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President speaks on capture of last marathon bombing suspect, oddly, no one cares what he has to say

President Obama made a wandering and odd speech on the capture of the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing on Friday. Stranger still, no one really cared what he had to say.

The President spent his political capital on gun control. A wasted effort to get Americans to agree that allowing the government to have more rights than the people was reasonable. Again, no one really cared what he had to say.

Gun rights and the Boston bomber are both incredibly important issues that most Americans have paid close attention to.  The difference is that Obama has next to no credibility on either of these issues/stories so no one really wants to hear from him on either of  them.

President Obama hit the rose garden with a speech he obviously felt would raise the spirits of everyone in Boston. What he failed to realize is that Boston was strong before he ever got elected and they don’t need him to feel safe.

Marathon bombing suspect killed other on-the-run after shootout

Boston Marathon bombing supects Dzhorkar Tsarneav and his older brother Tamerlan were involved in a shootout last night in the Boston area that resulted in one of them being killed and the other fleeing.

Tamerlan Tsarneav was killed in the shootout with doctor’s saying that his body was riddled with bullets and shrapnel.

The younger Dzhorkar escaped the shootout that left one MIT campus policeman dead and a transport policeman wounded. He was believed to escape to the Watertown, Massachusetts area.

Friday morning, a massive contingent of Boston police and FBI had converged on Watertown while placing the entire area under “shelter-in-place” orders.

The string of events started at about 8:18pm last night when the Tsarneav brothers got involved in a  massive shootout between the suspects and campus/local police killing one MIT policeman and injuring a transport officer.

Shortly after the shootout, the brothers carjacked a Mercedez-Benz. When the owner of the stolen vehicle escaped from the car, he was able to get a convenience store clerk to call 9-1-1 and inform police that the bombing suspects were in the car and still in the Boston area. Within about 30 minutes, a massive shootout began between the suspects and police during which the older suspect was shot and killed. The two suspects were believed to be in possession of highly-illegal hand grenades and bomb belts as well as firearms.

The younger suspect was able to flee the scene and police have now completely cordoned-off the area around the shootout.

Police did enter the house that the suspects were staying in and took one woman out of the residence in handcuffs.

Reports are now surfacing that Tamerlan had links to Jihadist websites on a Russian social media site. Authorities are beginning to investigate the Marathon bombing as a possible Islamist extremist attack.


F.B.I. Describes imaged men as ‘suspects’ DHS’ Napalitano not sure

Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of the Boston FBI office referred to the two men pictured in FBI released video as “suspect number one” and “suspect number two”. Department of homeland security’s Janet Napalitano isn’t so sure.

DesLauriers described the two men as Suspect No. 1 and Suspect No. 2. Suspect No. 1 was wearing a dark hat. Suspect No. 2 was wearing a white hat and that suspect number two was vidoe’d dropping his backpack at bomb location #2.

When questioned by Congress on the same day, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano said there were “individuals” the FBI would like to speak to and that she “wouldn’t characterize them as ‘suspects’ under the technical term. But we need the public’s help in locating these individuals.”

The way things appear, the FBI is making a full-court press while being held back by DHS. Homeland security seems more interested in political appearances than catching the men the FBI suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three innocent people and injured at least 170 more.

FBI Releases Images and Video of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

Today, the FBI released video and images of the two lead suspects in the bombing that took place near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday. If you recognize either of these two individuals, you are encouraged to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or email them at [email protected]

boston marathon bombing suspect picture boston bombing suspect picture second boston marathon fbi suspect boston marathon fbi suspects

Could THIS Be the Bomber?

4-18-13 UPDATE: “Leaked photos” are expected to be officially released today in a news conference, accordinging to the New York Post and several other media sources. At least one photo rumored to be useful to authorities was part of this post yesterday. The New York Post is reporting the 2 young men in the “leaked” photos have been cleared of any wrong doing, though no official statement from law enforcement has been made.

4-18-13 UPDATE 2: Cleared by investigators. Multiple sources say 2 young men cleared of any involvement.

Twitter has proven the source of breaking news time and again when traditional media outlets fail. The Representative Anthony Weiner scandal, Fast and Furious, and more recently the Gosnell death trial have all gained nationwide attention due to the mountains of information available via social media.

We just might thank Twitter once again when it comes to the Boston Marathon bombings if David Shor is correct in his prediction.

Shor, who uses the Twitter handle @IshYimini, spent more than 2 hours last night researching, posting and trying to get the attention of media regarding a photo of a man in the crowd near the finish line carrying a large nylon bag. The bag, with thick black and grey strap, bears a striking resemblance to the one used in one of the two bombs found in the rubble.


Shor said that he has contacted the FBI about his research, but as of the early morning hours of Wednesday hadn’t heard any updates.

Officials have not yet named a suspect in the terror attack, nor have many details been released about the person or persons who are to blame. Perhaps trolling Twitter could lead to some promising leads.

See the original crowd photo here: Flickr.com/photos

4-17-13 UPDATE: More INCREDIBLE comparison photos here: IMGUR.com

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Edited Family Guy Episode Appears to Predict Boston Marathon Attack


UPDATE: Fox pulls “Family Guy” episode following Boston bombings

Fox television on Tuesday pulled a recent episode of animated series “Family Guy” from television and Internet sites after unrelated clips that were edited together to depict a bombing at the Boston Marathon went viral on the Web.

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane slammed the mash-up as “abhorrent.” It appeared a day after two bombs ripped through the crowd at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding 176.

** After posting this, I found that Alex Jones has said this is proof that the Boston Massacre was a “False Flag”. I will leave the interpretation to the viewer individually, but would like to speak for myself, as the one who posted this on CDN. I do not believe this Family Guy episode proves a “False Flag”. The facts may prove me wrong, but I believe it is another terrorist attack by a Muslim Extremist. I do, however, find this very eerie. Life imitating art, if you will. But there are plenty of things that happen every day that are eerie. I had a “strange dream” last night, that quite honestly has left me with an “eerie” feeling all day today. I won’t go into the “gory” details here, but it has given me a strange, eerie feeling of “deja vu”. Just as with my dream, I believe this episode is simply an eerie occurrence.  But, since we are addressing this, I believe that we have become too complacent in society with the “cartoons” of today. But this is just my humble opinion.

** Second update: After reading yet another article, it seems that the entire video has been edited. Since I do not watch the show, all I can do is rely on the reports I read. If there are some “Family Guy” fans out there, I would love to get your input. If indeed Alex Jones did edit this clip, that proves what kind of a person he really is!

It also appears that YouTube has removed one posting of the video, so I am sure it will not be long before this one is gone as well.


H/T The Daily Bail:

Season 11 Episode 16 | Aired on 03/17/2013

An episode of Family Guy, which was first aired less than a month ago, eerily predicted the Boston Marathon bombings, depicting the main character, Peter, detonating two bombs in addition to winning the marathon by killing the rest of the participants. It is important to note that the video shows two clips from different points of the show edited together, but they are from the same episode.