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Hank Williams Jr. Calls Media Kamikaze Pilots!

As many are probably aware, last night the country music awards occurred. The show began with a tribute to Bocephus, as Brad Paisley, who jokingly called himself Bradcephus, began by playing the tune to Williams’ Monday Night Football theme song, which ESPN yanked from the air, because apparently Hank Williams has no right to express his opinion. Carrie Underwood stopped him in horror, explaining they couldn’t sing the song because Williams ‘compared’ Obama to Hitler. The two then jokingly sang about how people could drink before interviews but not compare the president to Hitler on national TV. Bocephus himself then appeared and the trio sang an opening for the awards to his football theme.

What country music fans, and those who don’t subscribe to Glenn Beck’s new network, GBTV, don’t know is that Williams repeated his offense mere hours before the tribute.

On Wednesday night, GBTV did live pre-coverage of the awards show and Glenn Beck himself sat down with none other than Hank Williams Jr. As they chatted, Williams mentioned the work that he has been doing since ESPN kicked him off the air for exercising his first amendment right. Williams discusses the new album he has been working on, and uses yet another World War II analogy to describe his motivation. “When I get motivated look out. I’m Pearl Harbor. They were the Japanese. Look out,” Williams said in the interview.

When will the violent rhetoric end? Clearly, he’s accusing the media of being Kamikaze pilots out to destroy him! Where’s the outrage, media?

Sarcasm aside, any rational human being can see that he is not in fact calling the media outlets Kamikaze pilots. Just as saying that Boehner playing golf with Obama is like Netanyahu playing golf with Hitler is not equating Obama to Hitler. It is using a literary device to make a point more understandable by drawing parallels to events or figures a person is familiar with. The point here is to point out the media hypocrisy, who get outraged over the use of metaphors but have no problem with Bill Ayers blowing up buildings with the Weather Underground and holding a professorship at the University of Illinois, or Joe Biden calling Tea Partiers terrorists. In Biden’s case, we were told that we shouldn’t focus on language. So how come in Williams’ case it’s perfectly fine to focus on language? To the point where he lost his job over something he said?

Sorry main stream media, but until you address that problem, my loyalty and viewership will remain with ‘crazy extremists’ like Glenn Beck and Hank Williams Jr, who stand up for what they believe in and don’t persecute those who think differently.

Hank Williams, Jr. Apologizes For His Recent Comments

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in recent weeks, you know that the ever-controversial country music star Hank Williams, Jr. has once again caused a commotion.

While appearing on the Fox & Friends morning show, Bocephus was bantering with the Fox & Friends hosts and made an analogy about a golf game between President Obama and other members of the Democratic Party played golf with a variety of members of the Republican Party.

If you did not watch the show, here is the actual transcript of the exchange that caused so much commotion.

HANK WILLIAMS: Remember the golf game?
STEVE DOOCY:  Boehner?
HANK WILLIAMS: That was one of the biggest political mistakes ever.
HANK WILLIAMS: That turned a lot of people off. You know, watching, you know, it just didn’t go over.
GRETCHEN CARLSON: You mean when John Boehner played golf with President Obama?
HANK WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah! Yeah. And Biden and Kasich, yeah. Uh-huh.
GRETCHEN CARLSON: What did you not like about it? It seems to be a really pivotal moment for you.
HANK WILLIAMS: Come on. Come on. It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu, OK?

In response, ESPN pulled the ever-famous Monday Night Football intro sung by Hank Williams Jr., that goes a little somethin’ like this:

♫Are you ready for some footbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll? ♫

In response, Hank Williams, Jr. wrote a song and had it recorded in a matter of days (literally, by the end of the week in which the original incident happened.) He made it a free download on his official website for the first few days, and has since made it available for purchase on iTunes.

I downloaded the song, entitled, “Keep The Change”, the first day it was available! I am an avid Bocephus fan, and was very proud to download the song of proud defiance.

You can imagine my shock and disappointment when I heard that Hank had issued anapology for his remarks. It was a metaphor, for goodness sake, he DID NOT call Obama Hitler!

But the good thing is, the surviving members of Hitler’s family accepted his apology for comparing Adolf to President Obama!


I cannot claim credit for the punchline, but thought it was too good not to share!

To the liberals who might read this and take offense- buck up! We, on the right side of the political aisle, endured ENDLESS jokes about President George W. Bush. This is a joke, and should be taken as such!

Hank Williams Jr. Official Website