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DNC Escalates Mediscare Tactics in Rant on .. Huntsman?

Democrats Use Medicare Fear TacticsJon Hunstman is so far in the back of the GOP pack that by now he must be reaching the acceptance phase of the death of his campaign. That did not stop the Democratic National Committee from attacking him and the well-thought Cut, Cap and Balance plan at the same time.

A DNC press release entitled: “Give It to Us Straight, Mr. Huntsman: Do You Support Cut, Cap and Kill Medicare?” the DNC pulls out the Mediscare ghost to go after a political also-ran. Jon Huntsman has no chance of winning the primaries, but the DNC can’t resist an opportunity to frighten the retired and baby boomers into voting against any Republican.

Maybe by attacking a no-name like Mr. Huntsman, they felt that no one would test their claim. Cut, Cap and Balance has not one .. not two, but THREE clauses that exempt Medicare from spending cuts. Of course, we hear no Republicans pushing back. Why? Democrats have successfully pushed CCB into being nothing more than background noise in the current debate and the proponents of CCB, like Jim Jordan, just don’t seem to know how to defend their own plans.


Democrats Dumb Things Down Better Than Republicans

The debt ceiling debate will most-likely become the GOP’s fault. Not because the lion’s share of spending is from Republican policies, but because Democrats are much better at speaking in generalities, obscuring facts and planting doubt.

Republican Study Committee Logo

Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace facing Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland).

Chris Wallace made an interesting point, one that Van Hollen was eager to let pass without comment, that Jordan missed the opportunity to make a strong point on, and Wallace did a poor job of exploring: what happens if the debt ceiling isn’t raised on August 2nd?

Chris presented the issue by saying that if we pay Social Security first, some top government programs would have to take cuts of around 40%. A slide was displayed that listed programs like the Veterans Administration, the FAA, and more. Van Hollen let the slide go without comment realizing the trap. For Jordan, it perfectly illustrated the terrible situation America is in – we’re broke. After paying Social Security, many government programs are beyond our ability to fund. If we raise the debt ceiling, we are admitting that we can’t afford these programs and are too dense to do anything about it.

Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat on the House Budget Committee was flawless. Talking points firmly memorized and facts transmogrified into fear-mongering platitudes, he was able to defeat every one of Jordan’s responses with nothing but populist garbage.

Jim Jordon is one of the sponsors of the Cut, Cap and Balance legislation that will likely pass the House and fail in the Senate next week. Van Hollen falsely summarized the bill for the weak-minded: [paraphrased]: Their legislation would cut Medicare and give tax breaks to oil companies.

Jordan was ill-prepared for the debate. He was unable to contradict Van Hollen’s Mediscare talking point. In Jordan’s own committee bill (H.R. 2560 – Cut, Cap and Balance) there is a specific subsection that protects Medicare:

Direct spending for the following functions is exempt from the limits specified in subsection (c):
(1) Social Security, function 650.
(2) Medicare, function 570.
(3) Veterans Benefits and Services, function
(4) Net Interest, function 900.

And again, in another section of the legislation, Medicare is exempted from the measure:

(B) Section 255 of the Balanced Budget and Control Act of 1985 shall not apply to this section, except that payments for military personnel accounts (within subfunctional category 051), TRICARE for Life, Medicare (functional category 570), military retirement, social security (functional category 650), veterans (functional category 700), net interest (functional category 900), and discretionary appropriations shall be exempt

There is only one more mention of Medicare in the entire bill and yes.. it also holds Medicare exempt from the proposed legislation.

Cut, cap and balance does not cut Medicare, in fact, it specifically protects it. Van Hollen was wrong and Jordan was not even able to quote legislation he sponsors to point that out. The fact that Chris Wallace was ill-informed is nothing new, but he let the Democrat get away with misleading information.

The right says: we only take in enough money to pay for 60% of our current responsibilities. We have to cut spending to affordable levels or we will face bankruptcy in the next 2 to 3 years.

The left says: they want to cut Medicare and give tax breaks to oil companies.

This is how Democrats intend to keep the spending faucet wide open – flat out lies. Class warfare, scare tactics on Medicare and other fabrications are all they have. Unfortunately, a large portion of America finds it easier to consume the dumbed-down rhetoric from the left, instead of trying to process the logic from the right.

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Dear Debbie Wasserman-Shultz – CC:DNC

Hello DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, I live in Tampa Florida, and just read your marvelous announcements about Fellow Democrat Kathy Hochul winning a seat in congress in the New York (26) special elections. Congratulations!  First of all I must comment on how I’m sure you know New York well, as you still have that New YAWK accent, even though you supposedly live here in Florida and represent all Floridians today as the Democrats mouthpiece. Isn’t that amazing?  Here is something I also found to be amazing today in typical Democratic talking points propaganda media piece speak, from CNSNEWS.COM:

In a statement congratulating Democrat Kathy Hochul on her victory, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz noted that Hochul won in a “solidly Republican district,” despite being outspent by a 2-to-1 margin:

“Tonight’s election result is not just a victory for Congresswoman-Elect Kathy Hochul, it’s a victory for the residents of Western New York and for Americans who believe that our elected leaders should fight to protect Medicare and ensure that our government works for our seniors, working families and young people.

Debbie Wasserman, (I had cancer) Schultz is really getting on my nerves with her hypocrisy here. Let me remind you of one basic FACT here for all of our Seniors concerned about their medicare and believing the Democrat’s lies here: Obama and the Democrats just cut $500 billion dollars out of your medicare to pass Obama-care under the fake budgetary standards the head liberal (Obama) demanded. Clear enough Seniors?


One last question for the new Propaganda Mistress of the DNC, Miss New York- what in the hell are you doing here polluting Florida, Wassermann-Schultz : How about you Democrats explaining just how well you are doing for the “young people” you mention above? Like, explaining to them the over $6 TRILLION dollars of debt they have to repay since you clowns took over Congress in 2006, and the trillion dollar yearly deficits ever since Mr. Hope n Nothin- left- but- change, got into the White House? I’m calling your BULL just what it is W-Schultz, ya got the facts to deny it ?  If you are sooo self-righteous in that garbage and misinformation, lets get together for a one on one here near Tampa. As Tim Pawlenty says… It is truly “A Time for Truth” for all Floridians. Dial it up Princess, let’s match up some truths and facts about America , her budget deficits and Medicare . That is right, I am calling you out on the part of my parents and millions of Seniors across America. Contact my editor, lets see what you have, or call into our show The Plain Hard Truth, tomorrow night. I shall be there waiting on you, but I’m not holding my breath, as you are too busy spreading lies and misinformation for the DNC to honest hard working seniors who have paid into SSI for decades, like my parents here in Florida and across America ! As my Grampa always said W-Shultz, “It is time to put up or shut up.”


Newt Goes From Bad To Worse

In the interest of full disclosure I must go on record before I go on further and say that I am not a supporter of Newt Gingrich. From the moment I heard he was considering a bid for the White House I was was not happy. Mr. Gingrich is simply an extension of “the elite establishment” that we have had in Washington for decades.

Yes, it has been more than a decade since he held an actual position; however, he still has the same elitist attitude that we are stuck with today.

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand- which for much of this country, that is highly possible- you know that Newt Gingrich caused quite a bit of an uproar over the weekend in a discussion on “Meet The Press“. I will not waste either one of our time re-hashing the specifics of the show- if you do not know what happened you can read more about the incident written by one of my fellow journalists in this article.

Last night on  Fox’s “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren”, Greta had Mr. Gingrich on as a guest to allow him the opportunity to go “on the record” about what he meant and how he mis-spoke. However, he went from bad to worse on the show last night.

In Greta’s opening dialogue with Mr. Gingrich she made a light-hearted joke with him about how she went out of the country for a few days and when she comes back she sees he’s “blown up the Republican Party.” Anyone with half a brain would know that she was joking with him and not attacking him. However, Newt came out of the box swinging, saying, with quite the snide attitude in his voice, “Well, first of all, I think that’s pretty exaggerated on every front.” Greta jumped in very quickly to tell him she was teasing, and though Newt tried to acknowledge that he knew she was teasing, his demeanor, attitude and tone made it very clear he was on the attack.

Although Mr. Gingrich did say he made a mistake in what he said, and said he apologized for what he said regarding Paul Ryan’s plan, his attitude and tone seemed to have a very familiar tone- how dare you ask me a question like that!  Had he been more humble in his attitude with what is going on it might be a different story.  Instead, he came across as very snide.

As the conversation continued with Greta he seemed to calm down a bit. However, by this point any semblance of self-respect had been lost. By the end of the conversation with Greta, he actually made a point that interested me regarding his plan to propose a “10th Amendment Implementation Bill” which would actually enforce the 10th Amendment. That sounds great, in theory, however, my question is shouldn’t ALL of our laws be implemented and enforced already? Will this mean we will have to go back and create a “1st Amendment Implementation Bill”? And a “2nd Amendment Implementation Bill”? And so forth and so on. When will it end? We have laws in place for a reason. We should not have to put forth another piece of legislation just to implement a law that was put in place more than 200 years ago.

With all this being said, I must admit I am fairly new to the “political scene”. It wasn’t until right before the 2008 election that I starting paying real attention at all to politics. Yes, I voted, and I researched the issues before I voted, I just never kept up with politics. I saw it as nothing more than a bother. I was partially right- politics is a bother, but it is much more than just a bother! The future of our country is at stake because of politics!

I could be wrong- and if I am, I am sure someone will correct me in their comments- but I don’t know of any other candidate to burn his bridges so quick out of the gate! It was just one week- give or take a day or two- from the time Mr. Gingrinch made his “official” announcement that he was running for President that this incident happened.

Mr. Gingrich, I’ve never held a political office in any shape, form or fashion, but if your skin is this thin, applying for position of President of The United States of America with the American people is not the job for you.



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Democrat Plan Will Cause Country to Die Sooner

Kathleen SebeliusObama-appointed Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius is supporting President Obama and congressional liberals in their concerted effort to kill America sooner.

To make sure that no critically-thinking Americans stop them on their reckless spending binge, Kathleen channeled the oratory prowess of Alan Grayson who last year told us that Republicans want us to “die quickly”. In her testimony to the House Education and Workforce Committee, Sebelius echoed Mr. Grayson’s concerns.

“If you run out of the government voucher and then you run out of your own money, you’re left to scrape together charity care, go without care, die sooner. There really aren’t a lot of options.”

The left-wing extremists in our government know that any cut to entitlements threatens there very base of power. They buy votes by handing out gifts from the treasury. Americans have to be bold enough to say, no thank you Madame Secretary, we can’t afford this anymore – we can’t afford YOU anymore.

It is becoming obvious that voters are going to be barraged with an entire line of messaging based on only emotion – no facts, no realization that we’re broke, no compromise – just pure emotion. We’ll be told that any cuts will harm children, kill grandma, or cause the earth to be destroyed by global warming/climate change/human-caused disasters or whatever.  The truth is that if nothing is done, everyone will be harmed, all children will suffer, everybody will die quicker.

If we do not cut entitlements – the nation will fall into bankruptcy. Look at Greece, Ireland, Portugal, the list goes on.

Democrats aren’t coming up with any solutions, just poking holes in the well-thought plans of the House Republicans – Paul Ryan’s plan. Instead. senate democrats are position a status-quo Medicare bill as having savings in it. Senate Budget Committee Charman Kent Conrad (D-ND) is proposing a Medicare bill as a contrast to the House GOP plan. Unfortunately for America, there is absolutely zero deficit reduction in the bill.

“There are savings in Medicare, modest savings to pay for the doc fix,” Conrad said.

The doc-fix is Congress’ annual fix to a shortcoming in Medicare that would underpay doctors for their services. The underpayment would be so significant as to force many out-of-practice. Sen. Conrad’s bill proposes unspecified cuts in Medicare so that more money can be paid to physicians, but does nothing to reduce the deficit.

The Democrats plan simply proves that the current Medicare model cannot continue to exist – it must be reformed. It can’t afford to pay doctors and Sen. Conrad’s cuts will reduce services to seniors in some way.

The major differences in Sen. Conrad’s plan and Rep. Ryans is that Ryan’s reform phases in changes so that seniors aren’t immediately affected and that Rep. Ryan’s plan reduces the deficit – Sen. Conrad is fine with the status quo and hurting seniors to keep it that way.

It is expected that progressives would attack Paul Ryan’s honest attempt to save the country from its fiscal mess. Now, it appears that other house GOP members are quietly stepping back from supporting the plan they voted for. Dave Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has already stated that he will not creating the chairman’s mark-up on Ryan’s proposed entitlement reforms.

If the Democrats status quo entitlement plan is allowed to continue, the America our parents and grandparents gave us –  will “die quickly”.

Medicare Premium Increase Means Trouble for Seniors, States and Workers

EmergencyA large portion of Medicare recipients and individual States should ready themselves for what should not be all that shocking: Obamacare didn’t bend the cost curve down – at all. Medicare premiums for 2012 are set to rise to $113.80 per month, an almost 20% increase over the $94.60 2011 premiums,  which will hit fixed-income earners and cash-strapped States with an increasing burden.

Social Security recipients will be the first hit. As an Associated Press wire reported, the first COLA increase in years will likely be wiped out by increasing health care premiums.

“The government is projecting a slight cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security benefits next year, the first increase since 2009. But for most beneficiaries, rising Medicare premiums threaten to wipe out any increase in payments, leaving them without a raise for a third straight year.”

Secondly, those low-income earners on Medicaid will not be hit with the increasing premium – it will instead be passed on to the state providing the Medicaid. This will cause a pass-thru cost to state income and sales tax payers. As almost all states are facing tremendous shortfalls due to entitlement mismanagement such as this, more and more costs will be passed on to taxpayers and more services will have to be cut to avoid default.

In 2010, Medicare premiums were the same as they were in 2009. All this before Obama’s health care reform was passed. Now that we’ve had more than a year of liberal health care planning and management, a 20% increase in premiums comes due and Donald McLeod from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services hinted that even the Obama administration wasn’t prepared for the increase. Mr. McLeod pointed out that the President’s budget projected Medicare premiums to be $108.20, not the $113.80 that CMS expects.


Entitlement Conundrum – Break Down the Numbers

Rasmussen reports released a report on Wednesday that shows that 23% of Americans receive some form of cash benefits from the almighty Federal government.  Twenty-three percent.

Almost one-in-four Americans rely on cash from the government?  How sad a situation we share.

On the other side of that entirely imbalanced equation is a government that produces .. NOTHING.  That means taxpayers are on the hook for the 1/4 of Americans that need hand-outs.

I could use the figures posted by many astute organizations that say that 47% of Americans pay zero or negative taxes, but I can hear the libdergardner whining already.  Instead, I’ll use CBS’s more ‘conservative’ fugures:

An astonishing 43.4 percent of Americans now pay zero or negative federal income taxes..

And that was in 2009.

So, 56.6% of us put money into a system that has 23% that are pulling from it.  The math is getting scary – to most of us.

Rasmussen continues: The 23% (we’ll call them .. 23ers in the spirit of the Unions 99er movement) are somewhat reluctant to let go of their free money.

Of those who do receive government money, just 34% are at least somewhat willing to cut some of their own benefits to reduce the size of the federal budget, with 14% who say they are Very Willing to do so.

Great, they love stealing bread from the tables of our children and most of them don’t care if our kids have to starve later because ,”It’s my money, and I want it now” to quote an annoying ad from a parasitic firm.

Sickening, upsetting .. I was laid-off a few years ago and took exactly zero dollars from the government.  We cut-off cable and cell phones, ran the AC less, discontinued magazines and newspapers, cut coupons and ate bulk-noodles.  We survived.

These are exactly the things we must cut.  Now.  It must be done responsibly as we have made far too many dependent upon the government’s drug.  We will have to let the retired and near-retired continue on, but those of us in our 40’s, 30’s and lower … be willing to give those entitlements up or our kids will be left with a mess that WE could have fixed.  We have to get over ourselves, yesterday.

Bachmann Campaign Asserts Opponent is Lying on Entitlement Issues

From: http://MicheleBachmann.com

Once again the Clark campaign has come out with a blatant lie, accusing Congresswoman Bachmann of wanting to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been clear she does not support ending Social Security.  Michele has stated both Medicare and Social Security need to be fixed.  Under their current conditions these programs can’t be maintained for our future generations because of liberal spending by politicians like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Tarryl Clark. Michele remains committed to maintaining benefits for those who are receiving benefits as well as protecting the money future recipients have paid into the system.

Our retirement systems must be prepared to meet the needs of our growing population. Tarryl Clark, who supported and continues to support Obamacare, needs to explain to voters why Medicare was cut by $500 billion to pay for this monstrosity.

We found this transcript and analysis of the Tarryl Clark ad at 1500 ESPN.com

SCRIPT: Female narrator: “Addict. Addict. Addict. Addict.” Male voice: “Wait, what?” Narrator: “Well, Michele Bachmann says we need to `wean everybody off’ of Social Security. Like Social Security isn’t your money. Like it’s an addiction you need to break. If Michele Bachmann wants to wean you off Social Security, she sure can’t be trusted to protect it. Michele Bachmann: Keeping her pay raises, but not our promises to seniors.” Clark: “I’m Tarryl Clark and I approve this message.”

Obama's Policies Not Going the Distance

Other than Jimmy Carter, I am not sure we’ve had a President in recent history with so many policies that failed so dramatically so fast.  President Obama promised that he would do health care reform, wall street reform, and then he had his Keynesian stimulus policies tested.  So far, the mighty Obama.. has struck out.

Cash for Clunkers
Cash for clunkers: clearly the best medicine for ailing Detroit (which we Citizens had invested heavily in 2/3 of.  Certainly, the pouring of tons of federal dollars (a.k.a. your money) would help float the unions .. I mean manufacturers.. so that they help the economy recover.  Well, not really.  In fact, it shows that $3 Billion of tax payer money, does not buy happiness – or economic recovery as the case may be.  In fact, it may have delayed the recovery by 4-6 months as the industry was already seeing an upward slope in sales until the program caused them to see a quarter-over-quarter sales rate loss during the program.  One whole month showed a spike, after which a devastating drop in sales showed up, well below where the manufacturer’s numbers were before the program began.

If that wasn’t the medicine of truth, how about the truth about medicine?  Health care reform has now been cast into daylight – burns a little doesn’t it?  The government’s own Congressional Budget Office is saying that the program does not cut costs or the deficit now that the facts are known, doctors are dropping Medicare patients at unprecedented rates, pharmacies are running away from the program and even Canada, Oh Canada, is re-factoring it’s overly-expensive, government-run system (I know, not Obama’s fault, but he did try to  model this mess after them).  Then again, Speaker Pelosi did honestly say that Americans would find out what was in the bill once it got passed – we’re learning.

Then we have the President’s wall street reform (aka Financial Reform).  Even the liberal media admits that the financial reform bill doesn’t end “too big to fail”.

So cash for clunkers turned into your cash in the toilet, health care reform has given your cash to the reformers, and the financial reform doesn’t do anything to prevent your cash from disappearing into the bowels of  Wall street.  The President is claiming success on all of these things, and is thrilled about the Duke jersey he scored.  The rest of us.. not sure what we’re getting for well over $3,5 trillion dollars in reforms and stimulus.

So what’s an all talk, no action President supposed to do?  Well, ours is talking more – this time about cap-and-trade, alternate energy, and cap-and-trade policy, more new policy.  So far.. he’s Oh-for-three.  Can he take batting .000 after four at-bats?  .000 with the bases loaded even?  Sure he can – his contract isn’t up until 2012.  Let’s not renew it.

As Promised, Health Reform's Effects Already Being Felt

During all the informing, educating and persuading that Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, and Harry Reid did to get health care reform passed, they made some key assurances.  Two of those promises have certainly come true.  First, Speaker Pelosi said that citizens would have to pass the bill to learn what’s in it.  While the citizens would have preferred to change what was in it, it’s apparent that instead the voting population will rely on post-decision discovery.  Secondly, the President himself confidently shared with Americans that they would feel the effects from this legislation as early as this year – and he was very right.

A Houston Chronicle article informed that the Medicare cuts required to make the health care reform budget-neutral are driving doctors away from Medicare patients and reducing staff wages and benefits.  That means many current patients of doctors that are forced out of Medicare participation will be forced to try and find a new doctor.  So either Obama lied when he told us that, “If you like your doctor, you can keep them..”, or he lied when he said the health care reform would actually reduce the deficit as it would cost $297 Billion extra if the Medicare cuts are removed from the law.

A secondary problem caused by a lack of planning in the health care bill is that the majority of physicians deciding not to participate in Medicare are primary care physicians. As Jay Heflin, of The Hill.com, quotes a health care facilty designer, “We don’t have the primary care infrastructure in place in America to cover the need. Our clients are looking at and preparing for more emergency department volume, not less..”, it’s obvious that the unintended consequences of the reform are not positive.  People will increasingly use E.R.s as primary care centers which cost many times what it costs to see a doctor.  Of course, it’s still free, so why would the pattern change?

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