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Bust the Unions ? You Betcha!

      Bust all public sector Unions and bar them from the taxpayer’s wallet, and do it today. It is time to put this circus to bed. Democracy does not include 10% of the population forcing their will on the majority of the people who pay their salaries. It is that simple.

 PhotoStory1   <-  Click the link here to see some of the lovely misfits and nasty rhetoric on display courtesy of these Union’s example of the so-called civil discourse President Obama called for recently. The wonderful people of Wisconsin surely must be very embarrassed with this circus being shown across the country. To be fair, Unions only make up about 10% of the population today, but this kind of lunacy and ugliness should be denounced by everyone in Wisconsin and across America. Many readers here will be asking themselves why they do not see this nastiness and disrespect on the news today?  The news media seem content to paint the Unions as representing all of the working people in America today. That couldn’t be further from the truth and they know it, yet they still refuse to show the people the real types of  tactics and nastiness the Unions are using up in Wisconsin. That is why I took the time to create a little slice of truth up there in that slide show.

Today there have been hints of threatened violence to come in Wisconsin, if Governor Walker does not bend to their demands. One such threat contained the statement, “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going. Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary getting boots on the ground and getting bloody.”  The person who uttered that?  U. S.Congressman, Mike Capuano. (D-MA)   The nasty, thug-faced,  head of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka marched right into the fray to put in his two cents in trying to protect his lavish Union head lifestyle and bargaining power. Do not forget the massive Union Obamacare waivers Trumka’s thugs just received. That is right, Obama decided these same Unions will not have to live under the same healthcare laws as the rest of the working people. A total of over 2 million workers are now safe from Obamacare, thanks to those “special waivers.” Anyone who thinks the DNC and Obama in particular, doesn’t expect payback for those “special waivers” in the 2012 elections is either very naive, or just plain stupid.

This battle is not over worker’s rights, as the media would like you to believe. This is a battle over the DNC being allowed to control and influence elections through Union political activities and campaign funding. Without the Union graft and bribery, the DNC will be in even worse shape in 2012, than it was during the historic beating they received in 2010. The DNC is fighting for the life of it’s base elections engineering Brownshirt Union army. Without Unions taking member’s dues and using them to buy elections and pay get out the vote operations, the DNC can forget about “Winning The Future.” in 2012 and beyond.  Yes ,it is that simple. Obama didn’t sic his attack dogs from OFA, (Organizing for America), Think Progress, Media Matters and DailyKos on Governor Walker to protect the poor working folks up in Wisconsin. No Sir, this Community Organizer in Chief is trying to cover his own bet on winning another term in 2012. Obama has proven to be hugely incompetent in running this country, but if there is one thing he does know, it’s how to organize sheep to control and win elections through any means necessary. Why do you think he created the pathetically mis-named Organizing for America?

Scott Walker was elected to be the Governor of Wisconsin. His duties include a mandatory balancing of the budget. If Barack Husein Obama doesn’t approve of that, I will have to say,” I,m sorry Barry, but we won the elections, and elections have consequences.” It’s high time Obama starts acting a little more like a President instead of a low-life community organizer making a living blackmailing corporations, businesses, and now the blackmailing and bullying of States. Governor Walker is going to pass a balanced budget come hell or high water people. That is something Obama and the Democrats have proven to have no knowledge of today. When is the last time our federal government actually passed a budget, let alone a balanced one ? We rang up the debt all of last year without any semblance of a budget. 5 months into this year and again we have no budget, and with Democrats still in charge of the Senate getting one passed any time soon will be impossible. Of course, the Democrats, led by Obama, have proven that they do not mind running the country on illegal continuing resolutions. Those blank checks on the taxpayer’s account allow them to pile on another trillion and a half in debt with very little accountability. The honorable Scott Walker will not let that happen to the people of Wisconsin, Union thugs and obstructionist Democrats be damned.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. The Unions at one time were a good thing but that has been many years ago. They have progressed into a mafia type mentality in my opinion. Cuts simply have to be done whether they like it or not.

  2. As we all witness the horrendous behavior of the state workers in Wisconsin It is now clear who to target and rage war against These mob boss union leaders and there brain washed Red Dipper Doper crying Baby’s.America Is Very Sick Basically on life support with a doctor that wants to cure it with poison,like QE2.Lets take our freedom back,Fight the fight!

  3. I agree 100% overtaxed and Carolyn. This situation has now ent beyond ridiculous. Here is another fact: These pathetic Democratic Senators are STILL GETTING PAID! While they whine about their checks being held back, they will get them eventually. That is unacceptable!

  4. Yep this over a year old and I stumbled across it. I feel pretty bad for Public sector Unions and a majority of Private Sector Unions. There is a strong misconception that Unions have too much power. They have no more power than you or I as individuals. As a group they have gained strength, no different than a republican or democratic party. No different than a business who has assembled people with the same goal in mind of succeeding in their business.

    No Different than the ability of any citizens to assemble freely.

    The real misunderstanding about Unions costing the state governments to much money is based on how the state controlled pension funds have been misappropriated. No different that our Social Security funds.

    Every Citizen pays a Union Due ( a few actually whether you want to or not, taxes ) Social Security. You pay an amount from every paycheck you receive towards a fund that benefits you. I’m surprised we are not organized citizens in a fashion similar to organized labor. Atleast we would be more proactive sooner than later when it comes to SOC SEC checks.

    Public Sector Unions asked for a pension and were granted one by an elected public official, and that was clearly described in the written contract. Why now have states decided they made a mistake by blaming their financial woes on Public Unions? They claim pension payments are to excessive. If it is excessive why was it agreed to? Why now must we back out of our agreement?

    The real problems go farther beyond attempted party blame. Fractional Reserve Banking. Look that up and learn how Debt is so necessary for growth in our style of economy, and how by the simple addition of circulating currency is the cause of inflation, minimum wage increase, pension increases, raised taxes, etc.

    In reality nothing actually costs more than it did 100 years ago when not compared in dollars but rather a percentage of Income Vs Expenses.

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