Senator Rubio Rips Pork-Laden Omnibus Bill

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) voted against H.R. 2055, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012, which passed the U.S. Senate on Saturday, Dec. 18th, 2011 in an attempt to avoid a government shutdown once again. The last minute deal was necessary due to the gridlock in the U.S. Senate where Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to allow votes on the numerous spending bills sitting on his desk for months. Senator Rubio joins Senator John McCain who took to the Senate floor to voice his strong objections as to how this bill was rammed through without following proper authorizations procedures. Senator Rubio released the following statement explaining why he voted against H.R. 2055:

“This massive 1,200-plus page bill represents everything that is wrong with Washington. Our country faces major economic challenges, but Congress wasted the whole year stuck in partisan gridlock only to pass a funding bill that solves none of our problems, just to avoid a government shutdown. This plan spends too much, wastes precious taxpayer dollars to fund a menu of job-killing regulations, anti-life provisions and earmarks, and has been ushered through Congress in a highly secretive and non-transparent manner that didn’t allow for consideration of even a single amendment. I cannot support it.”

In the following Marco Rubio constituent mailbox video we see just how fed up Americans truly are with the current state of DC and the big government debt-spending that continues unabated.

Almost all House Republican measures to reign in spending that were included in H.R. 2055 as it passed through the House were somehow craved out by the Senate. The Senate did leave the Republican light bulb ban stoppage measure in the final bill. Senator Jim DeMint came out with a scathing letter about just what has transipred in the U.S. senate once again, titled, A Shameful End to the Year.In it we see the following truths exposed:

The hard choice Democrats have given Republicans has paid off for the big-spenders again.

Refusing to work together to cut spending, Democrats demanded that Republicans compromise with them to increase spending, or shut down the government.

As a result, Congress rammed through a 1,000-page, trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill that lumped 9 different appropriations bills in a single package at the very last minute rather than debating, amending, and voting on these bills in a transparent manner.

As was reported here, this last-minute spending spree to supposedly avoid a government shut-down is beng done by design by Senate Democrats, and Senator Jim DeMint appears to agree with that assessment:

It’s become a cynical yearly tradition in Washington to delay the big-spending votes until just before Christmas. After all, it’s how Democrats in the Senate passed ObamaCare. Members of Congress are now hurrying home after the vote without much talk, but it should not be forgotten. It represents a shameful end to a year that began with many bold assurances.

Conservatives must win a majority in the U.S. Senate in the 2012 elections if we are ever to reverse the course of big government debt-spending that threatens to throw America off of the debt-cliff she is standing on the edge of. It is blatantly obvious that Democrats refuse to curb their debt-spending addiction, to the detriment of our great nation.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Somebody just needs to get the Army to go and arrest those who refuse to obey our Constitution and the deadly serious consequenses that have taken place since all that has been happening. And it’s been a very long time and is very long overdue to put a end to this maddness by force. And I’m not talking about our Constitutional right to take the government back by force of arms that was written into the Constitution by our far seeing forefathers who may not seen a time in the future where we would need to take our guns to Washington and either force to leave under arrest by the people, or resist and have to be shot by authority of the Constitution and either be removed to a hospital under arrest or by Coranor’s office. Either way our Constitution does give the people of this nation the right to take their government back by force under two clear stipulations which are: if the government is clearly out of control and cannot stop doing harm to the nation and it’s people, and: if the government is being controled by a despot, which Obama clearly is and won’t stop over riding our Constitution and goes around Congress with laws that do harm to the country and it’s people. These two rights given the people by our Constitution cannot be taken away, and should be acted upon seeing both are very past due already.

    But, here’s what would work so much better and would stop a bunch of needless blood shed, and that is have the military do it for us in our name in order to prevent a armed takeover by the people. It would be similar to what Honduras did a couple of years ago in order to prevent a armed coup by military supported civilians. The people of Honduras did not want a bunch of blood shed so someone got with the military and forced the President to leave the country and not come back.

    Did you know that this President down there flew to Washington and met with Obama? This President is a Socialist. He met for a few hours with Obama. I would like to know, Why?, and What Did They Talk About?? And since this crazy man refused to leave office after he was duely voted by the people out of office it reminds me of something I could see Obama doing. But Obama needs to be removed NOW, not waiting until November to see IF we WILL BE ALLOWED TO VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE. Obama may not want to leave because like he said he only has 40% left to finish this country off because he’s already accomplished 60% of what he needed to do. Really?? I guess so, look at our country. In the first six weeks Obama had already spent more money than all the Presidents administrations from Washington to Bush….COMBINED!!!

    Think we could talk some one in the Army to get some of his men and go arrest all the Socialist Democrats who’ve screwed this country up and won’t stop doing things that continue to harm this nation and it’s people? I don’t know anyone, unfortunately. If I did I would talk to them, I’ll guarantee you that!! Reid, Durbin, Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman, Schumer, Biden, Obama, everyone in Obama’s administration and a whole bunch of despots need to be in jail where they can’t stop our representatives from beginning to fix what they have been screwing up for decades.

    We either do it, or we WILL loose our country, Obama will see to that. Do you think for a second he’ll let himself be voted out?? He will NOT!!

  2. Many people have called Mark Levin and suggested that it was time to act on our Constitutional Right, but Mark immediately rejects it. And everytime he says we couldn’t do it because what it going on doesn’t fit the details of what the Constitution says need to be happening in order for it to be the right time. He says everytime, “We can’t do that!” Mark is a Constitutional attorney who has argued several Constitutional cases before the Supreme Court, plus many Constitutional interpretation cases before Circut Courts as well. He is an expert in Constitutional law. Obama is NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN!! Obama is a community aggitator, a Marxist, a radical who hates our Constitution and our lawmaking process under the Constitution, and the American way of life. And the reason why is Obama is not an American. Even the most staunch liberal and hardened Communist acts like an American every day, Obama does not. Every day Obama acts like a dictator who is in control of a Constitutional country on it’s way down and he is doing everything he can to hurry that up. He has no regard for saving this nation. That makes Obama a very dangerous man and is a threat to our National Security. He is being helped by his hard line supporters in both the House by Pelosi and others, and in the Senate by Reid and others. Obama has many anti-American friends inside and outside our country who are Communists, Muslim terrorists, and other dangerous and deadly haters of this nation and our way of life. They do not have any regard for how many of us loose our homes, our jobs, our savings, our livelihoods, or our country. All they want to do is take this country over and try and kill as many of us in the process as they can.

    Now, do you think you ought to go talk to them about it first before we decide what needs to be done? And whatever it is that we may decide to do must be done with their cooporation? And do you think any of these people might change their minds if we tell them we’re their friends and want to be friends? The answer to any question about whether they might not really hate this country as much as I say they do, and would want to hurt any of us, then you are brain dead and need to get out of the way so those of us who can see what needs to be done, can do it without you in the way. So you just stand over in the corner and stay out of the way and we will protect you and we’ll do all the fighting since you cannot.

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