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Pivot TV: A New Channel for Millennials

A new television channel geared to young adults in the 15-34 demographic will be unveiled this summer.

Touted as a new network desigpivotned to disrupt conventional wisdom, pivot will be available both through cable and on via internet subscription.  It will be the first channel to offer a stand-alone app for access. Pivot will offer a variety of programming, including shows geared to social issues and news, as well as, entertainment including some original series.

The brain child of Participant Media, pivot expects to reach 40 million homes when it debuts on August 1. Participant Media has been successful with many of its past endeavors including films like: “The Help,” “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Lincoln.”

From their press release: With 40+ million subscribers at launch, pivot’s programming slate is anchored by more than 300 hours of original programming in its first year.  The network’s first six greenlit series are: “TakePart Live,” a live talk show, five nights a week; “HitRECord on TV!,” a re-imagination of the variety show from director/creator/star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and executive producer Brian Graden; “Raising McCain,” a genre-bending docu-talk series starring and executive produced by the complex and accomplished Meghan McCain with Go Go Luckey Entertainment;“WILL,” a modern period drama from Craig Pearce, writer of “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby”; “Jersey Strong,” a real reality series from Peabody Award-winners Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin.

The network will co-produce with Univision News and Latin World Entertainment ten, one-hour documentaries that will air on pivot in English and Univision in Spanish.

For more information and a preview of the programming visit the Participant Media website or watch their ad:

Meghan McCain Pushes Elitist and Idiotic Views of O’Donnell

Meghan McCain has managed to publish a book no one cares about, flatter only herself at every opportunity and now stick her self-aggrandizing, snobbish nose up at a Republican  Senate candidate.

I don’t know how trashing a Conservative candidate does anyone any good, but Meghan took a shot at Christine O’Donnell on Sunday as CNN Political Ticker reported:

“I just know, in my group of friends, it turns people off because she’s seen as a nut job,” McCain said on ABC’s “This Week” program. “It scares me for a lot of reasons.”

The daughter of Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain said O’Donnell’s candidacy sends a message to the younger generation that you can just “wake up and run for Senate,” regardless of past experience.

Why can’t an ordinary person just wake up and run for Senate?  That’s the whole point of the Tea Party movement.

The leftist media has made a hay day out of O’Donnell’s interview with Bill Maher.  Why is any of that important?  Is anyone actually worried that Christine will start a Coven in the basement of the Capitol building?

For Ms. McCain to cast stone at O’Donnell, she should first look inward.  Meghan is a collection of gaffes wrapped inside of a terrible character and loved by only Meghan.

Meghan McCain Twitter PictureOf course, she never had any mis-steps in her past .. other than this picture she posted on twitter.

Of course there was also her attack on Bristol Palin where Meghan tried to say that looking like a stripper was fine with her compared to a young pregnant mother.

“When you’re sent to an image consultant and said that you look like a stripper and talk bad and you’re hurting the campaign when, you know, there’s a pregnant teen there, it does a little bit to your self-esteem.”

Way to go on the attack lingerie-girl.

Her motives are clear.  She is trying to keep the Republican party in the center.  A move that would fit her father’s political tastes.  The majority of Americans are tired of big tent B.S. and are trying to make the right, more right.  These constant attacks on true Conservatives just help us understand that Meghan McCain is just as much a moderate as her father and in no way is she good for the Conservative movement.