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Occupy Tampa ( all 7 of them) Say Tampa PD Using Tanks to Threaten Them

The following video comes to us via WTSP.com 10 NEWS-Tampa Bay, Florida, from an article titled, Are Tampa police using tanks to threaten Occupy protestors? Day in and day out we are inundated with false-flag sensationalism-seeking “news” headlines posed as questions such as this one. To prove this point unequivocally, the article and video itself tell us NO, Tampa PD is not in fact threatening Occupy Tampa with a tank, as their headline implies.

Members of the Occupy Tampa movement say TPD is cruising by in the big, armored trucks. Pictures spread around the country over Facebook and Twitter, leading to speculation that TPD was moving in with the tanks.”I think that it’s just another brick in a larger program of intimidation,” said protestor Joe Jay.

To which Tampa PD replies that it was just a coincidence, as the vehicle was in route to the Great American teach-in event being held in Tampa at the time. Of course that doesn’t stop 10 news from trying to further the irresponsible false-flag denouncing of our honorable police departments across America, as we see in their following paragraph:

That controversy comes as officials in California investigate why police pepper-sprayed non-violent protestors on the campus of UC-Davis over the weekend.

Which has been proven to have been a pre-planned set-up to prevent police from removing Occupiers across the country who are breaking the law by paralyzing them with false charges of police brutality.

After sifting through 150 pages on Google, every one of them spreading misinformation about the UC Davis pepper spray incident, I found this headline from NewsBusters: UC Davis Student Admits Protesters Surrounded Cops and Wouldn’t Let Them Leave

As Occupy-loving media continue to express outrage over protesters getting pepper-sprayed by campus police officers at the University of California at Davis last week, a surprising admission by one of the attendees was uncovered in an interview Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman did Monday.
One of the pepper-sprayed students told Goodman, “We had encircled them [campus police], and they were trying to leave, and they were trying to clear a path. And so, we sat down, linked arms, and said that if they wanted to clear the path, they would have to go through us

In the meantime, thousands of media outlets on TV and the internet are falsely portraying these incidents as police brutality and the uninformed masses are eating it up like starving hyenas at an all-you-can-eat free buffet today. Marxist/Anarchist operational methods call for the complete paralysis of the police force to prevent them from enforcing the rule of law. This is what is behind all of these false-flag police brutality claims coming from within the Occupy protests. Beware of the irresponsible media operatives promoting the degradation of our honorable police forces by promoting the lawlessness of the Occupy protests today. While people may laugh at the ignorant buffoons in the first video trying to claim the Tampa PD threatened them with a tank, take note that the false flag News 10-Tampa article was also used as a vehicle to promote and parrot the lies about the UC Davis pepper spray incident in it. One last aspect that seems to be forgotten in all of this false-flag police brutality, is the common-sense fact that pepper spray is an approved non-lethal weapon that is nationally approved to subdue criminals with out harming them. Refute the UC Davis supposed police brutality-pepper spray lies every time you see or hear them being parroted on the internet and across America. Without laws and law enforcement we are in a world of trouble. We need to support our law enforcement officers, not allow them to be paralyzed into not enforcing our laws with false claims of police brutality by the Occupy common criminals. Support the cops, not the criminals!

2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

Occupy Wall Street Hates Black People: A Satire (sort of)

Occupy Wall Street is racist.  The whole Occupy movement is racist.  This big movement (BM from this point on) is nothing more than a bunch of spoiled rich White people who have decided they’ve had enough of a Black man in office.  They are filled with rage at the thought of some uppity ni**er coming to Washington and messing with their money.  Oh sure, it was fine and dandy when he was just a figurehead, just a token voted into to office so White America could prove they aren’t racists anymore; but then he started doing stuff.  He killed jobs with a “green energy” mandate that specifically targeted the coal industry for bankruptcy.  He gave stimulus money to his crony capitalist friends and he purposefully left Guantanamo Bay open after promising to go down there and lock the doors for good all by himself.  After an international apology tour designed to reassure our global neighbors that America is not special and will renounce violence from now on, forever and ever – this Black President killed Osama Bin Laden in cold blood.  Obviously White America decided they’d had enough of his rogue President.  As along as he stayed in line he was fine…but making his own plans, without the approval of his masters? Unforgivable.

Oh sure, the BM uses as its cover the idea that they are fed up with capitalist greed and corporate welfare, but that’s just a ruse to detract from their real problem.  After all, Obama’s largest campaign contributors are major corporations such as GE and wealthy Hollywood 1%ers like Will and Jada Smith.  So rest assured, anytime the BMers use the phrase “corporate greed” they really mean “darkie President”.  Its a fact.

We also know this BM is racist because of the horrific, sick signs on display at BM protests around the country.  Many of the signs use vile, racist terms that have not been regularly used since the civil rights era.  If BMers had their way, America would return to Jim Crow and uppity Black folk everywhere would take their rightful places once again at the back of the bus.  The offensive signs that have been popping up at protests around the country show a very white, very racist undercurrent of rage.  Of course we don’t have pictures or footage of these signs, but there have been reports…unsubstantiated, eyewitness reports.  Many of the reports have come from those who identify as politically conservative and say they oppose the BM.  Unfortunately, no one has thought to get a picture of or point a news crew toward these sickening displays of racism, but we know its true, because we know the whole BM is racist, and we know they’re racist because they’re mostly White, and they were nowhere to be found as long as America was governed by White men.

Perform a quick Google Image search of protests from around the country and it becomes glaringly obvious that the BM hates Black people.  Besides a few tokens peppered here and there- in order give them credibility- it is nearly impossible to ignore the fact that these crowds are largely made up  of White people…racist, bigoted White people.  Occupy Wall Street seems to be the most “diverse” of the BMs.  The first Black people I saw in my image search came 3 searches in on the Occupy Wall Street search, and it was a picture of Russell Simmons and Kanye West, noted 99%ers and Uncle Toms.

On top of all this madness there have even been reports of protesters at Occupy D.C. shouting racial epithets at the White House and spitting on members of the Congressional Black Caucus while calling them ni**ers as they walked into the capital building.  Again, no footage or pictures have been found, but there is little doubt the reports are true.  One only needs to look at a picture of an Occupy protest to know that its true.  Truth needs no evidence or facts.  Truth needs no research.  Truth only needs one person to say its true, and then it is.  That’s in the Constitution.  I heard it at an Occupy Denver general assembly.  Uptwinkles!

When will America wake up to the divisive, hateful, vitriolic rhetoric of this terrifyingly racist BM?  When will the media stop covering for these bigots and release their hours upon hours of footage of protesters shouting the n-word over and over again and beating up Black people indiscriminately?  With all the proof that has been laid out its time that sane Americans fight back against this evil rage.  Its time expose the true goal of the Occupy Wall Street BM: to remove that Black man from office and set things right again.

Occupy Skew

Not too long ago the Twitter account for Occupy Denver posted this little gem of wisdom:

Captioned by @OccupyDenver: Ah, such hypocrisy in America..."profits over people" is the American motto. #OccupyDenver #Occupy #OWS http://pic.twitter.com/2o2cgCwU

Even my fourteen year old, publicly educated, child could see the flaw in this. They point to a single day event, sponsored and encouraged by private business owners, on their own property, as being similar to multi-month protests on public property with massive public cost and no benefit to even those attending.

Let me beat commentators to the punch. There have been reports of violence at Black Friday events all day today; some by shoppers, by robbers,  Occupy groups, and some by police. All together, they do not total near the violence and damage done by occupiers in the last few months. An estimated 152 million shoppers managed to be better behaved than a couple of hundred thousand Occupy protestors.

I will be the first person to stand up for the right to peaceably assemble, but Occupy has far surpassed any reasonable definition of “peaceful”, and their message, if it is the one above, just keeps proving to have less and less merit. The cost of the Occupy movement has taken it’s toll on cities nationwide and their days are numbered. Luckily, they are killing their own movement with ridiculous “messaging” like the effort above.


Tonight on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis, November 15….

Author Ron Miller

Tonight on the Dark Side we talk to Ron Miller, author of “Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch”.  We’ll also talk about the latest poll numbers coming out of Iowa and I’ll share my experiences from the weekend at BlogCon 2011 and Occupy Denver. Don’t miss it! No, really.  Don’t miss it or I’ll send some Occupiers to your house.

10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific

I Occupied Occupy Denver

Already there had been quite a bit of excitement surrounding the Blogcon 2011 conference in Denver.  On Friday the gang from the local Occupy Denver protest decided to take a trip down to the Crowne Plaza hotel, where the event was being held and do their level best to disrupt our evil, insidious, Koch Brothers-funded seminar on data visualization. After a lot of yelling (on our side and theirs), shoving (theirs), merciless ridicule (ours), and an arrest (theirs) the crew took off and we bloggers immediately streamed back into the hotel to upload video and post stories.  It was madness.  The Internet connection suddenly became slow…super slow…like, 1999 slow.

If that weren’t excitement enough, I had the extreme privilege of having a conversation with Pam Gellar of Atlas Shrugs and Jim Hoft, of Gateway Pundit.  As we chatted in the hotel bar a blogger friend tipped us off that the police were on their way to break up the Occupy Denver camp.  We grabbed our phones, Pam changed into more sensible shoes and a group of about seven of us took off from the hotel to see with our own eyes.  As we arrived at the park I noticed the crowd was considerably bigger than it had been only the night before, when it basically consisted of 20 or 30 homeless people camping out and a few straggling protesters with signs.  There were about 300 people scattered throughout the park, drawing protest signs on the sidewalks and wandering around chatting.  Word must have gone out that the cops were moving and drawn in more Occupiers who were clearly hoping to see some action.  One woman who had been at the Blogcon protest in a dress and heels was now dressed in jeans, a big green hoodie and sneakers.  “These are my getting-arrested clothes”, she said gleefully.  The air was rich with the smell of  people who hadn’t showered in a while…or ever, and weed.  There was weed being smoked openly, in nearly every section of the protest.  I took a few pictures of some of the more classy signs drawn in chalk on the sidewalk and some of the people there. WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE




Around 5:00 p.m. we noticed the police presence ramping up across the street.  Several truck loads of riot squads had already arrived and local Denver police were asking spectators observing from that side of the street to step back and stay out of the way.  The Occupiers began a lackluster debate about the value of just picking up and leaving peacefully against staying and daring the police to arrest them.  I recognized the man who seemed to be their de facto leader from the Blogcon protest the day before.  He had a bullhorn and began begging for people to pick up their things and move the protest to another location, in order to keep the protest alive.  Not many seemed to heed his words.  A lot of people were just milling around as they watched the riot cops form a straight blue line on the other side of the street.  As darkness fell the riot squad began to aggressively move in, and I must say – even though I knew they weren’t going to shoot me, having a huge assault rifle loaded with pepper spray bullets pointed directly at my chest was terrifying. It was at that point that I realized this whole thing was real.  These officers did not want to incite violence, but they were ready to address it if anyone got out of hand.  The squad, fully prepared with helmets, bullet proof vests, clubs and guns moved across the street, to the shouts of the Occupiers.  They placed themselves directly in front of the main group that had formed at the front of the park and simply stood while their colleagues came across to the park from down the street and slowly, quietly began to close in on the crowd, forming a wide circle.  We noticed we were being pushed into the middle of the circle and began planning the best route for a quick exit should things turn crazy.  Thankfully, nothing too crazy happened.  The police force handled themselves very professionally and quietly stood their ground.  Some protesters took the opportunity to shout directly at the police and attempt to aggravate them, others blew bubbles and tried to assure the police they were only there with peaceful intentions.  It took about an hour all together, but eventually the crowd began to thin and disperse.  I suspect when many people realized the police were not going to take the bait the whole idea became a lot less interesting.  As the police stood their ground the general consensus among the protesters seemed to be that they pick up stakes and move down the the 16th Street Mall in the downtown area – a favorite spot for tourists and home of the “corporate greed mongers” like McDonalds and Wells Fargo.  Moving across the street with no regard for traffic signals or the Saturday night traffic they were jamming up, the group was no more than 200 strong by that time, and that is a very liberal estimate.  Traffic came to a stand still and drivers began honking at the protesters,yelling; and they weren’t yelling in support.  It was quite obvious Denver residents were not happy to be stuck in Saturday night rush hour gridlock.  It didn’t seem the Occupiers were ingratiating themselves to the good people of Denver.

Eventually our little band of bloggers packed up and left too.  It had been an exciting evening for a group of people who thought the most exciting part of the weekend would be the free drinks at the opening reception.  I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the poise and professionalism of the Denver police and I overheard many people thanking them as they walked by.  Later I saw reports from local news outlets that framed the whole events as chaotic and massive, with the police taking on a large population of peaceful protesters.  It was nothing of the sort. I’d estimate the number of actual protesters (minus us observers) at no more than 250-300 at its peak, and any confrontation was initiated by Occupiers and not police.  I was a witness.  I saw it all and I finally saw up close and personal why its time to just bust up these Occupiers across the country and get on with our lives.