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Tsarina Michelle, I Don’t Like Carrots Much

If it wasn’t bad enough that the real Obarrassment was destroying free choice and individual freedom, his wife has taken on another who segment of our lives – food.

We are admonished for making too much money, taxed out of smoking cigarettes, discouraged from drinking alcohol (although we clearly need it in this political climate), and now.. forced to eat carrots.

Tsarina Michele is now saying, “let them eat carrots”.  We are in the middle of the worst economy in decades and she’s worried that we aren’t eating our veggies.

Michelle Obamma made the case that we should all be forced to eat more healthy.  What does that mean?

Well healthy according to Queen/Goddess Obama is:

  • No French fries with burgers
  • No burgers
  • No meat
  • wait .. so no steaks or ribs?  Brisket or shoulders?
  • What about beans ( I remember a childhood saying about how good for my heart that they are) – ok.. we get to keep the beans

The first lady goes on to discuss how awful it is that we go out to eat.  While, as a frugal, fiscal Conservative I do not go out that often – when I do .. if something didn’t die to complete my plate .. I’m not interested.  If it doesn’t sound incredibly appealing . I am not paying for it.  I like meat and if I am going out for meat .. I don’t want it Politically Corrected.  So Michelle can keep her apple wedge sides and tomato juice appetizers – I’ll just have to stop going to small business-owned restaurants and eat unhealthy at home.

This spousal pair of short-bus rejects has managed to take over manufacturing, banking, student loan finance .. you name it.  NOT ONE of their policies has improved the lives of Americans.  GM has an overpriced, undesirable electric boondoggle of a car, health care insurers have to raise premiums to deal with the cost increases from Obamacare, and now Bank of America is having to push new fees on its customers due to the wall street reform disaster .. at what point do you think following them will do you any good?  The Micky D’s $1 menu will be replaced by a fruit basket.  Buffalo wings will be outlawed, and ribs .. forget it.  Wake up or prepare for a vegetarian lifestyle.  Then again, after the Obarrassments ruined every other segment of our economy, maybe this is just a shot at completing the flush.

To quote Monica Crowley from this morning’s Red Eye, “Michelle and Barrack Obama .. get the hell out of my lunch!”

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. How did they destroy manufacturing. I seem to remember GM and Chysler being saved with the bailout – many thousands of jobs saved. Since GM and Chrysler are now making profits. Admit it on the auto bailout you were wrong. If it had been allowed to die then you could claim manufacturinbg is being destroyed.

    Also how is manufacturing destoryed in America when we make airplanes (Boeing), making earth movers (caterpiller) and other manufactured goods?

  2. There’s nothing wrong with eating healthier– have you seen how obese kids are today? And something like two-thirds of our country is obese. Personally, I think it’s disgusting and getting children to make healthier choices at school (if their parents aren’t willing to make those choices for them) is a great idea. Some people need to be told to put down the friggin fork.

    PS– no one is going to take your lunch away, but you really should think twice about what kind of filth you’re putting into your body.

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