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Harry Reid Might Not be Mentally Fit to Continue Serving in U.S. Senate

LAKE PLACID, Fla., April 4, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Sharron Angle said that Senator Harry Reid’s contradictory statements and peculiar statements raise doubts about Reid’s possible senility and Reid’s mental fitness to continue serving in the Senate.

Sharron Angle made the comments during her radio show on April 3. She is a co-host of the radio show “Conservative Commandos” which broadcasts on WNJC 1360 AM in Philadelphia and is streamed live over the internet.

The audio clip of Sharron Angle’s analysis and comments can be heard at:

In February, Senator Reid accused Republicans of spreading LIES about ObamaCare horror stories. This week Reid denied ever saying that. Both are on camera, spoken from the well of the Senate. Both audio clips were played on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, prompting Sharron Angle’s comments and concerns. Noting that Democrat US Senate Majority Leader has made many other odd comments, Sharron Angle wondered if Harry Reid’s mental abilities to continue serving in the U.S. Senate should be explored. Reid’s two dramatically contradictory TV clips back to back suggest the possibility of senility.

Sharron Angle was the U.S. Senate Republican nominee in Nevada against U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2010.

Sharron Angle’s Political Action Committee — OurVoicePAC — is working for legislation in Nevada to close down the State’s health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

Sharron Angle’s current project is at: www.UNDObamacare.com. Sharron Angle’s PAC is running TV ads in Nevada against Reid’s promises and ObamaCare, posted at www.OurVoicePAC.com.

Sharon Angle Ad: Stupid Things Harry Says

Today the Sharron Angle campaign released a new ad.  This one tracks the many gaffes of Senator Harry Reid who is currently trailing Angle in the polls.  This ad reminds us of the “war is lost” mishap and he offensive comments on a female colleague and even Barack Obama.  It opens the question of just who Nevadans feel should represent them in Congress.

New Sharron Angle Ad: Big Clue

October 7,2010: The Sharron Angle for Senate campaign released a new ad entitled, “Big Clue.” The ad details Harry Reid’s record of spending $787 billion on a failed stimulus package, supporting taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens, and voting to use taxpayer dollars for Viagra for convicted child molesters and sex offenders. Reid’s troubling record shows how out-of-touch he is with everyday Nevadans struggling in this economic crisis.

New Sharron Angle Ad: Thanks, Pal

Today, the Sharron Angle for Senate campaign released a new ad entitled, “Thanks, Pal.” The new television ad highlights Harry Reid’s history of supporting taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants. From voting for special tax breaks to supporting a program to give education benefits to illegal aliens, Harry Reid’s record has displayed his continually misguided efforts that puts illegal aliens in front of Nevadans.

“Harry Reid’s history of using our tax dollars to support programs and benefits for illegal aliens shows how out-of-touch he is with everyday Nevadans struggling in this economic crisis,” said Jerry Stacy, Press Secretary for Sharron Angle. “In a time when Nevada faces the worst unemployment in the nation and a soaring foreclosure rate, Harry Reid has decided to incentivize illegal immigration by using our tax dollars as enticement. Nevada can no longer afford the disastrous leadership of Harry Reid and, this November, Nevadans will choose Sharron Angle as their Senator because she represents the reform needed to get our state back on track.”

Scott Ashjian Threatens to Hand Nevada Election to Harry Reid

For perhaps the first time this election season, I find myself in total agreement with the GOP establishment.  According to former Nevada GOP Executive Director Chuck Mith, Scott Ashjian ” .. is a huckster, he’s a slimeball”

Scott Ashjian lists himself as the real Tea Party candidate in Nevada.  Sharron Angle was endorsed by the Tea Party express while Ashjian is endorsed by the Nevada Tea Party that he created. He doesn’t do speeches or spend much on advertising, he can’t.  He’s only collected about $5,000 according to the Wall Street Journal.

That article paints a narcissistic, playboy image more akin to someone like John Kerry than any Tea Parties I know:

He wears a platinum Rolex and slicks his hair back, Mad Men-style. He got his start in car washes, went into asphalt and now has a company that floods the Internet with flattering information about people worried they look bad in Google searches. He keeps a Playboy-themed pinball machine in his office, drives a $160,000 black Mercedes with a night-vision system, and carries a pistol under his suit jacket.

The article then questions what might have pulled Scott into running:

Mr. Ashjian won’t say who suggested that he run for the Senate, except that it wasn’t a Democrat. When he formed the Tea Party of Nevada in January, he made his podiatrist its chairman and Mr. Levinson its secretary.

That’s weird, no real motivation for running and just chose his foot doctor and a lawyer as his Tea Party administration.  Sounds more like an Obama lawn party than any grass roots effort I can think of.

Perhaps there is a real motivation.  Just a a few weeks ago, Angle was polling dead even with Harry Reid, with Scott Ashjian’s snake-in-the-grass move, she’s dropped 4 points to Reid, and Ashjian has pulled 5%.

Scott makes his motives very plain.  And at the so does the WSJ article near the end

“He is, he admits, counting on angry Nevadans to check the box next to the man identified as the Tea Party candidate.”

That’s the whole sham, get his name on the ballot with “Tea Party” next to it while Angle has “Republican” next to hers.  Anyone not well-informed will vote against the Republican candidate just to stick it to them.  This will effectively split the vote and hand the election to dingy Harry.

Has this always been the plan?  You betcha!


New Hampshire


And of Course, Nevada

This is most-likely not all of them or even close.  In Michigan alone they tried to create 20+ fake candidates.  This is the back-room, illegal and unethical trickery they used to win elections in the past and put craptastic legislation like Obamacare into law.  Imagine what they’ll do if they are left with a majority in either house.

Statement From Sharron Angle On Reid’s False Ad

September 30th, 2010:

Reid is trying to scare women into voting against me by making up facts out of thin air. His new attack ad makes a blatantly false claim that I tried to repeal a law that makes insurance companies cover mammograms.

As a woman, I understand the fear of breast cancer in a way that Harry Reid never will. I’ve known many women who have been diagnosed, and families who have lost mothers, daughters and sisters to this horrible disease. I am disgusted that he is playing politics with the tragedy that is breast cancer. It’s sick. If elected I will push for health care legislation that will reduce insurance costs and ensure high-quality care for all Americans. Harry Reid’s campaign has hit a new low today, and trust me, for them, that’s really saying something.

*from: SharronAngle.com

Angle Campaign Releases Statement On ObamaCare

Sharron Angle for Senate Spokesman Jerry Stacy released the following statement today in reference to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s visit to Las Vegas to promote ObamaCare on behalf of Harry Reid.

“First Harry Reid rammed through ObamaCare against the wishes of the people and now he’s actually campaigning on this monstrosity,” said Jerry Stacy. “Sharron Angle sides with the citizens of Nevada and strongly supports repealing and replacing ObamaCare while Harry Reid has totally ignored Nevadans in order to please President Obama. It’s clear that at this point Harry Reid doesn’t believe he works for the people of Nevada, he works for President Obama. We need a Senator who works for us. That’s Sharron Angle.”

A Majority Of Nevadans Oppose Senator Reid’s Health Care Bill:

“An Identical 62% Of Nevadans Also Think It Would Be A Good Thing If President Obama’s Recently Signed Healthcare Legislation Was Repealed.” (“Poll News For Nevada’s Democrat Harry Reid: 62% There Don’t Like Incumbents Or The Healthcare Bill,” LA Times, Top Of The Ticket Blog, 4/5/10)

“Forty-Three Percent (43%) Of Voters In The State Favor The Requirement In The New National Health Care Bill That Every American Must Buy Or Obtain Health Insurance. Fifty-Five Percent (55%) Oppose That Requirement. This Includes 25% Who Strongly Favor It And 44% Who Are Strongly Opposed.” (Rasmussen Reports, 8/18/10)

“53 Percent, Who Oppose The Law While Only 39 Percent Support It, According To The Poll.” “Angle also has vowed to join GOP efforts to repeal the health care law that was Reid’s centerpiece achievement for President Barack Obama last year. Here she’s with a majority of Nevada voters, or 53 percent, who oppose the law while only 39 percent support it, according to the poll. That compares to 52-38 percent two weeks ago, suggesting Reid’s efforts to sell the reform hasn’t worked.” (“Angle, Reid race still tight,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/13/10)

“Fifty-Four Percent (54%) Of Nevada Voters Favor Repeal Of The Health Care Plan, comparable to findings nationally. Forty-three percent (43%) oppose repeal. This includes 46% who Strongly Favor repeal and 33% who are Strongly Opposed.” (Rasmussen Reports, 7/13/10)

“Fifty-Three Percent (53%) Of Nevada Voters Favor Repeal Of That Bill, while 42% oppose repeal. This includes 45% who Strongly Favor repeal and 33% who are Strongly Opposed.” (Rasmussen Reports, 6/24/10)

Senator Reid Said Those Who Dislike The Health Care Bill Must Not Understand It:

Reid Recently Said That Those Who Dislike The Health Care Bill Must “Have A Lack Of Understanding.” “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) responded today to a Missouri vote that Republicans call a rebuke to the sweeping new health law by saying voters like the legislation better the more they know more about it. . . . ‘It’s very obvious that people have a lack of understanding of our health care reform bill,’ Reid said. ‘The more people learn about this bill, the more they like it.’ He noted that the health insurance ‘exchanges,’ or marketplaces, will take three years to kick in. Reid cited recent polls suggesting that the health law is becoming more popular, though a significant number of Americans still oppose it. ‘The trend is turning all over America today,’ Reid said. ‘Once you explain what’s in the bill, the American people of course like it.'” (Naftali Bendavid, “Reid: Voters Like Health Law If They Understand It,” Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire Blog, 8/4/10)

From: http://sharronangle.com