New Sharron Angle Ad: Big Clue

October 7,2010: The Sharron Angle for Senate campaign released a new ad entitled, “Big Clue.” The ad details Harry Reid’s record of spending $787 billion on a failed stimulus package, supporting taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens, and voting to use taxpayer dollars for Viagra for convicted child molesters and sex offenders. Reid’s troubling record shows how out-of-touch he is with everyday Nevadans struggling in this economic crisis.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Wow! how full of shit is this ad? The stimulus package began to clean up bushes mess, and prevented the next great depression. Oh, and by the way, there were more jobs created in 2010 under this administration then there were during the entire 8 years of george bush. The truth and history is not on the conservative side, wake up people.

    P.S. and stop being racist, cause you know you are. The president is half black and we are a nation built and founded on immigrants, accept it and get over it.

    1. “stop being racist”

      Now you’re just being offensive. That’s a baseless accusation and a tactic often used by the lib-kiddy left. I won’t be goaded into your unintelligent little exchange. When you have real facts (not some link to a progressive group-think disaster), we’ll debate.

      In the mean time, go stare at the 200 hours of Chris Mathews and Rachel Maddow shows you have DVRd. They and their paltry following are right up your alley.

        1. you posted the same chart again? Are you so robotic in your thinking that you got handed this errant talking point from your lib-kiddie leadership and you’re just posting it everywhere without understanding it?

          Group-think has it’s consequences.

          1. Im a robot?? but in the face of evidence from a nonpartisan official statistics (the same numbers you would be touting if they were in your favor) you turn a blind eye?? come on, save ya garbage for poor Republicans fighting for tax cuts for the Rich. The Rich people(earn over $200,000 a year in wages) that refuse to pay a, combined, 35 Billion dollars a year in taxes. Meanwhile poor Republicans do whatever their slave Masters at Faux tell them to do, even though it is based on fake Faux information.

            btw hows the weather on planet bizzaro?

    1. Yup Mike, it’s official – your indoctrination is complete. The kind of misinformation in your link is precisely why a wave of Conservative candidates is going to D.C.

      Although Lenin firmly believed in the tactics you have succumbed to, not all of us have stopped thinking for ourselves.

      “A lie told often enough becomes truth” Vladimir Lenin.

        1. Look, I know you are emotionally distraught at the prospect of losing your beloved Harry Reid, but seriously, do you know you’re disproving your own point with that chart?

          You do know what “net change” means .. don’t you? Ok, maybe not.

          Sorry champ, analysis isn’t your strong suit.

          1. Get over it, you can’t invalidate the truth. Call me what you want number are numbers fact is “More Private Sector Jobs Created In 2010 Than During Entire Bush Years” PERIOD POINT BLANK END OF DISCUSSION. I’ll repeat it a million times to get it in ya think fucking skulls. Now come back to planet Earth.

  2. Mike,
    The chart is correct, your interpretation of the data is just wrong. You can’t have 450k+ new unemployment claims each week and somehow claim you are creating jobs.

    I don’t get the point you’re trying so desperately to make, it just starts to sound like the angry ranting of a upset child after awhile.

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