlenty says… It is truly “A Time for Truth” for all Floridians. Dial it up Princess, let’s match up some truths and facts about America , her budget deficits and Medicare . That is right, I am calling you out on the part of my parents and millions of Seniors across America. Contact my editor, lets see what you have, or call into our show The Plain Hard Truth, tomorrow night. I shall be there waiting on you, but I’m not holding my breath, as you are too busy spreading lies and misinformation for the DNC to honest hard working seniors who have paid into SSI for decades, like my parents here in Florida and across America ! As my Grampa always said W-Shultz, “It is time to put up or shut up.”


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen the DNC commercial with the “Paul Ryan look-alike” pushing granny over the cliff. The lies these people portray are just appalling! I honestly do not know how they live with themselves!
    We need to make a commercial showing no changes being made… and ALL of us… EVERY city in America wasting away to nothing, soup lines…that’s what it is going to be if we do not take drastic steps quickly! Or, one other possibility is we will all be speaking Chinese!
    I know it will NEVER happen.. just wishful thinking on my part, but OH how I wish DWS would call up the show tomorrow night! But she doesn’t have the guts to because she know’s she’s spouting nothing but lies!

  2. I don’t know about Representative Wasserman-Shultz, however I live in Fort Lauderdale and have lived in Florida for 41 years, since I was 12 years old. Have a little respect! I am so tired of people complaining about political rhetoric by espousing NASTY political rhetoric. Like I said, I don’t know about Representative Wasserman-Shultz, but I’ll debate you anytime, anywhere. As a matter of fact I will begin right here! Let’s see if your editor will print this rebuttal;


    1. The rule of orchestration: endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations!
    2. The rule of simplification: reducing all data to their opinion!
    3. The rule of disfiguration: Irrational beliefs, justified by obfuscatory references to budget balancing by slashing Medicare, thereby discrediting the opposition by crude smears & parodies!
    4. The rule of transfusion: manipulating the consensus values for the target audience for ones own ends!
    5. The rule of unanimity: presenting ones viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people, thereby draining the doubting individual into agreement via social pressure & psychological contagion!

    The above opinions are my very own!

    Rob Twitter; @VRPMusic

    1. Well, I do not see you answering the part about Obama-care raping Seniors for $500 billion here. So Ron doesnt let facts get in the way of his propaganda here .Debate? Answer the fact on $500 billion stolen from Seniors by your Liberal lairs then?

      Your 5 rules are not only off topic, irrevelant and pure lies, it also shows how you lost this debate already. Thank you for proving my very point about lies and failure to debate FACTS, like Democrats hurting Seniors by taking half a TRILLION dollars out of their Medicare! In a serious debate, you Ron, have just shown yourself to be completely unarmed, and therefor not worth my time.( This response if to show other readers just how pathetic your attempt to slander people really is, while avoiding the topic of discussion- typical Liberal ) I noticed DWS failed to step up and address her lies here also. Wonder what side of your bread is buttered by the taxpayer through the Democratic party here? It is obvious that it is, as you add nothing to the fact stated above. You wouldn’t know the Tea Party or fiscal responsibility if it fell on your head.
      VRP Music? https://virtuallyrealperformers.com/ Pretty pathetic. Educate yourself, and get a real job.

    2. Your debate tactics are flawed at best.

      You start out by admitting that you are not familiar with the topic of the article “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz”. Then try to bait everyone into a baseless discussion by issuing a string of political strategies used by every political faction, product advertising, and propagandists (including you) as if only the Tea Parties do it.

      Since the Tea Parties (not Tea Party as you mistakenly named them) are not a singular group with common leadership, attempting to somehow present that there is a common strategy that all of those groups use as an operational model is fundamentally flawed. It is also precisely why frustrated anti-Conservative activists such as yourself seek out topics you know nothing about and ramble on in a meandering fashion with no goal whatsoever other than to troll. It is sad really. Really.

  3. Also, some quick pointers about your ‘post.’ There should be an apostrophe in the word doesn’t. (second line). The word here in your third line requires a period after the word, not two spaces thereafter. The health care law is not called ObamaCare. It’s called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It was signed into United States law by President Obama on March 23, 2010. This act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (signed into law on March 30, 2010) made up the health care reform of 2010. The correct word in the first line of your second paragraph should be irrelevant not irrevalent. The word lies requires a semi-colon thereafter. Your fragmented second sentence in your second paragraph should have the word senior spelled with a lower case s, not a capital. My bread is not buttered by anyone but myself. Actually t is not buttered at all. I’m a lactose free vegetarian!

    1. Petty. Typical.

      Can’t debate the issues in the topic, so here are some grammatical and spelling corrections.

      Then the semantics. Although the legislation is labelled PPACA, it is more widely known as Obamacare. Then again, I am not fed talking points from a political machine so I understand why you are taking this oddly meandering tack.

  4. Dear dear Rob, with your PHD, Masters and all the other fake degress you supposedly have, I would think you would be working at 9am instead of trolling around in here 24/7. no bigshot? You have been exposed.Talk about cheap rhetoric, complaining about typos made while on a trip to actually work for a living . Keep on cryin. We are still waiting for you to explain raping Seniors of $500 billion dollars to pay for OBAMA-CARE ! I,ll call it what is is, clear enough? YOU will NEVER dictate to me how I will speak! Now get out of here and go out and get a real job.

    1. Hitman… isn’t it amazing what fake credentials can buy these days? Appears Rob has earned himself a lifetime mental trip in Trollville. Heck, he may even be the mayor.

  5. You can keep pulling my posts, but you can’t fool the people! Were going to “pink slip Rick Scott” no matter how many secret weekend multiple-million dollar Koch brother retreats him and all the other Republican governors slip off to.

    You can run to the Koch brothers, but you can’t hide.

    My MS and PhD are real and do is that toilet you hear flushing on Rick Scott, Scott Walker et al!

    Plus, the health care LAW is law and neither it nor that sorry group of losers you call ReUglican Senators or challengers for President like right wing nut Michelle Bachman can do about it!

    The law stays and so does president Obama!

    Long live liberal America!!

    1. It’s tempting to use the grammar/spelling tactic you tried earlier “Rob”, but still too petty.

      I have no need to “pull your posts” (except the duplicate you just posted). Your rambling, talking point-driven, nonsensical diatribe is entertaining in a drunk posted kind of way.

      In one rant you managed to get the Koch Brothers, right wing nut, Michele Bachmann, Rick Scott and Scott Walker all in. The comment looks more like it came from posters in a union-led liberal rally than a well thought repose – but you’ve got your PhD so you already knew that.

      1. Rob euphorically blurts.. “My MS and PhD are real.”

        I’m not convinced, sounds like they came out of a cereal box.

      2. You are correct, you’ve got me on the spelling.

        It’s difficult when posting on iPhone from a 5 star restaurant.

        Did you see Fox news get pasted by Jon Stewart?

        Did you see Rachael call out Rick Scott, John Kasich and the other Republican 1 term governors who were at the Koch brothers “retreat?”

        Have you seen how many people have both signed the petition and are driving around with “Pink Slip Rick Scott” bumper stickers?

        Have you seen Mike Huckabee making a fool of himself on MSNBC begging for four more votes that are not now nor will ever be there to repeal the health care reform act?

        Have you seen “your” front runner Romney in denial about his own health care law?

        You can rant on, however “vox populi,” (“the voice of the people is the voice of god!”).

        Dinner is being served. I’ll be back tomorrow with additional Latin quotes I learned during my non-existent doctoral classes and thesis!

        1. “I’ll be back tomorrow with additional Latin quotes I learned during my non-existent doctoral classes and thesis!”

          Anyone can google latin quotes. I’m just surprised it takes you a full day to do it.

          And one other thing… Denny’s isn’t rated as a 5 star restaurant. That should save you some embarrassment when it comes time to tip the waitress.

        2. Oh how fun it would be to point out the your Latin is missing vox dei.. but that would just be more cause to continue this meandering, irrelevant, off-topic conversation.

          Nothing you’ve said has anything to do with the actual post. Your debate technique is based on diversion instead of discussion. You are purely and simply a troll. A troll that is now admitting to having overpaid for a post-graduate education that seems to have done you little good.

          Please stay on topic or you will give me no choice to remove your comments.

  6. You want “on topic posts” ok, here is my direct reply to the afore referenced indictment charging the new health care reform act(s) cut 500 billion from medicare; During the Bush administration, Democrats made a big deal of the Republicans’ tendency to pass big initiatives without paying for them. The tax cuts, for instance, went right onto the deficit. So too did the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. The Democrats promised that they’d be more responsible. They’d pay for their big projects.
    When health-care reform came around, they made good. They cut $500 billion from Medicare, handing conservatives a potent attack line. They introduced a tax on high-value health insurance plans, infuriating their union supporters. They didn’t just pay for the bill: They overpaid for the bill, packing it with enough spending cuts and revenue increases to cut the deficit by more than $100 billion in the first 10 years, and then used the momentum of the bill to get liberals to sign off on cost controls, like an independent board designed to control Medicare’s costs, that they’d have never countenanced in normal times.
    So what do the conservatives who style themselves fiscally responsible say about this effort? “Democrats knew that passing the health-care bill would make it harder to balance the budget, because we used up the easiest, most obvious tax increases and spending cuts on expanding health care coverage,” writes Megan McArdle. Democrats “spent budget offsets needed to address our long-term spending problem” complains Keith Hennessey. Points for creativity, at least: You need to work hard to make the very act of finding ways to pay for your spending seem like a calculated plan to increase the deficit.
    McArdle says Democrats “knew” what they were doing here, but having spoken to a couple of them, I assure her they didn’t: They actually thought that doing the fiscally responsible thing and passing more-than-fully offset legislation that also included an array of attempts to cut health-care spending over the long term would be considered, well, fiscally responsible. Excuse us!

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