Occupy Wall Street Hates Black People: A Satire (sort of)

Occupy Wall Street is racist.  The whole Occupy movement is racist.  This big movement (BM from this point on) is nothing more than a bunch of spoiled rich White people who have decided they’ve had enough of a Black man in office.  They are filled with rage at the thought of some uppity ni**er coming to Washington and messing with their money.  Oh sure, it was fine and dandy when he was just a figurehead, just a token voted into to office so White America could prove they aren’t racists anymore; but then he started doing stuff.  He killed jobs with a “green energy” mandate that specifically targeted the coal industry for bankruptcy.  He gave stimulus money to his crony capitalist friends and he purposefully left Guantanamo Bay open after promising to go down there and lock the doors for good all by himself.  After an international apology tour designed to reassure our global neighbors that America is not special and will renounce violence from now on, forever and ever – this Black President killed Osama Bin Laden in cold blood.  Obviously White America decided they’d had enough of his rogue President.  As along as he stayed in line he was fine…but making his own plans, without the approval of his masters? Unforgivable.

Oh sure, the BM uses as its cover the idea that they are fed up with capitalist greed and corporate welfare, but that’s just a ruse to detract from their real problem.  After all, Obama’s largest campaign contributors are major corporations such as GE and wealthy Hollywood 1%ers like Will and Jada Smith.  So rest assured, anytime the BMers use the phrase “corporate greed” they really mean “darkie President”.  Its a fact.

We also know this BM is racist because of the horrific, sick signs on display at BM protests around the country.  Many of the signs use vile, racist terms that have not been regularly used since the civil rights era.  If BMers had their way, America would return to Jim Crow and uppity Black folk everywhere would take their rightful places once again at the back of the bus.  The offensive signs that have been popping up at protests around the country show a very white, very racist undercurrent of rage.  Of course we don’t have pictures or footage of these signs, but there have been reports…unsubstantiated, eyewitness reports.  Many of the reports have come from those who identify as politically conservative and say they oppose the BM.  Unfortunately, no one has thought to get a picture of or point a news crew toward these sickening displays of racism, but we know its true, because we know the whole BM is racist, and we know they’re racist because they’re mostly White, and they were nowhere to be found as long as America was governed by White men.

Perform a quick Google Image search of protests from around the country and it becomes glaringly obvious that the BM hates Black people.  Besides a few tokens peppered here and there- in order give them credibility- it is nearly impossible to ignore the fact that these crowds are largely made up  of White people…racist, bigoted White people.  Occupy Wall Street seems to be the most “diverse” of the BMs.  The first Black people I saw in my image search came 3 searches in on the Occupy Wall Street search, and it was a picture of Russell Simmons and Kanye West, noted 99%ers and Uncle Toms.

On top of all this madness there have even been reports of protesters at Occupy D.C. shouting racial epithets at the White House and spitting on members of the Congressional Black Caucus while calling them ni**ers as they walked into the capital building.  Again, no footage or pictures have been found, but there is little doubt the reports are true.  One only needs to look at a picture of an Occupy protest to know that its true.  Truth needs no evidence or facts.  Truth needs no research.  Truth only needs one person to say its true, and then it is.  That’s in the Constitution.  I heard it at an Occupy Denver general assembly.  Uptwinkles!

When will America wake up to the divisive, hateful, vitriolic rhetoric of this terrifyingly racist BM?  When will the media stop covering for these bigots and release their hours upon hours of footage of protesters shouting the n-word over and over again and beating up Black people indiscriminately?  With all the proof that has been laid out its time that sane Americans fight back against this evil rage.  Its time expose the true goal of the Occupy Wall Street BM: to remove that Black man from office and set things right again.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. You are so full of crap.

    In fact. There is a call for all people of color. There are occupy groups from “the hood”. I’ve seen interviews on the street of hispanic, black, muslim, native americans and all different shades!
    The issues that have been raised are for everyone! The movement is for all people living in the United States. You are the one racist. To assume all people there are white racists. Have you not listened to the messages, the issues they are trying to bring across the board? They want people to have a free and good college education (that includes everyone), they want people to have healthcare (includes everyone), they want the banks and corporations pulled out of politics, stop giving major tax breaks to the wealthy, to gain back the government to the running state it was intended to, to demand changes to save our earth and to find other energy resources, and a whole lot more. These changes are for everyone, for the whole world! That includes every race, creed, nationality under the sun! This movement isn’t just in the United States, the whole world is getting involved!

    So, apart from you thinking it’s racist crap. What are you going to do about it? You want black people represented as people are trying to change the world they live in, to create a better future for generations to come? Instead of spewing this bullshit, DO something about it. Call upon the black community to represent themselvesand any concerns they have and get involved with history. Perhaps you should be thinking, “Shame on the black community for representing itself during these times!”

    Funny, there was a panel discussion from people from the movement. Youtube it. Michael Moore was one of the guests there. Anyways, There was a woman on the panel, representing people of color(color being hispanic, black, etc.). She called for more to come out in their support of the movement. I think you’d find that video very eye opening and informative. That is if you are open to other people’s opinions, ideas, and to learning.

    You right now, remind me of the white whiners of the Civil Rights Movement. You know they complained just as you did? I have absolutely no respect for people who share and spread racism through their own private racism. I teach my children what his great grandmother (who remembers the cottons fields) taught me to teach them, “Teach them of the Civil Rights Movement. I don’t want them running around like a bunch of hooligans. I want them to be men. Teach them to love everyone and be proud of who they are. Teach them to be tolerant. And don’t let them say the “n” word. I hate that word. We fought to not have to hear it and these kids these days say it everytime they open their mouths. Teach them respect and do right. Not just by themselves, but right by others. You do that.” She died shortly after that conversation. And yes, I do all she asks. Maybe you should listen to Grandma Kennedy. One who remembered the true stories of struggle, remembers people having to put their lives on the line so you could be free. Free to write this hateful garbage. You should be ashamed of yourself. I challenge you. YOU get off your complaining butt and do something about it. Get your community out there and represent. And truthfully? Only a true deeply wise person would look at each side before making any statement. Before immersing yourself to know and understand what hundreds of thousands of people are really all about, WHO the people are, you spewed off this trash. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    1. I think the article was written to prove a point about how the teaparty was Violent and treated as a hate group and accused of being racist with absolutely no evidence at all of racism. Actually, there were alot of black and Hispanics at every teaparty event I attended. Pretty sure that was the point of this article. Now u know how we felt. And how absurd it is to just make stuff up.

  2. You almost had me believing a couple of words here Char, Zoe or whatever you go by today… Until you mentioned Michael Moore that is. You couldn’t drudge up someone with at least a little bit of credibility from the left? I guess not. Shame? Shameless is a bunch of criminal homeless vermin raping girls, overdosing on drugs, and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down, as police reports from the Occupy park benches camps. Oh and then there are those murders… Oh what a lovely bunch! if it is such a divers group, why aren’t hey occupying the ghettos? Because they can’t beg for money there as there isn’t any in freeloader-ville.

    1. I only mentioned Michael Moore to reference it to look up the panel discussion. Just because there is one person you don’t like backing the movement, doesn’t mean others don’t have credibility. True? And the truth is, he did try to open our eyes to the financial corruption going on. His tactics and all his statements I don’t agree with either, but at least he was aware there was an issue and tried to open our eyes.

      I’m sure there were issues in the camps. But what the police “report” is only what they want you to see to bring a negative report to it. What you don’t know is that they created the grey water system in the camps, provided free health care by nurses and doctors, fed people (yes that included everyone, even the homeless), teachers and professors have provided educational speeches completely free of charge. Sure there are a few bad eggs, aren’t there a few in every group? But to focus solely on their actions (which is frowned upon by the majority) isn’t fair.

      Another thing, when we reference the homeless, we must open our eyes. I’ve seen it first hand. I was homeless with 2 children for 3 months, having to duck from child protective services, because my home was foreclosed. My mortgage company was Novastar, sold to Saxon Mortgage and Duetsche Bank who keeps trying to take me to court. In fact, after 4 years, the house sits there empty because I was told I had 30 days to get out (I was injured on the job. I worked for a non profit private school for troubled children placed by the state. A child kicked my knee and broke it. Workers Comp refused the MRI for a month and a half, saying nothing was wrong. Because I walked on a broken knee for a month and a half it took 6 months to heal! During that time I called and called and begged to refinance, to have them send me PAPER WORK to fill out to do that. I never once received a piece of mail to help me out in my situation. I am disabled now and can’t get disability because the house is still in my name on county records, even though I was kicked out of my own home! Google those mortgage companies and see the lawsuits and corruptions!) So yes, I was homeless. Social Services refused to help me. The social services case worker told me to camp out in my house even though it was considered against the law! I am not the only one who was left homeless like this. There are others, being I worked in mental health field, I understand. Many homeless have mental health issues and have little access to health care. In fact, where I am stuck now living I see it. The mentally ill turn to drugs or alcohol to cope or self medicate, many can not hold a job without proper medical care, they have to resort living on the streets and social services here will not help you if you don’t have an address and it becomes a vicious cycle.

      I was once a well respected member of society, not using social services, who owned my own home, boat, and car, payed taxes. Due to an injury on my job, a mortgage company that kept giving me a run around, I became homeless and now have to live on social services. Where did they stick me and my family? In a roach, mice, and bedbug infested building run by a slum lord filled with mentally unstable people, with sex offenders and crack heads. I find needles outside my “front door,” have had to fight men physically, deal with a strung out heroin using prostitute harass me and my son (and even though she makes false 911 reports and I have physical proof of harassment the police refuse to do a damn thing even though they admitted they could give her an appearance ticket) and even had to almost come to blows with a crack head who tried to jump me. My children, whom are teenagers can’t even go outside to play without my supervision. This law abiding good citizen is living in hell daily. I tried to get further my college education and got screwed by one of those online schools (I didn’t investigate enough, but that doesn’t excuse them from mishandling my grants and loans, which the government themselves admitted the school has done!!). I’m stuck. With no way out. I’m bitter, I’m angry, and I want some form of justice. I support the movement and I’m living in the ghetto.

      I’m disappointed in how much little info people have. That’s not completely your fault. The media has even been blocked by the police, arrested even. They can’t get the full story. Do you remember the retired police commander that was arrested a few weeks ago in the support of the movement? Youtube him…he even stated he doesn’t find the truth in the papers on TV. He gets it all from online. Just hit the occupy pages and start reading the article, start watching the videos. It will open your eyes. The movement is for all of us, not just one class of people. It’s to ensure our future. We aren’t really asking for a handout. We are asking for change. I may not see it for me, but I pray that my children have a better future to look forward to. It’s sad when you start realizing that your child would be more successful in a trade than with a degree. Even though they have a degree and a good job, they have to pay back loans and based on the income, they are forever paying on those loans. If they can’t find a decent job, they are totally screwed. Many of the protestors are protesting this cycle as well. By the time you get a decent job and start paying your loans, you are practically a degreeless person working at McDonalds! Is that the way to live?

      I don’t have the answers. But I know this. That things are getting worse, people want change. Is that a bad thing, really? Or, are we too comfortable living the way we do, sticking our heads in the sand, hoping that the economy will somehow just get better. Why wouldn’t you want to have your best interests heard? Many of us are just one disaster away from losing everything. Why do we hang on by a thread and think it’s normal and OK. Why can’t we work hard like our grandparents did and achieve our goals and dreams? It’s damn near impossible these days. I don’t want to be rich, I really don’t. I don’t want a free handout. There is no pride in that. What I want? My home back, my old life back. I wasn’t rich, I had to work 2 and at one time 3 jobs to have what I had (as a single mother!!), but I’d love to have that back somehow. All the money I put into social security, disability, I should be able to get that now. But I have to fight for that. And that’s sad!!! I’ve worked since I was 16 in some form or another. There were many many months I worked 7 days a week, over 13 hours a day! I earned that. It’s mine and I should be able to get that. I’m not scamming, I truly can not work a job. I’m screwed. I want an obtainable future for my children. I want them to be able to retire instead of having to work until they are 80 years old with health problems. I want my future grandchildren to have a decent life. No, not on handouts from the government. But with hard work and to be able to keep what they have earned and not get screwed out of it. Is that too much to ask? What do you want for your future, for your families future? I assure you, I NEVER thought I’d be where I am at today! I depleted my savings, I had to sell off most of the things I owned that were worth anything. Hell, I don’t even know how my kids are going to have a Christmas this year. Can you imagine what my kids have gone through and been exposed to? They have known cold, hunger, sleepless nights. No kid should have to know that. Thank you mortgage company, thank you workers comp, thank you social services. Do you know I had to take my youngest child in to social services and scream finally, “Tell my son he has to sleep on the streets. I KNOW you can put us up somewhere. You tell him he has no place to go!” Just to get help. Sure, it took me humiliating my child and myself in order to get food and a roof over our heads. I lost so much weight in one year and became severely anemic because I refused to eat until my children ate and were full. I did everything I could to keep child protective services off my back. And my health hasn’t recovered. So tell me it’s my fault. I have done everything short of stripping, selling my body, or selling drugs to keep my life together. That’s why I say I am a law abiding citizen who has done everything right and has been screwed royally. To the point of having nothing. I’m among the many who have the same story. Some worse. Some had more than me and lost it all. Some have it worse, living on the streets and no food or health care. Temporarily, I am lucky. When my time runs out, when I can no longer receive public assistance as I battle to get my disability, what will I do? Where will we go? Contrary to popular belief, you can’t “live” on public assistance. I’m barely living. I get 20 dollars in cash a month. I DO NOT sell my food stamps. I don’t even get enough to fully fill my house with food a month. I’ve become the most frugal person there is. And I go to bed every night with a heavy heart. I barely can manage this. Put yourself in my place, in my shoes and then tell me. Trust me, if I could work, I would. I can’t and it makes me angry. I hate sitting, I was a very active person. I’m going stir crazy over here. So please stop judging people, lumping them into categories, assuming they are all and the same. Many of those protestors are just like me. Who once was doing good. And one small thing set the wheels into motion and they got nailed to the wall. Stuck. And want out.

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