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Rand Paul Blames America First, Advocates Appeasement

If you needed any more evidence that Rand Paul is totally indistinguishable from his father on foreign and defense policy and is a member of the Blame America First crowd, here’s that evidence.

On February 25th, when interviewed by the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, Sen. Paul falsely accused “some Republicans” of harboring a Cold War mindset and exhorted the US to maintain a “respectful” relationship with Russia even in the face of Russia’s invasion and occupation of the Crimea.

Speaking to the liberal WaPo, Rand said:

“Some on our side are so stuck in the Cold War era that they want to tweak Russia all the time and I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Excuse me? REPUBLICANS are stuck in the Cold War era?

On the contrary, it is Russia’s government, especially its President Vladimir Putin (an unreconstructed KGB thug) and his inner circle (composed mostly of his fellow KGB thugs and other members of the Saint Petersburg clique) who harbor a Cold War mindset – and deep-seated hatred of America and the Western civilization.

(Which is not surprising, because just like a wolf will always remain a wolf preying on sheep, KGB thugs will always remain KGB thugs and will always prey on weak victims.)

It is Vladimir Putin’s Russia which has, in recent years:

  1. Repeatedly flown nuclear-armed strategic borders into US, allied (Japanese), and even neutral (Swedish) airspace and said the Russian AF was “practicing attacking the enemy.” What on Earth have SWEDEN and JAPAN done to Russia? For that matter, what has America done to Russia? Nothing.
  2. Repeatedly (on at least 15 separate occassions) threatened to aim or even use its nuclear weapons against the US and its allies.
  3. Invaded two sovereign countries that dared to try to break out of Moscow’s sphere of influence and align themselves with the West (Georgia and UKraine) and continues to occupy both countries.
  4. Repeatedly violated several arms reduction treaties, including the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty and the INF Treaty, the latter being violated by Russia by repeatedly testing and deploying nuclear-armed missiles banned by that treaty.
  5. Deployed nuclear-armed ballistic missiles in the Kaliningrad District, next to Poland, threatening that loyal ally of the US.
  6. Backed America’s enemies around the world – North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba – to the hilt, with diplomatic protection at the UN Security Council, weapons (including the advanced S-300VM air defense system), nuclear fuel (Iran), and nuclear reactors (Iran).
  7. Stationed a spy ship, the Viktor Leonov, in Cuba (it’s still there).
  8. Conducted, and continues to conduct, a wave of hateful anti-American propaganda in domestic and foreign (e.g. RussiaToday) media.
  9. Sent an Akula-class nuclear-armed submarine close to the US submarine base in King’s Bay, GA.
  10. Domestically, assassinated high-profile dissidents (Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko) and jailed hundreds of others.

Yet, Rand Paul claims that REPUBLICANS are the ones “stuck in the Cold War era”?!

How dare you even make such a false and outrageous claim, Senator?!

America is supposed to have a cordial, “respectful” relationship with such a hostile country, led by a KGB thug, and appease it (“avoid antagonizing it” in Randspeak) ?

No, Senator. You are dead wrong. Most Republicans are very critical of Russia (and of President Obama’s soft policy towards it), but NOT because of Cold War past.

Republicans are critical of Putinist Russia and Obama’s reset – and demand a tougher policy – because of Russia’s CURRENT and RECENT behavior, which has been very aggressive, anti-American, and dangerous to America’s own national security.

It is because of Russia’s CURRENT and RECENT behavior that Republicans demand that tough steps be taken towards Russia.

But Rand says no. He claims the US should “avoid antagonizing Russia” and have “a respectful relationship” with Moscow even despite Russia’s recent aggression, because Russia is still a geopolitical and military power which wields hundreds of ICBMs.

You are dead wrong again, Senator.

The only right response to intimidation and aggression, especially from dictatorships like Putin’s Russia, is strength and toughness, not “respect” and appeasement as you advocate.


In fact, the ONLY thing dictators and bullies like Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un respect and fear is STRENGTH combined with TOUGHNESS – a bold moral stand against them combined with a demonstrated willingness to use that STRENGTH if need be.

Dictators and aggressors like Putin understand only the language of force. The only thing that can deter them is superior military and economic force, combined with a proven willingness to use it to stop these dictators and aggressors. All human history, from the ancient times to the 21st century, demonstrates this.

Potential aggressors prey on weak victims, not strong ones. Weakness is provocative; it entices aggressors to commit actions they would otherwise refrain from.

And it is ESPECIALLY important to build up and show strength in the face of POWERFUL aggressors like Russia and China. They, having dramatically built up their economic and military strength, are so self-confident, so sure of their power, so emboldened and arrogant, that ONLY superior military and economic power, combined with a proven willingness to use both, can deter them from making more mischief.

Rand’s argument is essentially: “Russia is a geopolitical and military superpower, so let’s be weak in the face of such power and play nice with it.” That is a recipe for aggression, death, and destruction.

But Rand Paul, despite his pious assurances that he supports a Reaganite “Peace Through Strength” foreign policy, clearly doesn’t understand that, and never will. He claims Obama’s “reset” (read: appeasement) policy has been good for America – even though it is that failed “reset” policy that got us into this mess in the first place!

“We ought to be, I think, proud of where we’ve gotten with that relationship, and even when we have problems with Russia, realize that we’re in a much better place than wer were once upon a time.”

At a time when most Americans have realized that Obama’s “reset” policy has been an utter and disastrous failure, Paul thinks it has worked great and thinks the US should be “proud” of it!

Dictators and aggressors like Putin will not cease attacking weaker victims, and threatening the United States, if the US continues its utterly failed “reset” (read: appeasement) policy towards Russia, China, and Iran. This is the very policy that got us into the current mess in the first place. Yet, Rand wants to double down on it.

Rand also says the US should “avoid antagonizing Russia over Ukraine” because Ukraine has, for a long time, been in Russia’s sphere of influence. “The Ukraine has a long history of either being a part of the Soviet Union or within that sphere.”

It’s true that Ukraine has long been in Russia’s orbit – but NOT by its own free will! NO country on Earth has ever freewillingly been in Russia’s sphere of influence! All countries which have ever been in Moscow’s orbit fell into it as a result of Russian aggression, whether an overt invasion and occupation (as in Ukraine’s case) or through Russian-sponsored coups (e.g. Cuba and Nicaragua) and guerilla wars (e.g. Vietnam).

The only reason why Ukraine has been under Moscow’s yoke for a long time is because of Russian occupation – that is, Russian domination imposed by force.

Now Ukraine is trying to break free of Moscow’s yoke – and THAT is why Russia has invaded it.

But Rand doesn’t stop there. Not only does he advocate more appeasement of Russia, he falsely accuses America of telling Ukraine what to do. He told the WaPo on Feb. 25th:

“I don’t think it behooves us to tell the Ukraine what to do.”

You are lying yet again, Senator. No American politician is telling Ukraine what to do. The US, along with the European Union, is simply supporting (although inadequately and half-heartedly) Ukraine in its desire to free itself from the Russian yoke and integrate with the West – a choice the Ukrainian people have freewillingly made (and stood for even when their former dictator sent snipers and riot police against them).

The US has never dictated to the Ukraine what to do. OTOH, Russia has, and continues to. Russia has always adamantly opposed Ukraine’s possible integration with the West and last December even bribed the oligarchs in the Ukrainian parliament to steer Kiev away from the West. Now that the Ukranian people have ousted their former dictator Viktor Yanukovych and his oligarch chums, Putin has invaded the Ukraine – to ensure, by brute force if necessary, that Ukraine does not join the EU and does not integrate with the West.

Rand Paul is lying once again, in the “best” traditions of the RussiaToday/Alex Jones/Blame America First/Ron Paul crowd: he accuses AMERICA of telling another country what to do, when it is actually America’s adversary who is dictating to that country its future path.

Shame on you, Senator Paul, for lying so blatantly to the American people, for badmouthing America and your fellow Republicans while speaking to a liberal media outlet, for whitewashing and appeasing Russia, and for advocating treasonous policies!

Shame on you, Washington Post, for giving this traitor another venue to vent his anti-American garbage!

Shame on you, 31% of CPAC attendees, for voting for this traitor!

Foreign Policy, Obama Style

Democrats/liberals/progressives (DLP) bought enough votes on November 6 to get Barack Hussein Obama reelected. All is well, right? Well, perhaps not. While there are a myriad of problems at home, let’s see what is currently going on in the foreign policy department. Obama entered office in 2009 with absolutely no foreign policy experience. This article is a good read that outlines all of Obama’s foreign policy escapades. I would say failures, but to Obama and all his Kool-Aid drinkers, I mean supporters, they are successes.

So, in the world of foreign policy, what has gone on, what is going on now, and what can we expect in the future?

  • Benghazi fiasco and cover-up attempt: That pesky Benghazi non-action and attempt cover-up just won’t go away.
  • Iran’s nuclear “talks”: It seems that Iranian president Ahmadinejad is open to talks and inspections. Where have we heard that before? Oh, yeah, here, and here, and here, and here in 2011, and here in 2010, and herein 2009. How many times must Iran renege before Obama and his State Department catches on? But, I guess “hope springs eternal” in the Obama administration. This one belongs in the past and present, as well as into the foreseeable future.This article outlines Iran’s “talks” history and what the US and the rest of the world should expect from Iran.
  • Arab Spring: On June 4, 2009, Obama gave a speech at Cairo University. The Muslim Brotherhood, outlaws at the time, were invited guests. The Muslim Brotherhood is closely associated with Hamas. At that speech, Obama said he sought a “new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect.”In October 2010, the MSM declaredan “Arab Spring,” saying that democracy was breaking out throughout the Arab world. At the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie, called for jihad against the US.In April 2012, Obama, in his infinite wisdom, released $1.5 billion of foreign aid (money we don’t have) to Egypt, now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    What has the Muslim Brotherhood been up to lately? Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s president, said he quit the Muslim Brotherhood after his election in June 2012. But is Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood reliable? Their own actions say “No.” The Muslim Brotherhood had pledged not to seek the presidency, but the Brotherhood reversed its decision as the election approached, and elected Morsi president.

    Mohammed Morsi has now issued constitutional amendments that placed him above judicial oversight, as well as decreeing immunity for the Islamist-dominated panel drafting a new constitution from any possible court decisions to dissolve it. These actions “… effectively remove any oversight on Morsi.” As DaTechGuy says, “Hmmmm: sounds like we’ve replaced a Pro-American dictator, with a pro-Islamist dictator.”

    Morsi did all this after receiving “lavish praise from President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for mediating an end to eight days of fighting between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers.” By the way, how is that cease-fire agreement doing? An Israeli spy satellites spotted an Iranian ship being loaded with Fajr-5 rockets and Shahab-3 ballistic missiles that analysts say may be headed for the Gaza Strip. The shipment was reportedly prepared last week, at the same time as Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire. The word “may” takes on added significance when one considers that “Hamas leaders say the group won’t stop arming itself.”

    Now it seems that Morsi wants to “talk” about his “temporary” decrees. Can we expect the same kind of talks that we have seen from Iran? But why should he talk with Obama in his corner? “Obama praised Morsi, saying he was impressed with Morsi who moved with an ‘engineer’s precision’ and little ideology.” Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said, “this shows Obama’s blindness to what motivates Morsi and is a ‘bad, bad sign for the US and Middle East in the weeks and months ahead’.”

And, if the cease-fire brokered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Morsi is so great (as the MSM has proclaimed), why is Hamas saying that the cease-fire agreement does not prevent them from continuing to import (smuggle) arms into the Gaza Strip from Egypt? It must be in response to all those Israel initiated attacks. Or could this have anything to do with this situation? Ziad Nakhalah, deputy head of Islamic Jihad, said that the cease-fire agreement was “temporary and partial.”

And we all know where Obama’s sympathies lie. In his book, Audacity of Hope, Obama wrote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Obama decided in April to borrow $1.5 billion from China so he could give it to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that views the US as an enemy to be destroyed. With a “leader” like Obama, who needs enemies?

But that’s just my opinion.

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