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Republican Primary Schedule

As the Republican Debate schedule comes to a close, the primary voting schedule is getting off the ground.  Click on the states’ names to see results for primaries/caucuses that are open or have completed.

For an overview of the 2012 election process, delegate counts and more go to our 2012 election center.

Republican Primaries/Caucuses by date:

January 3rd Iowa
January 10th New Hampshire
January 21st South Carolina
January 31st Florida
February 4th Maine (open), Nevada
February 7th Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri
February 11th Maine (close)
February 28th Arizona, Michigan
March 6th (Super Tuesday) Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, N. Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming (open)
March 10th Wyoming (close), Kansas, U.S. Virgin Islands
March 13th Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii
March 20th Illinois
March 24th Louisiana
April 3rd Maryland, D.C., Wisconsins, Texas
April 24th Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
May 8th Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia
May 15th Nebraska, Oregon
May 22nd Arkansas, Kentucky
June 5th California, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota
June 6th Utah
July 31st Georgia

Me First! Florida Moves its Primaries to January 31

Just as they did in 2007, the state of Florida has decided to move its presidential primaries up to January 31, leaping over the traditional race starters of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, in Nevada.

When Florida moved its primaries in 2007, it caused both the Democratic and Republican national committees to penalize the state by removing some or all of their delegates from the respective national conventions.

Like many other states in the country, Florida has been frustrated with the thought that, by the time the race gets the them in March, many times the nominee has built a substantial lead. Party officials in Florida have decided to move their primary up for a second consecutive presidential primary season, despite threats from the national committees to remove delegates like they did during the 2008 campaign.

Invariably, the traditional early states will move their primaries and caucuses up as well. This will cause the primary season to get underway much faster than any of the candidates had previously anticipated. It also effectively slams the door on anyone considering getting into the presidential race this late in the season.

Many other states sympathize with Florida and continually protest the fact that small states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have such a large influence on who will be the nominee of the respective parties. Many would advocate a system that would allow other states in future years to cast their ballots first and say that the only reason the current system continues is because of tradition.

However, we must also realize that the two major political parties in America, Republicans and Democrats, are not official branches of the government, nor are they beholden to any constitutional regulations regarding primaries. In fact, the Constitution says nothing about political parties and their role in the selection of the president of the United States. It is therefore, according to the 10th amendment, up to each state to decide how they will cast their vote for nominees, a practice that is less than 100 years old in our country.

This debate will continue to rage on even past the primaries so but the fact remains that Florida’s decision to go against national party recommendations and proceed with the early primary is going to ramp up the timetable for the existing candidates and put a tremendous amount of pressure on them to perform. It virtually slams the door on any person considering a run for the presidency who has not entered the race and it may very well be the last nail in the coffin for several of the one digit candidates.

Either way the race to the presidency just got a whole lot more interesting.

June 23rd Broadcast of the Plain, Hard Truth

Conservative Radio Show - The Plain, Hard Truth with Rich Mitchell and Michelle RayShow Time: Thursday June 23rd, 7pm pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern

Tune In: Plain, Hard Truth Radio Show

Call in: Be part of the program – call in to the show: (424) 220-1807

Guests: Nicole Pearce and Andrew Staroska from Truth About Bills.

Show Topics: Join Michelle and Rich as they take your calls on Monday’s GOP debate, what it would take for Ron Paul to be electable in a national election and more.

Recording of the Show:
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You May Need to Vote for a RINO

Ross PerotTo save the country, you may have no choice but to vote for a RINO – or more realistically – a moderate Republican. Even more important – you have ability to keep it from coming to that.

The primaries start in February so the current polls showing Romney leading the pack are going to change. Whether or not Romney falls is yet to be seen, but the polling statistics will change.

The primary vote is where you get to be slective – pick a Romney, Bachmann, Huntsman (really?), Paul .. whoever. If you don’t vote in the primaries, don’t complain about who goes up against Obama and certainly don’t sit at home and sulk. Either be active during the primary season or be prepared to support whoever wins – inaction has consequences.

Once the general election starts, you have one choice – the GOP nominee. You could choose to support whatever moronic candidate decides to come back in as a third party candidate. There is historical precedence for that – its big-eared name was H. Ross Perot. In a failed third party bid, he not only didn’t get himself elected, he actually caused the loss of the right-of-center candidate.

If you love your Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump so much .. get them nominated. Go get your grass-roots effort in-motion so that they might take the primaries. If they lose .. buck up and take one for the country.

Vote your conscience in the primaries and be prepared to swallow your pride in the general election. If you don’t, what will four more years of Obama look like?

  • Obamacare will be fully implemented
  • QE3 and perhaps QE4 (AKA stimulus 2 and 3) will be complete
  • The Senate will ratify the U.N. treaty on personal arms (guns) and he will sign
  • Unions will continue to run our government and run our employers out of the country
  • Education will continue to be run by big labor
  • Your kids will be left with a bill they can NOT pay

It’s time to be the parent and/or patriot. Swallow your pride and realize that either you got off your butt and got your candidate nominated or that someone else did. If your candidate does not take the nomination, do NOT take it out on OUR country. Obama must go, we must take the Senate – plain and simple.

It is understandable that we all pick the perfect candidate as the primaries come closer. There will not be general agreement on who should take that spot – that is precisely why primaries are held. Use that mechanism to voice your opinion about one Republican candidate or another. Once the primaries are over – it’s time to understand the real decision in front of you. Do you have the will to drop your pride and decide that having a good candidate is better than losing the election while hoping for a perfect one? Can you vote for someone that at least approaches your beliefs – or will you sacrifice the country just to show that you and 8% of the electorate voted for your favorite candidate?

If you aren’t active in the primaries, you may just have to vote for a RINO – no way to soften the blow.

GOP N.H. Debate: What Did We Learn?

The one thing that stands out in my mind after watching the GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire last night is that we have a stronger, more potent group of challengers to Barack Obama than most people know, or are willing to admit today, especially in the media. While we have been told there is no front-runner, or no real stand-out Republican candidate, I believe just the opposite was revealed last night. At minimum we have five or six strong, viable candidates right now, even without the very potent conservative from Texas, Governor Rick Perry, and the former VP candidate and Governor of Alaska, one Sarah Palin throwing their hat in the ring. Competition brings the cream to the top, and right now the competition for the 2012 Republican Presidential candidacy is wide open. This heavy-hitting lineup of conservative Americans also has folks like Rudy Guiliani and Donald Trump currently mandated to sitting on the sidelines as observers, which says a lot about this group. Thus, I do not believe anyone really stood out head and shoulders above the rest last night, but there were  some pleasant surprises. Lets keep in mind that every single one of these candidates qualifies as a form of the anti-Obama, in the fact that their love for America, and American values is unquestionable. Another point not to be forgotten is the fact that every Republican candidate grew up in America, which should be of vital consideration today, considering Obama’s largely anti-American views against capitalism and big parts of American life in general. So the debate and primary process should be about who looks like the strongest, most determined candidate to reverse the current Socialist, big government control and regulation of  our main industries agenda.

The biggest surprise of the night for many folks including myself was Newt Gingrichs’ gritty, tough forceful answers to every question thrown his way. Newt almost looked angry, yet kept his composure and certainly showed his intelligence concerning America’s problems and offering possible solutions last night. Many people might view this as good acting, but I saw genuine concern and a heartfelt desire to help America recover from the onslaught of liberal policies and regulations of the past four-plus years.That said, Newt reminded me of a tiger backed into a corner last night, and most of us know how he was the one who actually backed himself into that very same corner recently. He is still considered to be a strong conservative, yet his choice to re-start his campaign in L.A. just might be the final nail in Newt’s political coffin as a viable candidate in 2012. A Hollywood producer could not re-write Newt’s script well enough to completely cover up Newt’s recent ill-advised statements, and now most of his campaign staff has jumped ship. The upside to this tragedy, is that the rest of the candidates are going to benefit from listening to some of his political wisdom for as long as Newt hangs in there.

Tim Pawlenty stumbled a bit, especially when he was confronted by moderator John King who was trying to bait him into denouncing Romney on the health-care issue. Tim didn’t take King’s bait though, and while once again we see the he looks like he has some uncomfortable degree of intrepidation in these debates, he still offers some real solutions to America’s current slew of problems today. Pawlenty’s background and experience are solidly conservative, and we can look for him to study up and get more comfortable in future debates somewhat. Pawlenty is knocked for supposedly leaving Minnesota with a bigger debt than when he entered the governor’s office,which is proven once again to be false Democratic propaganda.  When the State has a Democratic majority in both houses. coupled with a strong element of progressivism, it can render a governor powerless to stop the spending, leading to increased debt,yetwith a Democratic majority during his second term, Tim Pawlentybalanced the state’s budget, period. (That is for the person claiming to be from Minn. last night in the RedState debate chat-room and whom lied about Pawlenty leaving Minn. with a huge debt problem and called him a progressive.)

Ron Paul stuck to his guns again last night and called out the insanity of the Fed printing out massive amounts of money that is damaging our economy and will continue to haunt America for years to come. Ron Paul articulated on the separation of church and state well, and blasted the illegal war actions in Libya and Yemen with a courage some of the other candidates lacked. No matter how the mainstream media, or the old guard GOP establishment  try to denounce and/or slander Ron Paul, he has held his ground on what he believes our government should have the power to do or not do, and his beliefs are all based on our Constitutional law. That resolve alone  makes him a difficult person for anyone to beat in a Presidential debate, to a certain degree. Ron Paul’s main problem is that many informed people in America today realise just how Barack Obama and our Congress are blatantly ignoring our constitutional laws today. If we truly elected a President on the basis of  our Constitution, and the obeying of it, Ron Paul wins hands down. The main problem with this, is that many folks have now accepted the almost daily pattern of  the ignoring our constitution today. This is the real tragedy here, and due to that acceptance of  ignoring our constitution, Ron Paul has less of a chance to being elected as President. How can folks say they are true conservatives and denounce Ron Paul at the same time? You either believe in the U.S. Constitution, or you do not.

Michelle Bachmann announced her 2012 Presidential candidacy right on the debate show last night, which was somewhat of a pleasant surprise for people across the conservative spectrum in America. She elaborated her answers to the questions thrown at her with conviction and resolve. She explained the Tea Party movement well, and I noted that she also was very graceful in acknowledging valid points made by other candidates, while expanding on those same points. Michelle Bachmann showed a deep determination in expressing her heartfelt desire to pull America out of the current Democratic economic ditch that we are currently buried in. Her support should increase somewhat after last night, especially since she has now formally announced that she is all in.

Rick Santorum had solid answers to most of the questions thrown at him last night, but was obviously being downplayed by the moderator in the fact of how much less air  time he received than other candidates. Santorum is a fighter, and I look to see him get more forceful in demanding more debate time in the near future. His conservative credentials can not be questioned, and his refusing to bend over for the media and play the part of a moderate is having an ill affect on the public’s perception of him, IMHO. I look for Santorum to fight back against this today and tomorrow, while hitting the airwaves and Internet to convey his answers to the questions he was left out of last night. Santorum has to step up his messaging, lest he be left behind by this solid group of conservatives.
Herman Cain, not Mitt Romney was the one who seemed to be under attack last night, and the man handled it very well. He was very quick to point out when John King spun his words and called him out on it right away. Cain got caught up in somewhat of a trap by King on whether he would hire Muslims in his cabinet, as King tried to paint him as some kind of racist against Muslims. Let me help John King out here on this topic. Americans now realise that they cannot distinguish Muslim terrorist sleeper agents from decent American Muslims in many situations today, and therefore are not comfortable having any of them in our government. That is a fact. Herman Cain, as our President would have the sworn duty to protect us from Sharia law creeping into our country, and for that he is to be thanked, not made out to be a racist. Cain is a problem solver who states that he understands how important it is for our President to surround himself with the right people, lest we get folks like the Communist Van Jones working right in our White House, or have you folks already forgotten that little episode in Obama’s fundamental transformation of America?  This is exactly what Herman Cain was trying to convey. Herman Cain is as conservative and American as you can get. This is exactly what type of candidate scares the left today, resulting in them attacking him 24/7. That alone should tell us he is a solid conservative candidate for President in 2012. This country has very serious economic problems, and Herman Cain has the solutions. Get the government out of private business and industry, period. This isn’t communist China we are talking about here, this is America.

Mitt Romney certainly played the debate game well, drawing on past debating experiences, in which he answered the questions quite impressively. I noted that Mitt Romney was given the podium at center stage also. Herman Cain and Rick Santorum were set out on the wings( fringe) and you can makeof that whateveryou will. In the political debate game, not much happens by accident, and this new debate style just seemed to carry with it an agenda of allowing the moderator to promote one candidate over another to some degree, as most TVdebates today appear designed to do. Mitt Romney was solid in this debate and this shows why he is leading the very early polls that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, some 17 months before the elections. I came away with the distinct feeling that this debate wasn’t necessarily designed to let these Presidential candidates show their true conservative credentials, and instead was a stealth attempt to discredit some, or all of them. Also of note is the fact that over 75% of the people that I chatted with online during the debate expressed disgust with John King as moderator. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, considered this debate was on CNN.

With the utter importance of the 2012 elections, I fail to understand the lack of attempts by anyone in the media to conduct more thorough debates in a manner that would show voters just what kind of a President these candidates would make. The short time period for answers does not let candidates state their stances and the reasons for them completely. I,d like to see the candidates themselves set up their own debates, to be moderated by a true conservative, period. Just like the Democrats did in 2008. Makeit more of a round-table discussion instead of a game-show. Split the candidates up into groups of 3 or 4, andthen switch the participants around for the next debate. Getdown to a real debate, like we had in high school, where one person states their stand on an issue and the others state their rebuttal or agreement. Take out the ability of the moderator to spin the questions as he sees fit. This isn’t rocket science here, just have people send in questions, put them in envelopes and have a candidate pick an envelope, read the question and answer it, plain and simple. The debate process itself has evolved into a TV production being used as a ratings ploy. Bring it back to more of a round-table discussion, and we might be able to better judge how a candidates ideology lines up with our own views.

The debate format and moderator aside, I am very proud of our 2012 Republican Presidential hopefuls last night. We are seeing just how diverse, powerful and straight-up American this group of Republicans truly are. There is no perfect candidate that will please everyone, yet the lasting impression I am left with after last night’s debate, is that any one of them would make a wonderful American President, something we haven’t had since Barack Obama took office. We will truly win the future in 2012.


Liberal Strategy, Perception v. Reality and the 2012 Election [Podcast]

The religious right, gun owners, libertarians and fiscal conservatives of all types are being demonized. Not crushed outright, but marginalized to the point that they might just check out in 2012.

The liberal main-stream media is either purposefully or naively assisting the progressive agenda.  One-by-one, character blemishing is being used not to destroy Conservative candidates, but to simply tarnish them just enough to affect the election.  How do they do it?  How can you counter it? Will you do your part to return this great nation to it’s proper heading? This short podcast will explain their strategy and hopefully share what every good American must do to take our country back in 2012.

Click the link to have it open in your MP3 capable player or right click and save it so that you can put it on your portable player for later listening:

Click HERE to listen to the podcast – “Perception” as a stream


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