Florida Corrupt Congresswoman Being Sued for Not Paying Bills.

     Meet Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-FL), seen here speaking on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives. For those of you who may be wondering what on earth she is wearing in the picture to the left, that is some kind of super-size Florida Gators gown.  At least it is the Florida Gators colors, that much I am sure of. Rep. Brown has been a member of  Congress since 1993. Before that she served in the Florida House from 1985 -1991.  She was also a participant in Michael Moore’s slacker college voter drive tour, which also tells us something about her political ideology.

    Rep. Brown is no stranger to controversy either. Back in 1993 the FEC investigated Rep. Brown for neglecting to take action towards her aid whom had been found to have been committing forgery by signing  a treasurer’s signature on financial documents. This was during Brown’s first year in Congress, and this staffer not only wasn’t fired, but stayed on Brown’s staff for five years while also being promoted as Brown’s Chief of Staff. Once again we see a Florida politician involved in corruption scandals without ever seeing any jail time. See my article about another wonder-ful Florida politician, Mr. Alcee Hastings.* he is the impeached federal Judge that Floridians have reelected numerous times, and is still in our Congress.

   Rep. Brown was also under investigation again in 1996 that concerned financial misdeeds concerning charges that Brown improperly received and spent a $10,000 check from a secret account used for money laundering by National baptist Leader leader Henry Lyons.  Brown admitted receiving the check but denied she had used the money improperly.  She was accused of not reporting the check or reporting who she received the money from. Brown said that she had taken the check and converted it into another check made out to Pameron Bus Tours to pay for transportation to a rally she organized in Tallahassee. She said that she didn’t have to report the money because the rally was to protest the reorganization of her district lines, and she did not use it for herself. If the $10,000 gift had been reported, it would have exceeded the $1,000 individual donation limit.  Jail time? None. Kicked out of office? Still there, thanks to the informed voters of Florida. The insanity continued as we see next.

    On June 9, 1998, the Congressional Accountability Project filed an ethics complaint against Brown. The Project called for the U.S. House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to investigate several violations of House Rule 10.  One of the complaints was that Brown’s daughter Shantrel, a lawyer who worked for the EPA in Washington, had received a $50,000 Lexus LS 400 automobile as a gift from an agent of a Gambian millionaire named Foutanga Sissoko. Sissoko, a friend of Congresswoman Brown, had been imprisoned in Miami after pleading guilty to charges of bribing a customs officer. Brown had worked to secure his release, pressuring U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to deport Sissoko back to his homeland as an alternative to continued incarceration. The Project held this violated the House gift rule, but Brown denied she had acted improperly. The congressional subcommittee investigating Brown found insufficient evidence to issue a Statement of Alleged Violation, but said she had acted with poor judgment in connection with Sissoko.  This is what happens when we have corrupto-crats in Congress deciding on punichment for fellow corrupto-crats. No punishment, no jail time and no justice for the people once again.

       Rep Brown, seeing that she was basically bulletproof to the laws of America at this point,  continued her assault on the integrity of the U. S. Congress, and in her pattern of keeping the money in the family, and was caught up in yet another scandal. In June 2007, Citizens for Ethics released a report reporting Brown’s daughter Shantrel Brown-Fields as a congressional lobbyist; the organization maintains that Congressional relatives working as lobbyists for special interests are a conflict of interest for lawmakers. Brown-Fields is employed by Alcalde & Fayte, with clients including ITERA, Miami-Dade County Commission, and Edward Waters college. In 2006, Brown’s campaign committee paid her daughter’s husband, Tyree Fields, $5,500 for political consulting work. Rep. Brown has earmarked millions of dollars in federal funding for her daughter’s client Edward Waters College. This woman is still a United States Congresswoman? YES  she is, thanks to the self-serving politicians who have failed to address her career corruption, and the Florida voters who keep on reelecting her. How does that make any sense today?

    Rep. Brown was in the news again this week.  She is being sued by a Democratic fundraising firm for $44,495 dollars in unpaid bills by Berger Hirschberg Strategies. Brown apparently just stopped paying the firm after they raised over half a million dollars for her campaign. Mysteriously, Brown claimed in reports to the Federal Election Comission (FEC) she did pay the firm $15,000 in July–even while admitting in court filings her campaign didn’t pay Berger Hirschberg that month. So now we have a blatant  lie in her reports to the FEC to top it all off here. I hope the good people of Florida are paying attention here, and will remember this information come the 2012 elections. Just in case they don’t, I shall be republishing this article frequently until then. In the meantime, this is another situation that the people need to demand answers for up in D. C. Why hasn’t this woman been kicked out of our Congress?   There are several instance of documented corruption and abuse of office that have already been proven agains Rep Brown.

     When people up in our nation’s capitol start talking about winning back the people’s trust, just take a look at the facts here. You deserve no trust, none whatsoever letting this kind of corruption run rampant in the U. S. Congress. Clear enough?

* https://conservativedailynews.com/2011/03/meet-the-race-baiting-impeached-corrupt-judgecongressman-hastings-d-fl/

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  1. Amazing that anyone could keep on and on ripping taxpayers off and those taxpayers being dumb enough to keep voting her in. This is pathetic. People in Florida should have better sense than this.

  2. So much for being informed voters here in Fl, LOL.
    Did you see how she had been involved in money scandals since her FIRST year in Congress here? Look at Tom Delay and his sentence, and he never put one single dollar in his own pocket or his relatives pockets like Brown has done. Seems we have one set of rules and laws for a certian color of people up there in Congress today. She needs to be expelled, if we are to ever to trust the people up in D.C.

  3. Veteran, had bad malpractice surgery at a VA, (2004) gets denied med care then government services of benefit and protection of law, has criminals pulled out of jail to become “cooperating witnesses” to stalk and harrass (if they were caught or had pictures taken of them it was said they escaped solitary confinement and hunted down) Veteran continues peaceful pursuit of his rights to be denied again and again, even by direct wrongful act of law enforcement- seeks help from Congresswoman Brown, mail, fax phone calls, not one reply- 2007 Veteran took evidence to DC, FBI/DOJ, was refused benefit of government or protection of law, Veteran proved the patriot act was being abused for wrongful pruposes (to intimidate persons who had been wronged by authorities or agencies), Veteran had family lands taken illegally, inheritances illegally withheld (to impoverish him) , still denied medical care for verified active duty disabilities, the Veteran has continued wrongful acts against him while being refused even local law enforcement to benefit and protect- begins recording, seeks again local law when new neighbors pit bull keeps attacking him/his dog as if trained to do so, instead local law writes offending party a “keep up the good work” note, veteran attacked again, during live recording, forced to defend himself, instead of his rights being protected, his property/dog damage being addressed, even providing live recording demonstrating the actual events, veteran has local law enforcement invade his property armed and in numbers, (as if to provoke) with no writ, warrant or permission, saying they had no information on the matters, jus thtat they were “told to do so” to read him his rights, months laters, still no address of the wrongs against him , veteran is arrested ona friday night after 5pm for animal creulty (felony) for stopping the attack months ago– states attorney who told not to contact them anymore, sheriff office refused to take report or benefit law enforcement- during that attack, veterans internal surgical path of that medical maplractice tears open between chest and abdominal cavity- now in medical duress, still denied medical care, needs law firm to address and protect what the “honorable” fail or refuse to, his rights granted by law. contact at FairJustice.One@gmail.com

  4. For Immediate Release

    The American Tax Payers Have Established “Probable Cause”

    United States ex rel Dobruck v. Lake County, No. 5:10 CV-79-OC-32 GRJ

    (Tavares, Florida.) The Federal Lawsuit as identified above unquestionably establishes the first ground rule in any investigation for what is known as “probable cause.” A seasoned investigator must accomplish this first hurdle of qualifying a case before moving ahead with a just cause order for further action. This case reached that agenda beginning in 2007 just days after the Ground Hog Day Tornados swept devastation across central Florida. What followed thereafter poured the foundation for what lies ahead.

    The warranted need of prosecution was undeniably developed as the tens of millions of dollars in disaster relief began rolling into the open hands of Lake County Officials. This colossal case of alleged fraud is currently a civil action in laying the grounds for the recovery of millions funded by the American Tax Payers. However, it goes much further in magnifying the need for a criminal investigation. Probing deep into the heart of Lake County government and the officials who held the Tax Payers millions in disaster aid.

    This lawsuit holds the key of justice in opening the door of alleged corruption and mountains of repeated malfeasance. Previous disaster aide has been analyzed as well and certainly makes the call to federal and state authorities to “move in.” This case opens the door of truth as it embarks upon a journey into the valleys of alleged criminal activity.

    As the revelations of this case unfold before the eyes of the American Public, the encrusted deeds of Lake County Officials will be revealed one by one. As the thousands upon thousands of pages known as evidence are read within this recovery stage, a new journey for justice will quickly begin. Sheltered doors that have never been opened within the corridors of Lake County Officials will be ripped from their foundation and removed in establishing evidence “beyond reasonable doubt.” An embarked voyage for justice will travel the waters of prosecution for local officials for the first time. The call is made.

    This civil case was brought forth by the American Tax Payers and will be presented as such. But it also holds the key for another journey to begin in establishing a landmark investigation into the operations of Lake County Officials. Surely, the avoidance of further action will no longer go unmet by state and federal authorities. The mountain of evidence stretches high as it reaches for the peak of justice. The base of this mountain establishes “probable cause beyond reasonable doubt.” As the doors of justice swing open, a cleansing of malfeasance will soon begin. We pray for that day of righteousness. PSALMS 143:10


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