Truth Unimportant, Left Will Do Anything to Destroy Tea Party

*updated* from orginal post on 6/13/10.

When The Tea Parties began, the Liberal Media’s first instinct was to ignore and ridicule it to hopefully make it go away. With that strategy failing, the left is pulling out all the stops.

Fox News picked up the stories and began to cover the Tea Party events.  The even-handed coverage was more than the liberal media could take – they had  to cover the Tea Party as well.  Unlike Fox News, the rest of the media colored their stories with derogatory terms and a belittling perspective – the reports lacked any sense of fairness.

Just painting the Tea Party as full of ignorant, silly people didn’t go far enough.  In a full-on race-baiting rant, Chris Matthews was the first to exclaim that, “They’re all white” and that the Tea Partiers represent, “The other demographic”.

Joe Arpaio with Ted Hayes (background)

It, of course, didn’t matter that the Tea Party is open to everyone regardless of race/color/creed/sexual preference/or political party.  The Tea Partier’s positive response to non-white rally speakers such as Ted Hayes and Bert Hernandez more than refutes this sad point, but the majority of event attendees are white and that was enough for the MSM.

Thus, the rest followed suit declaring the Tea Party all white, therefore they must be racist. After the “All White” exclamation, the Liberal media went out of its way to find racism at Tea Parties, and unfortunately they did find some. They took the few instances they found and turned into full blown cries of the “Tea Party is Racist”

The racist narrative started failing as videos demonstrated that the Tea Partiers actually turned racist groups away – those pushing any brand of racism were asked to leave and culled from the crowds.

At the Health Care Rally in Washington DC, A Congressman claimed he was spit on intentionally and called the ‘N-word’ several times. He also stated that he heard it all over the place at the rally. Mr. Brietbart offered a substantial reward for video/audio proof of this accusation but no proof has come forward, instead quite the opposite. Several videos proving the innocence of the Tea Party have shown up, but not one showing any racism.

Because the cries of racism and the severe bias in media coverage have not broken the Tea Party , the left brought back an old tactic from, as stated by Chris Matthews, “One of their heroes of the past, Saul Alinsky”

And, as an article at Breitbart.com illustrates, the movement to infiltrate the Tea Party was begun.

The idea is simple, show up at a Tea Party rally with a racist or poorly spelled sign, dressed as a KKK or Neo Nazi member, or anything that will discredit the Tea Party or make them look Racist or stupid. Alinsky told students to use this tactic in the Spring of 72 during a George HW Bush speech on Nixon’s Vietnam War policies at Tulane University.

The infiltration was attempted many times, but the Tea Party was ready and responded with intelligence, not violence. All infiltrators were quickly exposed and either ridiculed and hounded till they left, or followed around by real Tea Party members holding signs with arrows and saying, “He’s not with us” “Infiltrator” “Soros Paid Stooge” and so on.

Due to the failure of the infiltration to stop or end the Tea Party, the left has once again upped the ante. They have graduated to full on disruption.

Vicious threats, insults, and open violence.


From the Ft Lauderdale Tea Party Website


On Saturday June 5th, our 68th consecutive week, three tea party crashers invaded our humble corner with physical abuse along with the most vile language you’ve ever heard. The law was called and Fort Lauderdale’s finest showed up immediately. Two men and one woman did not like our right of freedom of speech. They physically assualted some members of our group and there is one lady in our group that was pushed into the street. She is thinking of pressing charges against the male that assualted her. Tea Party Fort Lauderdale will not give in to this Obama Style Thuggery!!! Check out our “newsletter” page on our website for more lies and deceptions from the left.

The New Black Panthers to “Prepare for War” against the Tea Party

With the rise of the Tea Party, the white-right and other racist forces. With gun sales nationwide at an all time high amongst whites, with a mood that is more anti-Black than any time recent, it is imperative that we organize our forces, pool our resources and prepare for war!” Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. Convention Convener and Party Chairman.

The Tea Party has faced opposition since it began and unfortunately, that opposition has escalated to violence. The Lefts efforts to shut down the voice of “We The People” has not worked so they are beginning to do what they always resort to, attack. I write this not to scare you, but to make you aware of how far they are willing to go to frighten you into submission.

*Update 7/17/10*

Due to the New Black Panther/Obama DoJ scandal the New Black Panthers have made several media appearances In almost all public appearances are threats of a confrontation between Glenn Beck & Tea Party vs the New Black Panthers.

Russian TV:



and heres a piece from the interview with Megyn Kelly followed by a speech from the NBP leader proclaiming that they “need to be armed” and “get rid of the police”


And to further the Progressive Demonization of the Mainstream American Tea Party the NAACP passed a resolution calling on the Tea Party to repudiate “Racist Elements” within it. h Right after first lady Michele Obama finished speaking at a NAACP function stating basically that we are still unequal.


This resolution is nothing more than “Fanning the flames” There is no proof or evidence that can or has been brought against the Tea Party to justify it.

The Tea Party already removes through nonviolent means all protestors that exhibit racist or questionable views as I showed above during the infiltrator attempts. The Tea Party is neither racist nor inviting to racists and are being set up by the Progressives. The New Black Panthers are trying to incite violence with their hateful rhetoric and pending confrontation. Stand firm patriots and hold the line peacefully. Let them scream and curse. Just remember, The LEFT wants you to be violent to paint you as the racist violent right wing enemy. Everyday you stand firm and deny them that violence is a victory for us all.

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