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The Demise of Civility

With all too few exceptions, the level of political and cultural discourse across our fair land has devolved to a level so unpalatable and uncivil as to discourage any serious discussion of the salient issues of our time. Rather than a cogent, civilized discussion of the issues and possible solutions, most political exchanges immediately resort to acrimonious name-calling, ad hominem ...

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A Signal For the End of "Civility"?

It was just seven months ago, at the memorial service for those killed in the Arizona shooting where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot, that President Obama called for the nation to commit to more civility in interacting among with each other. One of the greatest moments for the entire nation that evening was when he gave us the good news that ...

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Obama v. Obama Then and Now

If by describing President Obama as “eloquent”, they mean: a person having the ability to talk out of both sides of his mouth and be believable  – sure. The most recent example is Obama’s support for the Patriot Act. During his campaign, Obama was staunchly against the government having the powers that the act allowed, specifically the provision that allowed ...

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