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Death Penalty Abolished in Illinois

Governor Pat Quinn, of Illinois recently signed into law the abolishment of the death penalty, and he also commuted all death row inmates sentences to life without  parole. When the abolition law takes effect July 1, Illinois becomes the 16th state without a death penalty. This issue can be very dangerous politically, as it has both fierce support and opposition in almost all walks of life. Why is it that some people can be against abortion, yet have spoken up in support of the death penalty, or vice versa?  The answer to that question lies within the auspices of  perception management, propaganda campaigns, and the usage of  *nudging* society to believe right is wrong or lies to be the truth.

Take for instance the hard core religious voters. While the bible says an eye for an eye, which should be quite self-explanatory, many Christians feel the death penalty is somehow inhumane or unfair. You know, turn the other cheek and all that kind of stuff, and forgive those who sin against us. Yet many people who have been victimized by the crazed murderers, rapists, and violent criminals of society, who have had their family crushed by the grief caused by these madmen, feel they are unworthy of living in a country where the rest of the citizens have to live by the rule of law and are held accountable for their actions. They then want them executed. The death penalty is the greatest deterrent we have in controlling the career criminals and murderers that prey on the decent people of our country. They tend think twice of  killing someone in cold blood, knowing that they themselves will be killed in return for the malicious actions. That is just a common sense fact of life, and it the main reason the death penalty was created in the first place.

The main problem in the death penalty debate seems to be indicative of the problems plaguing our country today, which stems from false perceptions being promoting by self-serving small groups representing  a minority of  people or instances that occurr in society. A great example of this can be seen in the case of the environmental activists, (whom are mostly supported and funded by the Leftists in America today), and how they are stopping us from using our own oil, while at the same time promoting green energy that is decades from becoming viable. Gasoline is now $4.00 a gallon in many States today and is expected to go much higher this summer, while billions of barrels of oil sit in South Dakota and Alaska untapped. This is directly due to the usage of false propaganda and data manipulation to create a false perception that we will all burn up tomorrow if we don’t stop using oil, the greatest energy resource on earth.  These people have proven to have manipulated data and flat out lied to advance their socialist agenda, yet this minority of green freaks, backed by leftist progressives, has been allowed to  cripple our own natural resources usage.  Then they have the audacity to holdup signs demanding that we decrease our dependence on Foreign oil through green scams like the now known to be very problematic,  Chevy Volt. Noone ever talks about the oil burning electricity it takes to charge those cars.  That is just plain ludicrous.

This same method of creating false perceptions has now created another travesty within the death penalty debate, yet it is one that these States that are abolishing the death penalty refuse to acknowledge. That being the huge expense of housing, feeding, medical care and securing mass murderers and the worst criminals of society for decades. In doing my research for this article, I got to thinking about just who would be behind this push to abolish the death penalty.  Meet the NCADP*, or the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.*

Here is just 3 of the 10 false perception propaganda lies they promote on their own homepage*:

     1. Executions are carried out at staggering cost to taxpayers. Here they want you to believe that the cost of a lethal injection, costs you more than housing, feeding, and securing these criminals for 20,30,40, and even 50 years! . They are creating a false perception that simply is not true.

    2. Capital punishment does not deter crime. Here they use an unnamed scientific study to try to make you believe that the death penalty does not deter serious, violent criminal activity. It is human nature and instinct to want to live as long as possible. When a criminal steps into the world of possibly murdering someone, I do not believe for one minute that the majority of them don’t think about receiving the death penalty when they get caught. They also do not take into account the people who commit crimes that could result in the death penalty that actually have their own perverted death wish. For one reason or the other they don’t want to live any more, therefore they want the death penalty. So the death penalty does deter crime. They are creating a false perception that simply is not true.

   4. Race plays a role in determining who lives and who dies. Since 1977, blacks and whites have been the victims of murders in almost equal numbers, yet 80% of the people executed in that period were convicted of murders involving white victims:   Here we have the ever-popular leftist tactic of playing the race card.  The NCADP doesn’t think you are smart enough to know that when the U. S. population has been predominantly white for decades, more whites will be the victims of murder. The reason that these numbers are proven to be wrong is in another fact that they fail to produce. At one point in recent history, when blacks compromised 17% of our population, they were responsible for over 70% of the violent crimes in America. Things such as black on black crime statistics have fluctuated immensely, depending on who you believe today also. Since the NCADP wants to inject the race card into the death penaly debate, I shall help them out with some statistics from the Justice Department in 1995 from**:

Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

With statistics like those above, we see just how far the NCADP goes in creating a false perception that simply is not true. The fact is, that the death penalty is an important tool in deterring violent crime and murder in the United States today, and has been since it’s inception. It also helps prevent prison overcrowding and the very expensive burden of keeping these criminals from further harming society. It is also a form of closure for the many families that have been destroyed by the murder of a loved one, parent, or main breadwinner.  The bottom line here, is that we see once again how data and information are being distorted to push a group’s agenda through the blatant use of propaganda. The two men I consider to be the godfather’s of propaganda usage in America, Saul Alinsky and Edward Bernays would be  quite proud of the NCADP’s usage of propaganda campaigns to abolish the death penalty in America today.  As we see noted above, it has  already been abolished in 16 states or almost 1/3 of the total states in America.

Update for those who may doubt the progressive mindset and patterns of propaganda inherent in the NCADP, here is an interesting fact: NCADP is grateful for the support of Working Assets/CREDO as a 2009 grant recipient. Click here to learn more about Working Assets/CREDO and become a customer. Help us become a 2010 grant recipient by nominating us here.

Yes your tax dollars are being funneled to support another progressive propaganda group here. Just who are the Working Assets*** clan? Well this statement is from from their own homepage: “A legacy of progress: Since 1985, our members have raised over $65 million for progressive nonprofits.”  As they say if you dig deep enough into progressive so-called non-profit propaganda arms today, you will see your taxpayer dollars being used to further their Socialist agenda.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Most of those on death row deserve to die and die quickly. Heck, I even think they should suffer like the victims and their families.

    But my first problem here is the word “most,” government is just not competent to sort out the innocent from the guilty. In 1992 Roland Burris, a wretched excuse for a human being, was running for Illinois governor and committed the most heinous and vile act I have ever seen by a public official. He continued to seek the death penalty for an innocent man, Rolando Cruz, who had sufficient grounds for a new trial.. The details of the case are here: Cruz was fully pardoned by Governor George Ryan in 2002. It was the public outcry over the Cruz case that led to the overturning of the death penalty in Illinois, the subject of this posting.

    Politicians WILL MURDER innocent people for their own political gain, anyone advocating the death penalty bears the guilt of these government misdeeds. There are also many routine mistakes in investigation and prosecution that lead to the execution of innocent people.

    My second problem is “quickly.” The length of time between the crime and the execution is such that there is no deterrence. I could go along with quickly dispatching a guilty party as a deterrence to others is a primitive society. But waiting fifteen or twenty years takes all the sting out of the penalty because most murderers do not really think very far ahead anyway.

    The System of Justice is easily itself an agent of evil and always should be viewed with great suspicion.


    1. Hi Andy, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here at CDN.

      You have brought a very interesting view into the equation here.The bottom line is that a perverted justice system can, and has been used for political reasons, to stifle or even murder opponents at times throughout history, so I agree with you there. Keep in mind that this is America, and we have had exactly zero murders of people based on political opinion or activism in the last 50 years in America by the death penalty, and just because that happens in other countries, lets not apply that misinformation to America today. It simply isn’t true.

      The problem is that the Judges of today are being allowed to make politically-based rulings, which makes that Judge a puppet and erases any credibility they may have had before they started making bad rulings. So yes, the system of U.S. Justice of today is in effect an evil one that has been corrupted by political operatives from across the spectrum. The problem is, that whether we want to admit it or not, today we have a ruling class who is above the law. Check out my Florida corruption articles here at CDN. Unbelievable how those politicians have not seen jail time.
      I feel very strongly that if we go back to the Constitutional checks and balances that formed this country, we can once again restore our Judicial system. People want to make this out to be an impossible project. I say bull!
      The only reason that Judges make de-facto illegal decisions so rampantly is that the Rule of law is being ignored at an alarming rate for , as you mentioned, political power. The first step would be to force Judges making politically-based, unconstitutional rulings out of office, and do it swiftly. Put them in prison where they belong for committing a stealth form of treason and a breach of the oath of office they took. After several political hacks posing as honest Judges are sitting in prison, the rest of the Judges will see the consequences, and that will provide a deterrent against making such decisions. No one is above the law, period, even the President.

      To ensure that the Rule of law is carried out failrly and according to our constitution and bill of rights, we also need to start handing down harsh penalties for the corruption running rampant in our Congress. The Tyrants have put up many obstacles to stop that from happening today, but if 10 million people marched on DC to say we have had enough, and demanded Justice be served immediately, the government would have two choices: wage war against their own people, or succomb to the demands of the people. I could name 100 politicians at all levels who have been proven guilty of taking bribes, graft, abuse of office, violation of their oath, fraud, income tax evasion and other assorted mafia-style corruption. They have never even done one day in jail total. Why because their crony-politicians hold fake hearings and then refuse to punish those form their own *tribe* up in DC. I say march up to DC shut the whole government down until the top 100 corrupt politicians are taken away in handcuffs for all to see.

      The law is very clear on what sentences they will be given. Just do it! Then take away all their wealth they got by screwing the taxpayers of this country and put it into a fund to create a citizen commission of honest people beyond reproach that have no political agenda. Give them an office and the authority to investigate corruption. Anyone not cooperating with them from within the government is removed immediately, period. The minute the people announced this commission, I gaurantee you there would be hundreds of corrupto-crats fleeing the country. Root our political corruption asap. That will fix a lot of our problems today.

      Darrell Issa can’t get anywhere with his investigations because the Obama administration stonewalls him by denying him requested documents and information.Well, when he calls the head of a government agency to answer questions and they refuse, terminate them immediately. Replace them with people who will abide by the rules and laws of this country, period, and I don’t care who appointed them. That is the kind of reform we need in Congress and our Judicial system. Now, as for the death penalty.

      Every Judge in the United States should face relection every 2 years, federal included, no more partisan, lifetime appointments, period.That would curtail the political operatives posing as Judges today. With our internet information we can quickly inform the people of Judges making unconstitutional rulings and remove them swiftly, so there is no excuse for not fixing our Justice system. It all starts with honesty and integrity combined with a true love for America. Restore the Judicial system, and then corrupt Judges and politicians will receive prison time and the rest will fall into place. As for murders being committed by the death penalty for political reasons here in the U.S., I do not agree with you here. That percentage has to be down to 1/100000th of all executions today. Yes beforehand it may have happened, but when a person is on video tape killing innocent people or police officers, and has a past history of criminal actions, they should be removed permanently from society, not become another parasite on the taxpayers wallet by having to house and feed them for 50 years.This is what the death penalty was created for, and this is how it should be used to protect the people .Also keep in mind that the death penalty is the greatest deterrent in keeping SANE people from committing heinous acts on innocent citizens.

      My article exposes the misinformation being used propaganda-style to eliminate the death penalty completely from our society. Those people are activists, sucking taxpayer dollars (most of them) to overload our judicial system. I shall close this discussion with one question here: How many people on death row in the United States today could actually be innocent according to the facts? The statistical facts are being misrepresented by the NCADP above and I have proven it. What kind of sane person doesn’t think about being killed if they murder someone? The political aspects of the death penalty are minimal to say the least, as they are mired in untru information. Name me one political activist that has ever been executed in the US in the last 50 years? ( that hasn’t been proven guilty of a death penalty crime) They simply do not exist.
      If the NCADP is an honest cause, pure as the driven snow, viable group doing a great service in America today, they would have money pouring in from all concerned citizens, instead of having a leftist government grant manipulating propaganda arm stealing taxpayer dollars to advance their own agenda today.

      Thanks again for some interesting insight. Yes mistakes will be made, but there are so many appeals, civil rights and checks and balances that very very few innocent people have ever been executed in America.Yes, one is a tragedy, but to allow the violent miscreants to terrorise our society without the deterrent of the death penalty is inviting violent crime to increase tenfold, IMO

  2. “Very few innocent people have ever been executed in America.” I’m not sure exactly how you can measure this. One fact is undisputed: 138 (more than a few) individuals have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. You could think that means that the system is working, but if you had to spend many years condemned to death, as they did, fighting to be heard, you might see it in a different light. I have talked with some of these people. Their stories are heart-wrenching. In Georgia a man (Troy Davis) has been on death row for 20 years, and yet there is no physical evidence tying him to the crime, eyewitness evidence was gathered using procedures that are not allowed today, and another suspect who later confessed to the crime, was never seriously investigated by the police. While I understand the desire for retribution, I think that life imprisonment without parole works just fine, and yes, costs less. Numerous studies have confirmed the exorbitant costs of the capital punishment system.

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