Marathon bombing suspect killed other on-the-run after shootout

Boston Marathon bombing supects Dzhorkar Tsarneav and his older brother Tamerlan were involved in a shootout last night in the Boston area that resulted in one of them being killed and the other fleeing.

Tamerlan Tsarneav was killed in the shootout with doctor’s saying that his body was riddled with bullets and shrapnel.

The younger Dzhorkar escaped the shootout that left one MIT campus policeman dead and a transport policeman wounded. He was believed to escape to the Watertown, Massachusetts area.

Friday morning, a massive contingent of Boston police and FBI had converged on Watertown while placing the entire area under “shelter-in-place” orders.

The string of events started at about 8:18pm last night when the Tsarneav brothers got involved in a  massive shootout between the suspects and campus/local police killing one MIT policeman and injuring a transport officer.

Shortly after the shootout, the brothers carjacked a Mercedez-Benz. When the owner of the stolen vehicle escaped from the car, he was able to get a convenience store clerk to call 9-1-1 and inform police that the bombing suspects were in the car and still in the Boston area. Within about 30 minutes, a massive shootout began between the suspects and police during which the older suspect was shot and killed. The two suspects were believed to be in possession of highly-illegal hand grenades and bomb belts as well as firearms.

The younger suspect was able to flee the scene and police have now completely cordoned-off the area around the shootout.

Police did enter the house that the suspects were staying in and took one woman out of the residence in handcuffs.

Reports are now surfacing that Tamerlan had links to Jihadist websites on a Russian social media site. Authorities are beginning to investigate the Marathon bombing as a possible Islamist extremist attack.


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One Comment

  1. Yes, this was quite a week! While this was 24/7 on almost every channel & commanding (demanding) our attention be drawn to this terrorizing event. This is understandable..but…what else happened? Well, for one, Margaret Thatchers’ funneral had no repressentation by this country. This did not go unnoticed by one of the few countries that is a friend., A small Texas town was destroyed by an explosion, lives & homes lost.,..Harry Reid voted ‘no’ on the gun bill amendments so that it can be brought to the floor (when no one is Looking) The Band of Eight are still roaming the halls of Congress proclaiming that “Amenesty” is not forgivness of a crime because they choose to re-define the English language. And that because Rubio speaks a single dialect of Spanish he is an authority on immigration…While all eyes were on Boston several thousand more ‘crimminal’ trespassers entered the Country to set up shop & cells..This 24/7 vigil highlighted our single focus & weaknesses for all to see….While most of America was over anxious to latch on to ‘the’ answer & project theories. on this one event, without waiting for ALL the facts, we left ourselves wide open. Does anyone know who is to be Robert Muller’s replacement, has anyone been throughly vetted? The President made a promise of ‘all resources’ to Boston, will he do the same for West, Tx? Has he honored that promise to do the same to Hurricane Sandy victims?

    Additionally, after all was said in done last night, the President did not one time refer to the bombers as terrorist. He did ask that we be careful about singling out a particular group of people because of the crime of one or two….

    I’m grateful that I don’t have to personally know the hurt, terror & pain the peoiple of Boston have experienced & admire the way they handled it all, but it is only prudent not to allow tunnel focus open other doors to mayhem.

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