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Shifting Right: The Jewish Vote in 2012 with YJC President David Milstein

The Jewish vote has been a cornerstone in President Obama’s coalition and that of the Democratic Party for decades.  However, with calls from President Obama for Israel to return to the indefensible 1967 borders and disparaging remarks about Netanyahu caught on an open mic with President Sarkozy, one would think that Jewish support for this president should wane. Obama did win 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008 and recent polls show that 55% of Jewish respondents still back the president.  However, that is a five point drop from last June, which coupled with Obama’s incremental drop in his approval ratings, is a net loss of eleven points amongst Jewish voters.  Jewish conservatives see a break in the ranks.  I was fortunate to have David Milstein, the President of Young Jewish Conservatives, to answer some questions concerning the objectives of the organization, how it started, and what they plan to do to alter the direction of the country in this critical election year.

1. When did you get the idea to start an organization that represents the interests of Jewish conservatives?

Milstein: A few years ago, two young rabbis realized it was time for politically conservative Jews to come together. There was no organization focused on this demographic. Central to the idea of YJC is to make it acceptable and eventually the norm for Jews to be politically conservative.  The obvious stereotype is that Jews are usually on the Left. But there are more Jews on the right than people realize. One of their major goals was to therefore form an organization that will reach out to the next generation and unite politically conservative young Jews who share our values and love of Israel.  We are here to support, represent and defend their values in the public square.

The organization truly began over winter break when the two rabbis realized there was no better way to bring young Jews together than to lead a free trip to Israel.  I had the amazing opportunity to go on a trip with 28 students from 21 different colleges and universities.  We were all united in our support for Israel and our belief in conservatism.  After such a successful trip, I decided to join Young Jewish Conservatives full time.

We are actually leading another free trip for students this summer. If you are interested in joining us or want to learn more about our previous trip, feel free to visit our website youngjewishconservatives.org.

2. How does it make you feel that most in the Jewish community vote overwhelmingly Democratic in elections?

Milstein: It certainly is difficult when many Jews are on the Left.  As someone who is a conservative, I believe many of our conservatives values are interrelated with our Jewish values.  But YJC is here to move the Jewish vote to the Right.  Our goal is to focus on each new generation and tell them the truth about conservatism. Some on the Left, including President Obama, take the Jewish vote for granted. They pander during speeches but there actions show an entirely different story. We are here to expose their hypocrisy and deception to young Jewish voters across the country.

 3. Why is it that Jewish Americans vote Democratic or cater to a more liberal point of view?

Milstein:  This is the million-dollar question.  Norman Podhoretz has a great book titled “Why are Jews Liberal?” that explains his theory behind it.  Some theories tie it back to their support of FDR when waves of immigration came to the US or the traditional kibbutz style of living that was the result of thousands of years of persecution.  This election will show a shift among the Jewish vote.  Jews across America will see how Obama’s policies are undermining Israel and won’t vote to give him a second term.

 4. Do you think Obama’s rather insensitive Israeli policy will affect the attitudes of Jewish voters in the 2012 elections, if you think it will not have an impact, how do you explain Bob Turner’s win in Anthony Wiener’s old congressional district in 2011?

Milstein: Absolutely. The most recent polls on the Jewish vote show higher disapproval of Obama and much higher support for the presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney than John McCain received in 2008.  The Jewish community is beginning to recognize that President Obama is no friend of Israel.  They may see him gave big speeches at AIPAC saying he supports Israel, but his actions tell an entirely different story.  Actions speak louder than words, which in general is a great theme to run on against Obama.

You are right. We have already seen a prime electoral example of a referendum on Obama’s anti-Israel policies in the Bob Turner election.  An orthodox Jew, Bob Turner ran much of his campaign exposing Obama’s true record on Israel.  The Democrats had no response to the truth. It is very hard to defend someone who has backtracked from his promise for an undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and who has embraced the Palestinian narrative calling on Israel to accept an indefensible border of 8 miles wide.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Jewish voters in the Bob Turner election recognized that Obama is saying one thing and doing another, electing Bob Turner in a typically Democrat district.  The message they sent to Washington was clear.  Sadly, President Obama has ignored them.

As a steadfast supporter of Israel, hearing Obama say to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that a second term will give him more “flexibility” to conduct his foreign policy makes me very worried as to how he will treat Israel for another four years.

YJC will take this message across the country. We are planning to be very active in the 2012 election. We are developing a strategy to expose Obama’s real record on Israel and recruiting volunteers to go straight into the Jewish communities across America to tell the truth.

 5. Who have you networked with on Capitol Hill, the media, and others in the activist circle?

Milstein:We have been in touch with quite a few people in politics who are very excited about our goals and endeavors.  We are filling a very important vacuum.  Our board is already made up of some very prominent Jewish conservatives who are listed on our website.

YJC held the first ever Shabbat service at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in February.  We had more than 100 CPAC attendees come celebrate Shabbos including many prominent conservative leaders and candidates for elected office. Again, there is more information on our website here.

6. Any GOTV operations planned with fellow YJC members across the country?

Milstein: We are working to spread the message all across the country, within the Jews community and throughout the conservative political circle.  Now more than ever we need a group who will take the conservative, pro-Israel message into the Jewish community to reach out to the next generation.  However, in a few months, we will have a more defined strategy.

 7. Does Mitt Romney make the cut for an endorsement from the YJC

Milstein: As of now, YJC does not endorse any specific candidates, but it is clear that Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for President.  For Mitt Romney to beat President Obama, he must not only expose how Obama has failed, but also the ideological reasons why they have failed. He must also articulate that this election is about voting for two very different paths for America’s future.  Romney cannot just say this in a speech; he must also prove it in his platform.  He must propose very bold, conservative solutions that promote economic freedom and defend the free enterprise system.  Doing so will show the American people a clear contrast and that he is a reformer willing to take on the biggest problems facing our country.

8. What possible Vice Presidential candidates makes the cut for YJC support?

Milstein: One of the best ways Romney can bring conservative enthusiasm to his campaign is to pick a true conservative running mate.  The person must be conservative in the eyes of conservatives, not just the pick of the establishment, inside the beltway pundits.  The candidate must have a real record of conservative reform and who is trusted to stand on conservative principles.  A few examples that come to mind are Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Bob McDonnell, Representative Paul Ryan, Senator Toomey and Senator Jim DeMint.

You can follow David Milstein and the YJC on Facebook and Twitter @DavidAMilstein and @YJConservatives.

Rubio at CPAC: Obama’s Contraception Policy is a Constitutional Issue

The 39th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) conference kicked off today with a prayer long enough to be listed on the program. Which is an important consideration in a conference this large. Some 6,000 conservative activists are gathered today, Friday and Saturday in Washington, DC to hear conservative speakers and attend workshops designed to prepare them for the coming election.

The agenda is so packed one must ruthlessly prune the less interesting sessions to concentrate on the more valuable, since every session has competition from other speakers and trainers.

Do I listen to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R–OH) bring the house down with a barn–burner of a speech? Or do I suffer crippling depression during a session about the massive debt that is the current and future legacy of the Obama administration?

Decisions, decisions.

Today’s speakers include Boehner, Sen. Jim DeMint (R–SC), Sen. Marco Rubio (R–FL), Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–KY) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R–MN).

DeMint began with a spirited defense of playing to win. Compromise, according to the senator, is fine when both parties have shared goals; as in a marriage. But compromise does not work when the two parties have opposing goals.

Democrats want to spend regardless of how much it adds to the debt. Conservatives want to cut spending. Any compromise you make with spenders always involves more spending. It’s like an alcoholic compromising with his wife by agreeing to drink Ancient Age instead of Maker’s Mark. He’s still passed out on the sofa at the end of the evening.

DeMint contends that with the current makeup of Congress, Republican conservatives have no shared goals with Democrats.
His solution is more conservatives in Congress, but particularly in the Senate, which is currently a mortuary for conservative legislation.

So far no sighting of the herd of Occupy parasites that boasted about occupying CPAC, just a number of DC police cars. But the day is young. Next up is Sen. Rubio, candidate of the future.


Sen. Marco Rubio was introduced as a future resident at 1600 Pennsylvania and they may have a point. He gave a good speech that was summed up in his statement, “The greatest thing we can do for the world is be America.”

Evidently, Rubio wants to start this by producing a conservative government where people are comfortable cleaning out their garages and making enough room to start a new business, rather than using it to store a stockpile of bottled water and freeze–dried food for the apocalypse.

Rubio’s conservatism includes tax reform, sensible regulations and an emphasis on the Constitution of the US rather than that of South Africa. He stressed that the current controversy over Obama’s unprecedented order that forces Catholic institutions to provide birth control and abortions is not a social issue.

And I agree. Making it a social issue makes it “divisive” and part of the “abortion controversy,” that makes it intractable and beyond solving. Rubio points out the obvious and demonstrates the unprecedented order is a Constitutional issue and imminently solvable, if you follow the plain language of the Constitution.

Rubio also pointed out that any candidate who is in favor of leaving Medicare alone, is a candidate who is in favor of bankrupting Medicare.

Rubio’s introduction stressed his personal life and how he lives family values, so it is probably for the best that Newt Gingrich speaks on Friday.


Gov. Rick Perry (R–TX) was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but I was planning to miss his speech. What could he possibly say that was relevant?

I made a mistake with the Gingrich endorsement. I knew he had two wives but couldn’t remember the third? Oops.
But when I wandered into the media center there had been a schedule change and Perry was onstage. In retrospect it was instructive.

Rick Perry is actually a more dynamic speaker than Marco Rubio. He seems bigger on stage when he’s by himself and not surrounded by the competition. Instead of looking like the guest of honor for a firing squad, Perry is obviously large and in charge.

In a set–piece speech he is very good. The governor is relaxed, connects with his audience and doesn’t step on his applause lines. His speech was also more Evangelical than Rubio’s.

I don’t recall Perry setting any records for intentional humor on the campaign trail — although his accidental humor will live forever on YouTube —here Perry was funny.

One of his best referred to the Clint Eastwood “halftime in America” commercial. Perry felt that if it’s half time in America, he’s afraid of what’s going to happen if we don’t change coaches.

Too bad the sound track was the whistle of his Presidential train leaving the station….

Senator Rubio Rips Pork-Laden Omnibus Bill

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) voted against H.R. 2055, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012, which passed the U.S. Senate on Saturday, Dec. 18th, 2011 in an attempt to avoid a government shutdown once again. The last minute deal was necessary due to the gridlock in the U.S. Senate where Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to allow votes on the numerous spending bills sitting on his desk for months. Senator Rubio joins Senator John McCain who took to the Senate floor to voice his strong objections as to how this bill was rammed through without following proper authorizations procedures. Senator Rubio released the following statement explaining why he voted against H.R. 2055:

“This massive 1,200-plus page bill represents everything that is wrong with Washington. Our country faces major economic challenges, but Congress wasted the whole year stuck in partisan gridlock only to pass a funding bill that solves none of our problems, just to avoid a government shutdown. This plan spends too much, wastes precious taxpayer dollars to fund a menu of job-killing regulations, anti-life provisions and earmarks, and has been ushered through Congress in a highly secretive and non-transparent manner that didn’t allow for consideration of even a single amendment. I cannot support it.”

In the following Marco Rubio constituent mailbox video we see just how fed up Americans truly are with the current state of DC and the big government debt-spending that continues unabated.

Almost all House Republican measures to reign in spending that were included in H.R. 2055 as it passed through the House were somehow craved out by the Senate. The Senate did leave the Republican light bulb ban stoppage measure in the final bill. Senator Jim DeMint came out with a scathing letter about just what has transipred in the U.S. senate once again, titled, A Shameful End to the Year.In it we see the following truths exposed:

The hard choice Democrats have given Republicans has paid off for the big-spenders again.

Refusing to work together to cut spending, Democrats demanded that Republicans compromise with them to increase spending, or shut down the government.

As a result, Congress rammed through a 1,000-page, trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill that lumped 9 different appropriations bills in a single package at the very last minute rather than debating, amending, and voting on these bills in a transparent manner.

As was reported here, this last-minute spending spree to supposedly avoid a government shut-down is beng done by design by Senate Democrats, and Senator Jim DeMint appears to agree with that assessment:

It’s become a cynical yearly tradition in Washington to delay the big-spending votes until just before Christmas. After all, it’s how Democrats in the Senate passed ObamaCare. Members of Congress are now hurrying home after the vote without much talk, but it should not be forgotten. It represents a shameful end to a year that began with many bold assurances.

Conservatives must win a majority in the U.S. Senate in the 2012 elections if we are ever to reverse the course of big government debt-spending that threatens to throw America off of the debt-cliff she is standing on the edge of. It is blatantly obvious that Democrats refuse to curb their debt-spending addiction, to the detriment of our great nation.

Jobs Bill Goes Down in Flames in Senate Vote

President Obama’s fabled American Jobs Act failed in a vote in the United States Senate last night, 50-49. While the AP states that “The Senate Republicans voted last night to ‘kill’ the jobs package,” Democratic Senators Ben Nelson and Jon tester both also voted against Obama’s jobs bill. They are both up for reelection in states Obama figures to lose in next year’s elections. With both Democratic Senators acknowledging that a vote for this fake jobs bill could very well get them fired next year due to the obvious fact that the voters do not approve of this bill, then why would the rest of the Democrats be voting against the wishes of the people once again? (as they did in the Obama-care vote) This is further proof that when we the people say no more fake Stimulus packages, no new taxes, and no more government intervention into our lives, we mean it! (and will vote accordingly) The GOP now seems to be “getting it” and yet the Democrats still do not seem capable of understanding just what message we were sending in the historic beating they took in the 2010 elections, and what it was all about.

Harry Reid-the-game-player even went so far as to pull another trick last night in trying to shove this jobs bill down Americans throats against the wishes of the majority of the citizens. He actually voted against Barack Obama’s jobs bill! After all of his ranting and raving up on the Senate floor in trying to rally the Democrats to pass the jobs bill, why in the world would Harry then turn around and vote against it? I,ll let the AP tell you why:

The $447 billion plan died on a 50-49 tally that garnered a majority of the 100-member Senate but fell well short of the 60 votes needed to keep the bill alive. The tally had been 51-48, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., switched his vote to “nay” so that he could force a future revote.

(emphasis mine)

Harry Reid just nuked the U.S. Senate in order to supposedly stop unnecessary debates in the Senate to be able to devote more time to deal with “all of the important business” that they need to do, and yet sets up another waste of time jobs bill vote by changing his own vote. Harry the hypocrite strikes again.

Harry isn’t giving up on ramming Obama’s fake jobs bill down American’s throats, and neither is Barack: “Tonight’s vote is by no means the end of this fight,” Obama said in a statement after the vote. “Because with so many Americans out of work and so many families struggling, we can’t take `no’ for an answer.” Once again, we the people say we will kick anyone out of office voting for this retread of the failed stimulus fraud, and Obama says “we won’t take no for an answer.” Barack also says that any Senator who votes no on this measure should have to look the voters in the eye and explain why they voted against it. Explaining why they honored the wishes of we the people and voted down your fake jobs bill isn’t difficult at all Mr. President, especially while I’m patting my Senators on the back for listening to the hundreds of calls we made demanding that they vote down your Stimulus 2.0. Jobs are needed for all Americans, not just your Union bed-pals and campaign donors. Now that is has been defeated, do you think our President will actually get off the Pass My Jobs Bill campaign trail and do the job he as elected to do in the future? Don’t count on it, as he has stated that he won’t take no for an answer. When we the people vote him out of our White House in 2012, maybe he will wish he had said “YES WE CAN: listen to the people, instead of asking his stage props at his way-too-numerous campaign tours to chant “Four more years.” We can’t take four more years of 9.1% unemployment, big government expansion and the massive push towards Socialism that has come with the hope and change fraud of 2008. We can’t.. and we won’t.

UPDATE: Senator Mike Lee explained to Greta Van Susteren, just why the Jobs Bill failed in the Senate.

A Message from Senator Jim DeMint: Harry Reid Nukes the Senate

 Fellow Conservatives:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) fundamentally weakened the United States Senate yesterday in a desperate attempt to block a vote on the President’s stimulus bill.

Using a simple majority vote, Reid used the "Nuclear Option" to change the rules of the Senate so senators cannot offer amendments. In the future, senators will only be able to modify legislation if Harry Reid agrees to it.

Harry Reid changed the rules of the Senate because Republicans planned to force a vote on President Obama’s stimulus plan. The plan is so unpopular that it was going to be defeated by Republicans and Democrats when it came up for a vote. This would have embarrassed the president so Reid and the Democrats just changed the longstanding rules of the Senate to block it. You can learn more atRedState.com.

The Senate is supposed to be the "World’s Greatest Deliberative Body". That means debating, amending, and voting on legislation — all things Harry Reid has sought to avoid during his tenure as Senate Majority Leader.

Folks, we’re teetering on tyranny. We must elect a conservative majority in 2012 to stop this madness.

This latest attempt to ignore the rules and force bad legislation on the American people is alarming, but it’s not that surprising. Democrats have been ignoring the U.S. Constitution and blowing through its stop signs for years.

Republicans can protect their rights in the Senate but it requires 41 Republican votes to keep the Democrats from cutting off debate. Unfortunately, too many Republicans lack the courage to stand together for the principles of freedom.

The only way to take our country back is to elect true conservatives to the U.S. Senate. We need principled leaders who care more about defending our freedoms than their own political careers.

I want to thank each of you for being members of the Senate Conservatives Fund and for supporting our endorsed candidates. Because of your support, SCF has invested over $500,000 in two outstanding candidates — Josh Mandel in Ohio and Ted Cruz in Texas.