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Gov.Jerry Brown Vetoes Babysitter Bill, Signs Gardasil Mandate

I recently wrote an article exposing the 600 bills waiting on California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.  The sheer number of bills combined with their stifling and oppressive content caught the attention of a lot of readers.  Many people were shocked by some of the proposed bills that included a bill to establish a Fitness Award in schools, one banning minors from using tanning beds, and a California “Dream Act” that would allow illegal alien students to receive state aid for college.  Even Governor Brown has mentioned that the number of bills California lawmakers have sent him is a bit out of control.

One bill in particular caused quite a stir here in the state of California: The Babysitter Bill.  This bill would allow (require) babysitters and in-home caretakers to unionize.  It would have effectively ended the childcare industry in California by requiring parents to follow union employment standards.  That would mean date night would require two babysitters, one to relieve the main sitter every two hours for a mandated fifteen minute break and lunch breaks.  Also, parents would be asked to provide health insurance and workman’s comp insurance.  Maybe its just me, but dinner and a movie with my husband once a month is not worth the cost of a dental plan for my college-student sitter.  We’ll just do pay-per-view, thank you very much.

As it turns out, Governor Brown has decided to veto the Babysitter Bill, along with several others, including one that would have criminalized child skiing and snowboarding without proper head gear.  Oh, did you need to read that again?  Yes, there was actually a bill on Brown’s desk to monitor every kid on every slope in California-stan to make sure they have the proper head gear.  In reference to that bill  Brown said:

“While I appreciate the value of wearing a ski helmet, I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state.  Not every human problem deserves a law. 

I believe parents have the ability and responsibility to make good choices for their children.

I never thought I’d say this, but Brown makes sense! Of course, he lost any “common sense” points by signing other job-killing, questionable bills such as:

SB 651- eliminates the requirement that homosexual “domestic partners” live together; allows minors to become “domestic partners”.

SB 397 – permits online voter registration (opening up for more fraud).

SB 126 – forces farmers to allow agricultural workers on their private farms to unionize without witnesses or elections.  If one worker decides to unionize, the rest will be forced to do so as well.  Californians can expect food prices to raise significantly in the coming months.

But the most disturbing bill Governor Brown signed into law has to be AB 499, which allows school staff, nurses, and others to push the HPV vaccine upon girls as young as 12 years old, without parental consent. With all the attention paid to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Gardasil mandate, it seems strange that this isn’t a bigger deal in the news.  Schools will be allowed to give girls a vaccination for a sexually transmitted disease without parental consent or even notification.  As the mother of a 4 year old daughter I find that absolutely chilling.

Jerry Brown seems to be walking a strange tightrope in the state of California.  As a Democrat he is still beholden to the unions that basically run the state, but as Governor he is privy to the dearth of inside information regarding California’s fiscal state.  Brown is no idiot.  He knows that California is dying, and every new bill regulating the day to day lives of average earners is another nail in the coffin.  But Brown is also a typical, self-interested liberal.  In the end, its his own job and legacy that matters to him.  He’ll continue to alienate and destroy the actual producers in this state for as he can, until one day California will simply collapse under the weight of its own regulation.

600 bills.  725 new laws.  “Prosperity” sure comes with a lot of red tape these days.


Regulated to Death in California-stan


There are currently 600 bills on the desk of California governor Jerry Brown waiting to be signed.  Yes, you read that right- 600 bills.  In a state gridlocked with overregulation and arbitrary laws, the legislature has decided what is needed the most is more regulation!  This should hardly be a surprise to anyone who is at all familair with life in California-stan.  Legislators in California are the highest paid in the nation, receiveing over $113,000 in taxpayer money per year.  Add to that a per diem of $162/day for every day the legislature is in session and it doesn’t offer much incentive for lawmakers to get vital state business finished quickly and go home.  A Senator in California-stan can earn up to an extra $40,000/year (on top of their salary) simply for showing up to a job they already get paid to do and signing in, as long as the legislature is officially in session.  That works out to over $19,000/day taxpayers are giving away to lawmakers just to sit and make laws (which, again they already get paid to do).  Many representatives also keep a second residence in the capital of Sacramento, apart from their families in other parts of the state.  They are not engaged in the day to day responsiblities of running their own households, and thus have nothing better to do than collect money to devise new ways to meddle in the day to day activities of the taxpayers.  With an abundance of time and money on their hands, and the opportunity to attach their name to a bill or law, California legislators piled 600 new bills onto the backs of their constituents.  Here are just a few examples of the "necessary" bills waiting to be signed by Governor Brown.

AB 1319-Ban the chemical BPA ­ bisphenol A ­ from baby bottles, sippy cups and other food and beverage containers intended for children ages 3 and younger.

AB 746-Prohibit children under 18 years old from using tanning beds.

AB 353- restricts local police from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints solely because a driver is unlicensed.

AB 101-Allow unions to organize child-care providers who work out of the home and handle subsidized clients. (dubbed the Babysitter Bill)

SB 292 and AB 900-would provide for an expedited judicial review of environmental challenges to a proposed NFL football stadium in downtown Los Angeles. AB 900 extends the same break to large projects involving clean energy generation or downtown stadiums that get environmental certification. (update: Brown signed this bill into law last week)

AB 6 – Among other things, remove the requirement that food stamp recipients be fingerprinted.

AB 131 – Allow undocumented California State University and community college students who are eligible for in-state tuition to receive publicly funded student aid. (CA Dream Act)

AB 200 – would require the state board to establish the Health and Fitness Award Program to recognize schools that conduct their physical education courses pursuant to the model content standards

AB 564- would allow a taxpayer to designate on a tax return that a specified amount in excess of his or her tax liability be transferred to the Municipal Shelter Spay-Neuter Fund

SB 702-This bill would prohibit any public animal control agency or shelter, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals shelter, humane society shelter, or rescue group from releasing to an owner seeking to reclaim his or her dog or cat, or selling or giving away to a new owner, a dog or cat that has not been microchipped, except under a specified circumstance.
These are only 10 of the bills waiting for a signature.  There are 590 more. 590.  Even Governor Brown himself has commented on the ridiculaous and unnecessary number of bills coming across his desk.  The California legislature is has passed so many bills they now find themselves having to pass bills to waive off the results of previous bills.  For example, Governor Brown recently signed AB 155, which postpones by a year the online sales tax earlier enacted against Amazon.  The previous bill drove Amazon to move its business out of California, much to the disappointment and detriment of small business owners who rely on Amazon for retail sales.  The governor was also forced to sign AB 900 in order to waive off some of the stifiling environmental regulations previoulsly encacted that would stand in the way of a very lucrative football stadium being built in Los Angeles.  When a government must pass bills to fix other bills, it can be officially stated the government is the problem and not the actions of its citizens. 
In 2011, 725 new laws will be enacted in the state of California.  The amount of regulation imposed on the taxpayers in California is staggering.  It is no wonder the state is ranked dead last in business creation and business-friendly climate in the nation.  For all their rhetoric about job creation, law-makers have been working overtime to stifle creation of any kind.  It is sickening to think that taxpayers will pay over $15,000,000 in salaries this year alone simply for the priviege of being regulated into poverty and/or relocation. 
Congratulations California-stan!  In a battle of the government versus the people, the government wins! Your prize?  The fastest declining population and the highest unemployment rate in the union at 12.1% (seasonally adjusted, of course!). 




Babysitter Bill for the Nanny State

The powers that be in the government of Californiastan are addicts.  They are not addicted to drugs or alcohol or Dancing With the Stars (not all, anyway).  They are addicted to lawmaking.  They are addicted to laws.  The People’s Republic of California is a state with a full time legislature made up of a never-ending stream of “your money is our money” liberal Democrats.  With a $162/day per diem to exploit and no “real world” jobs to return to, our representatives have little else to do than sit around and make busywork for themselves.  That busywork nearly always translates into… you guessed it – more laws.  Want to be remembered in the annals of state history in perpetuity?  Get your name on a law and get it passed.  Want to have a tangible accomplishment to point to when as you half-heartedly campaign for a nearly surefire reelection against the latest fake Republican?  Get your name on a law and get it passed.  Want something to rub in your older brother’s face (you know, the one with the hot, semi-famous wife, 2 soccer star kids and 8 bedroom pad in Beverly Hills) at family gatherings?  Get your name….oh you get the idea.

San Fransisco has banned Happy Meals, Santa Monica has banned plastic bags, the legislature is already debating a bill to require hotels to use fitted sheets, and now the fine representatives of California introduce the “Babysitter Bill”.   AB889 is a bill supposedly designed to “extend basic, humane labor protections to thousands of nannies, caregivers, and house-cleaners.”, according to the bill’s co-sponsor (with Assemblyman V.Manuel Perez) Tom Ammiano.  The pending bill would require any domestic caregiver or worker over the age of 18 to be paid minimum wage, meal breaks and 15 minute rest breaks every two- four hours.  Yes, folks, you read that right.  When this bill passes, and it will because they all do here in Californiastan, you’re date nights will get a lot more expensive if you prefer to have adults watch your precious children.

Amy Wilson, communications director for Perez claims the scope of the bill has been greatly exaggerated. “AB 889 has nothing to do with babysitters,” says Wilson. “Unfortunately a press release from one of the bill’s critics was depicted as a news article on the Internet and it has been picked up and repeated by others who have not bothered to do the fact checking.”  She says the bill does not specifically include babysitters under the age of 18 and calling it the “Babysitter Bill”, as many have labeled it, is misleading.  But is it misleading?  Certainly this bill still leaves parents with the option of hiring a teenager to babysit, but what about during the day?  So far, school hasn’t been banned in California, so unless that changes, many parents are going to be left looking for adults to care for their children during normal working hours.  AB889 means they will need to look for TWO adults to care for their children: one main caretaker and another who will agree to come over only every two hours for 15 at a time plus one meal break, as to relieve the main caretaker.  TWO nannies!  Oh yes, and you’ll also need to keep paperwork for all this care-taking, because parents will be required to pay for workman’s comp insurance as well.  It’s the bill that keeps on giving!

Some of you parents may already be saying to yourselves, “That’s fine.  This is California and under-the-table (illegal) labor is not hard to find.  I’ll hire a Mexican “guest worker” and be done with it”.  Not so fast.  Yesterday Dept of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis signed an agreement with Latin American countries to protect the “rights” of illegal workers in the U.S.  That means that your “guest” nannies and housekeepers must be afforded typical workplace amenities and now have every right to walk off the job and report you to the authorities without any fear of repercussions like arrest or deportation.

The bill’s sponsors assert that it helps Californians, but its not hard to see that it actually is the opposite of helpful.  One needn’t be a genius to understand that a bill like this will result in families hiring LESS babysitting and domestic services, not more.  Who wants to fill out time cards and workman’s comp forms just to enjoy an afternoon alone at the mall?  Working families will be forced to give up jobs in order to stay home or will simply leave the state, which seems more likely.  As a matter of fact, with the California Dream Act passing today, it seems like legislators in this state are doing their level best to make sure as many productive, working people as possible leave, taking their tax dollars with them.  One would think that a state with a 25 billion dollar budget shortfall would be trying to woo back working taxpayers and make life easier for those that have chosen to stay and pay.  But this is Californiastan…the land that common sense forgot.