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Jon Stewart’s ‘Restoring Sanity’ Rally Audience Bought by Big-Business and Rich People

The progressive left’s mantra is that rich people, CEO’s and big corporations are evil.  They are the bane of existence for every sign-carrying, nightstick waving, big-government, union-indoctrinated liberal activist on the planet.  It comes as some surprise that Jon Stewarts mess of a lib-kiddy entertainment festival ‘Restoring .. something or other’ is being financed by the wealthy and corporate america.  Liberals don’t find that money offensive anymore?

It all started when Arianna Huffington offered to buy some busses to get New Yorkers to Stewart’s concert event. This post on The Wrap tells the story:

Arianna Huffington’s surprise gift to Jon Stewart — a convoy of shuttle buses to his “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington — was an even bigger surprise to the folks at the Huffington Post.

And the cost of the grand gesture — an estimated $250,000 for 100 buses for thousands of New Yorkers — is making some of Huffington Post’s finance executives wince, according to insiders.

HuffPo’s President Greg Coleman agreed that the gesture came a surprise, but denied that there was any internal tension as a result.

“Arianna has a sixth sense for promotion, for capturing lots of attention,” said Coleman in an interview with TheWrap. “We were surprised when she made that offer. She didn’t tell us. But inside the Huffington Post this does nothing to hurt our revenues.”

Good to hear that the Huffington Post won’t suffer.  At first it appeared as though Arianna was going to pay for this out of her own pocket.  you know .. the rich person dropping some change on the homeless guy kind of thing.  Then we heard from HuffPo’s President that they were working to turn this into a money-maker.  Ruh-rho .. mean rich person making money off of less fortunate?

HuffPo President Greg Coleman is now seeking external sponsorship to underwrite the convoy – and potentially turn the gesture into a money-maker.

When Arianna made the on-air announcement, Stewart couldn’t contain himself.

Oh my God, Arianna just Oprah’ed the buses!

Had Arianna out-Oprah’d Oprah?  Oh no my friend.. the Oprah strikes back.  Newsbusters has this little treat on Oprah’s response to being out-Oprah’d .. she’s Oprahing back.  (all these Oprah-isms are driving my spell-checker nuts)

In case Arianna Huffington plotting to spend an estimated quarter-million dollars on buses to the liberal Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally didn’t paint it as an Obama event, how about Oprah Winfrey? The Obama-endorsing, Obama-campaign-stumping Winfrey appeared via satellite on Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show to announce that she was going to fly Stewart’s audience to Washington, D.C.,

Not to be outdone, Oprah is going to fly one of the live audiences from Stewart’s Daily Show to D.C.

Two rich people with massive corporations supplying Stewart with a bought and paid for audience.  Isn’t that sweet.  But it does get better.

On Thursday Big Hollywood published an article releasing a leaked email showing  that MTV is pressuring it’s employees to go to the rally.

Whether you lean left or right, hail from a blue state or red, prefer keeping sanity, fear, or a healthy dose of both alive and well, the one thing we all have in common is that we’ve pledged allegiance to the MTV Networks flag. And when an opportunity arises to support one (or two) of our own. we’ll take it pretty much every time.

You may have heard that Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are hosting a little get together on the National Mall in Washington, DC on Saturday, October 30th. … This will be a day when — no matter what transpires from Jon, Stephen, and their special guests — our brothers and sisters at Comedy Central will own the cultural conversation, without question. Who would want to miss that one?

It goes on to say that they’ll be providing buses for a free round-trip to the rally.  MTV and Comedy Central are both owned by the gigantic media corporation, Viacom.

So Jon Stewart has the rich and famous, elite and incorporated buying him an audience.  So much for grass-roots.  Not only that, but what about all those complaints that Conservatives are bought and paid for by big business and the wealthy?  It would appear the opposite is true.  The only thing left to figure out is that if we now have  buses and planes being provided for the rally, wonder if anyone will do trains or automobiles to finish out the quartet?

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  1. This crazy man murmuring to himself blog is exactly what was being mocked in DC on Saturday. Keep up the insanity. It makes good humor for Jon Stewart. We’re all laughing at you.

    1. Will do, thanks for stopping by. Isn’t calling me insane also what he was against? Ah, who can tell, it was all in the name of selling the Comedy Central label anyway. Glad you enjoyed the show.

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