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San Francisco Residents Demand Mayor Remove ‘Abortion Hurts Women’ Banners

1389677021SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Saturday, January 25 marks the 10th Anniversary of San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast. Each year, the Walk for Life West Coast finds a new way to get its message across in the sometimes-hostile city of San Francisco. In 2009, organizers advertised the event with a billboard on US 80, which was seen by hundreds of thousands of drivers and was effective enough that opponents of the Walk defaced it with paintball guns. In 2010 organizers placed large ads on Golden Gate Transit buses, visible to hundreds of thousands of Bay Area residents. In 2011 it was the “Walk for Life Navy” — a yacht cruising the bay alongside the Walk’s then-route, cheering pro-lifers as they marched.

This year, organizers opted for banners along Market Street, San Francisco’s main thoroughfare, and the Walk’s new route. The banners proclaim the Walk’s message: “Abortion Hurts Women.” The banners went up on December 26, and have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Media outlets covered the banners when the pro-abortion “Silver Ribbon” campaign demanded that San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee have them removed.

As reported by the December 31 San Francisco Chronicle “A group called Walk for Life West Coast, which is organizing its 10th annual antiabortion march in San Francisco on January 25, has placed 50 banners along Market Street reading ‘Abortion hurts women.’ They will be flying for about a month….The Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women wrote a letter to Mayor Ed Lee this week saying the banners contain ‘a false and hateful statement’ and demanded they be removed. Ellen Shaffer, director of the Silver Ribbon Campaign, said she considers the banners hate speech against women….”

Mayor Lee rejected Ms. Shaffer demand, citing the first amendment. But the outrageous demand received coverage in outlets ranging from California Catholic Daily to the left-wing Daily Kos.

Eva Muntean, co-chair of the Walk for Life West Coast said “We are delighted with the publicity our banners have already generated. We urge all people of good will to join us on January 25 as we march in defense of the littlest among us. Our opponents seek to censor our message ‘Abortion Hurts Women,’ not because it is false but because it is true. We invite San Franciscans to attend the rally and Walk so that they may judge for themselves.”

The Walk for Life Rally begins at 12:30PM on January 25 in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, and the Walk for Life West Coast follows at 1:30PM.

The “Everyone Gets a Trophy” CF Bowl Game

The college football bowl season has been a long-standing mainstay of American tradition where even the most casual of sports fans gather around their TV sets over the holidays to enjoy the best college football teams from across the country engaging in exciting, highly competitive gridiron battles. Historically, the best teams in the nation are rewarded with big cash bonuses and national recognition by being selected to play in a nationally televised college football bowl game. Success was well-rewarded, resulting in fierce competition all season long just to “qualify” to play in a holiday bowl game. Sadly, in today’s molly-coddling, politically correct, competition-stifling American society, the college bowl games are now evolving into an “everyone gets a trophy and a bowl game, regardless of how poorly they performed on the field all year long” nanny-state debacle. Don’t believe it?

Introducing this year’s Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. The venue? San Francisco, the heart of the Liberal La-La land, that brought us such things as a ban on McDonald’s Happy Meals, was voted the Most Liberal County in the U.S.A , placed bans on plastic grocery bags, and gave us the biggest debt-spending Speaker of the House in U.S. history, one Nancy Pelosi ( L- La-La-Land). The oh-so-successful college teams that “earned” a slot in this year’s Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl? Illinois, with a stellar record of 6-6, and UCLA with an awe-inspiring record of.. 6-7. Meanwhile teams such as WKU (Western Kentucky University) with a winning 7-5 record were left out of the bowl season, as is written here. WKU is a small school that has been the fastest growing college in Kentucky for 13 years running, located in Bowling Green Kentucky with 21,000 students enrolled.

Both Illinois and UCLA also played in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl game this year with interim coaches, as both team’s coaches were fired at the end of this season for their teams non-performance. Illinois won the game by a score of 20-14. The Chicago Tribune summed up the Illinois football season that was rewarded with a bowl bid as follows:

Since early October, Illinois has done little else but suffer on the field and endure off-field distractions. From a fired coach to a player’s gunshot wound to a six-game losing streak to assistant coaches threatening mutiny, there had been few reasons to talk about the Illini other than their season collapse and sequence of bizarre events.

And then the LA Times shows us how UCLA was not even 2011 bowl-eligible, but received an Obama-healthcare-style waiver from the NCAA:

The 49-31 loss to Oregon in the Pac-12 title game would have cost UCLA its bowl eligibility had the Bruins not already received a waiver from the NCAA.

And then the LA Times also shows us just how historic this years UCLA Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl team truly is:” UCLA, which lost its last two games, to USC and Oregon, by a combined score of 99-31, will attempt to avoid becoming the first bowl team to finish the season with eight losses.”

Yes UCLA lost the bowl game and made history today by becoming the first bowl team in American history to finish the season with eight straight losses. So much for the college sports academics and media misfits that champion the falsehood that politics do not play a big part of college sports today. The wonderful longstanding American tradition of holiday college football bowl games has now been polluted by the “everyone gets a trophy” competition-stifling Liberal ideology, along with nanny-state wealth redistributive politics. These two schools didn’t deserve to play in a nationally televised bowl game, but it did generate a much-needed $120 million dollars in revenue for San Francisco.

Both Illinois and UCLA just happen to be located in dominantly Liberal, in-the red-budget, illegal sanctuary city promoting states. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl was previously known as the Emerald Bowl, but changed the name to the Fight Hunger Bowl last year. Have they cured world hunger yet? Not hardly, but these liberal losing-record college football teams and their perspective states are sure raking in the big bucks by promoting this farce of a bowl game. What’s next? 1-10 Berkeley vs the 0-11 University of Chicago in the 2012 Kraft Fight Hunger bowl? The only question left to be asked, is how many tax dollars were funneled to San Francisco and Illinois for “participating in this bowl game, as is the proven pattern behind these types of innocent sounding fight world hunger and save the planet Liberal schemes.

Lesbian Couple Gives Son Hormone Therapy:Says He is Transgender Child

Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel are a lesbian couple living in California with their two sons.  Maybe.  The couple’s youngest child is an 11-year-old boy named Thomas, but Thomas doesn’t want to be a boy.  Thomas wants to be a girl.  So the Moreno-Lobel’s did what any normal parent would do – they began giving Thomas hormone treatments to delay the onset of puberty until he is old enough to fully “transition” into a female through surgery, if he so chooses.  In the meantime, Thomas lives as Tammy, and prefers it that way.

The couple says their son (who has developmental issues with speech and communication) began telling them he was a girl at age 3, and started mutilating his genitals at 7.  Being aware of the 50% suicide rate among “transgender” youth, the women believe that helping Thomas become a girl earlier might spare him the pain of dealing with the choice as an adult. Says Moreno, “What is so frightening to me is that you would be willing to say “no” just because you don’t like it – even though your child could lose their life?”.

The couple says they will continue to give Thomas his hormone blockers to delay puberty until he is old enough to decide (14-15, in their opinion) if he wants to continue life as a boy.  Doctors warn that there could be severe long term medical issues from giving a growing child such new and controversial drug therapies, and compare it to allowing an undeveloped child to undergo cosmetic surgery. Read more about Thomas and his mothers here and here.

As a mother I find the whole thing disgusting and disturbing.  The couple has had Thomas in “transgender therapy” and their entire community in the San Francisco (of course) area has been supportive.  With absolutely no one in his life to help him even consider that this might be a mental illness Thomas has no alternative but accept that he wants to be a girl.  Do these mothers realize that children are physically incapable of making informed decisions for themselves?  Research shows that the area of the brain that controls impulse and reasoning abilities is not fully developed until at least the age of 25.  That is why you can’t rent a car in this country by yourself if you are under 25.  Even rental companies understand that you don’t let small children make big decisions.  The Moreno-Lobel family may very well be condemning their son to the suicidal feelings they are trying to avoid.  It is not far-fetched to believe that he may come to the realization as an adult that he, indeed, is a man.  By then it may be too late and one can only imagine the torment of that life.

Another thing to consider is that the very nature of their family could be what is causing Thomas his problems in the first place.  While not always the case, delay in speech development in children often indicates trauma at home.  Could it be that Thomas is not fully comfortable with having two mothers and no father?  What do the women tell Thomas about men and women?  Does their anger toward male sexuality come across on a daily basis to their young son?  Perhaps Thomas sees his two mothers as the most important people in the world to him and naturally wants to be like them,  not different from them.  Psychiatrist and Fox News Contributor Keith Ablow says, “Obviously, when two females adopt a male child, then assert that the child is not actually male, but is, instead, actually a female — like both of them. Everyone in the family should be psychologically evaluated in a comprehensive way before a step like gender reassignment is considered”.

The whole idea of gender reassignment is an aberration.  It is nothing more than a form of mutilation.  One cannot change creation.  You cannot change what you were created to be.  Proof?  If Chastity (Chaz) Bono commits a murder and DNA is found at the scene, it will come back belonging to a woman.  You can cut off your breast or your penis and stop hair from growing on your face, but you can’t change your DNA.  You can’t!

My mother’s heart  grieves for Thomas.  He needs someone to step in and stand up for him; to tell his sadly deficient mothers that he is screaming for help, not breasts.  They are robbing him of his health, and the chance to fulfill a destiny and purpose that most certainly is connected to his gender.   Being gay doesn’t make you objective.  Its not some magical lifestyle that makes you more intelligent or informed than the other 99% of America.  Its possible to be gay and be totally delusional.  I believe that is the case for Moreno and Lobel.  For them, the idea that Thomas may actually be sick is to admit that their “modern” family isn’t as picture-perfect as they would like others to believe.  Be it because there is no father in the home, because they are gay, or simply because they are just regular parents like the rest of us who sometimes make mistakes with our kids, this couple is raising a confused child.  Rather than admit their whole family needs help they have decided to condemn Thomas to a life of confusion in what will already be the most perplexing time of his life – puberty.  The Moreno-Lobels have selfishly chosen to use their son’s pain to make a political statement.  Its disgusting and disturbing and I have no doubt that when we follow up with Thomas in 20 years we will find a deeply conflicted and depressed young person, barring a miracle.  A child is not a social experiment.  A child is a child and should be treated as such.