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Jeb Bush 2016 Presidential Candidate Profile

Jeb BushPersonal Information

John EllisJebBush

Born February 11, 1953 in Midland, Tx to George H.W. and Barbara Bush. His nickname comes from his initials – J.E.B.

Married his wife Columba in 1974, who he’s known since his teaching days in Mexico. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas with a B.A. in Latin American Studies.

Civic Organizations
Volunteered with Miami Children’s Hospital, the United Way and the Dade County Homeless Trust.

Co-chair of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Co-founded the first charter school in the State of Florida: Liberty City Charter School, a grades K-6 elementary school

Established the Points of Light program in 2000 to recognize an “exemplary volunteer, organization, or person”

Religious Beliefs

Roman Catholic

Military Career


Civilian Career
1977 – Branch Manager and VP of the Caracus, Venezuela branch of the Texas Commerce Bank

1980-1986 Worked in real estate eventually becoming a partner in The Cordina Group

Political Career

1986-1988 – Appointed Florida’s Secretary of Commerce

1994 – Ran a failed bid for Florida governor

1998-2007 – Governor of Florida

Political Party Affiliation

Political Stances

Questions the degree to which global warming is caused by man

For comprehensive immigration reform to include a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens

Opposed to Net Neutrality

Pro-Second Amendment



On The Web
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GOP candidates 2016

2016 GOP Primary Debate Schedule

This post will be updated if information changes or additional debates are scheduled, so check back regularly.

Time/Date Where to Watch Moderators/Format/Details
Fox News/Facebook Debate
August 6, 2015
9pm ET
Fox News Moderators: Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace
Format: Candidates with top 10 finishes in 5 polls get in
Reagan Library Republican Debate
Sept 16, 2015
8pm ET
 CNN Moderators: Jake Tapper, Hugh Hewitt
Format: Candidates with at least a 1% showing in the polls will be split in to two tiers. Top 10 and bottom 10 and the debate time will be split between the two tiers.
CNBC Debate
October, 2015
  • Moderators: TBD
  • Format: TBD
FBN Debate
November, 2015
 Fox Business News
  • Moderators:  TBD
  • Format: TBD
Las Vegas Debate
December, 2015
  • Moderators:  TBD
  • Format: TBD

Bobby Jindal Becomes 13th Republican Candidate for President [Video]

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced his bid for the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential elections on Wednesday afternoon.

The speech centered on his Christian faith, conservative values and included pokes at his opponents on both sides of the isle.

Governor Jindal becomes the 13th person to enter the race and his current standing in the polls show that his work is cut out for him.

GOP Candidate Poll ResultsJindal shares the 2% bracket of a recent Fox News poll with John Kassich, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki.

The first debate of the 2016 primary campaign will be on August 6th, 2015. Only the top 10 candidates will appear.

Jindal has indicated that he may not even try to enter the first debate and instead work a more grass roots campaign.

Jindal lost his first bid for Lousiana governor against Kathleen Blanco. But in 2007 he won the top seat and was re-elected with 2/3rds of the vote in 2011.

Jindal has taken up hunting, is a practicing Catholic and is now a candidate for the republican nomination for President of the United States.

About Those Silly Lines for Texting Students at UVU

Utah Valley University decided to create “traffic lanes” for students so intently staring at their phones while walking that they would otherwise likely run into someone or something.

Texting traffic lines on stairs

Matt Bambrough, UVU’s creative director, told the United Press International: “When you have 18- to 24-year-olds walking on campus glued to their smartphones, you’re almost bound to run into someone somewhere; it’s the nature of the world we live in. But that isn’t the reason we did it — we used that fact to engage our students, to catch their attention and to let them know we are aware of who they are and where they’re coming from. The design was meant for people to laugh at rather than a real attempt to direct traffic flow.”

As a simple joke, it’s barely funny. The real entertainment value comes from imagining the people who might fill each of these lanes.

Clearly, the left one is too narrow. Walker are likely talking with friends, walking to a class with a study partner, classmate or otherwise taking in the surrounding world.

The middle lane could have gained some real estate as well. Most runners run alone, but many like to run with a buddy.

The right lane.. they could have narrowed. One, anti-social, non-observant college student could easily fit while walking alone to their next destination .. or into a fountain.

New Era Companies Increasingly Rejecting Gun Rights

Whether its because they’re based in a liberal bastion or bending to political pressure, next gen companies are increasingly adopting gun-unfriendly policies.

A few years ago, GE (GE Capitol) stopped providing 90-day same as cash financing for firearms sales. Marisa at RAM Arms in Durham said that the change forced them to choose between loan shark-like credit companies and offering layaway only. RAM Arms chose layaway.

Most credit card companies won’t underwrite a firearms business. Gun stores, gun ranges and firearms instructors are considered high-risk.

Physical_Bitcoin_by_Mike_Cauldwell_(Casascius)Some gun stores and manufacturers have turned to next-generation funding sources like Coinbase, a bitcoin processor, to help run their businesses. Now, Coinbase has authored a policy that prevents them from dealing with firearms companies. Their excuse? The regulatory environment… seriously? Is bitcoin regulated … at all?

Uber drivers aren't likedPayment isn’t the only way next-gen businesses are attacking gun rights. Even after a gun-carrying Uber driver saved the lives of several people, Uber has decided to initiate a policy preventing drivers or passengers from carrying firearms. If you carry, take a cab because competing ride service Lyft has had a similar policy in place for some time..

None of the changes make sense. They aren’t driven by changes in federal law or regulation. They aren’t centered in logic. More-than-likely, these actions are the result of pressure from Bloomberg’s “Moms against everything” groups and inaccurate reporting in the mainstream media.

What the Heck Happened This Week (WTH Weekly) – 6-19-15

Brian Williams to MSNBCLying former anchorman of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams, found a home at MSNBC. In other news: MSNBC’s credibility as a news source remains unchanged.

Dylann Storm RoofYoung man on a prescription drug known to cause violent behavior murders 9 people in South Carolina. News focuses on race, the weapon and the confederate flag. No one seems to think there’s an issue with the prescription drug known to cause violent behavior. Next up: baseball bats and how they kill.

Texas decided that it should probably keep its gold a little closer. Following the lead of states like Utah, the Lone Star State has decided that gold might be better than U.S. dollars. Texas could soon issue currency backed by gold. No way the federal government will ever copy that success story.

Obamatrade took another step towards reality as the House of Representatives passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA.) If you enjoy working in manufacturing, hopefully you speak Chinese, Filipino, Spanish or Vietnamese – or are sleeping with a Senator.

She's either a giant Q-Tip or preparing to become a human cannonball.

She’s either a giant Q-Tip or preparing to become a human cannonball.

Rachel Dolezal made national headlines after it was discovered that she had dishonestly claimed to be black. The left stood behind her saying things like “she’s black because she says she is.” Everyone else thinks another liberal just went off the reservation. Rachel has resigned her NAACP post and she’s been voted off Spokane’s Police Oversight Commission (we aren’t currently sure if tiki torches and a council were involved.) Hey, is MSNBC looking for a new host?

720Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring as a candidate for President in the 2016 election  citing his wealth and fame as qualifications. It shouldn’t be long until Gordon Ramsay, Kim Kardashian and Camille Grammer all join the crowded GOP candidate field. In other news, the Republican National Committee is considering a debate format similar to “The Bachelor” to help narrow the field. Group date anyone?


How Delusional – Murder is Already Illegal

The impulsive and irrational push from the left to create yet one more law, regulation or ordinance to magically prevent violent deaths at the hands of humans is ill-thought and freedom-robbing. I have bad news for them – laws haven’t prevented murders .. ever.

Most recently a crazed white dude went into a church with a gun and killed 9 people. There were laws in place to stop this – but why didn’t they?

South Carolina already has a law prohibiting the possession of a firearm in a church unless specifically allowed by the leading church authority. They made their gun-safe zone reaaallly gun safe.

Assault, carrying concealed without a permit and finally, murder are already illegal.

Certainly the tragedy in Charleston is saddening, but adding one more law to murder, asssault, concealed carry and guns in churches .. what good would it do?

At some point, perhaps they will start looking at the pharmacological or mental health angle of the whole thing. Or maybe … South Carolina will consider letting its church members carry.

The gun won’t be convicted of anything. Because, on its own, its incapable of doing much of anything other than gaining or losing value.

If guilty, Dylann Storm Roof will take whatever punishment the courts inflict. Why? Because the gun didn’t intentionally do anything. It served its master. A master bent on the death of a prayer group in South Carolina. The master has a price to pay.

Those desiring a more socialist, communist or otherwise progressive America will tell the story differently. That somehow, without the gun, no tragedy would have occurred or that in other countries multiple murders don’t happen. They lie.

In China, 29 died by knife wounds. In North Carolina, a psycho ran over people with an SUV. There are so many more incidents where a group of people died without a gun involved. Oddly, it seems that mass murderers will kill with whatever weapon is available to them. Gun, sword, knife, car, truck .. baseball bat.

Without facts, Constitutional conservatives don’t stand a chance. With facts, no one else has any chance at all.

Obamatrade Passes House, Headed to Senate

KingObamaTrade Promotion Authority (TPA) has passed the House of Representatives bolstering President Obama’s push to make a landmark trade deal a lasting legacy for his troubled presidency.

The measure passed on a close 218-208 vote with moderate Democrats and Republicans coming together to push it through.

The bill grants Obama so-called “fast-track” authority which allows him to negotiate trade agreements. It forces congress into a simply yes or no vote on the President’s agreed-to trade deal without members having the ability to offer amendments.

The major concern has been over upcoming trade negotiations on the Trans-Pacific-Partnership and Trade in Services Agreements which are being kept secret and only through Wikileaks leaked portions have we seen that a large portion of both have nothing to do with trade.

The vote in the Senate is a foregone conclusion and the President will be free to accept trade agreements without oversight or cooperation from the representatives of the people.

Obama Visibly Irritated – Unable to Use SC Murders to Reign in Gun Rights

In a Thursday afternoon press conference, President Obama displayed extreme irritation that he will be unable to use the South Carolina murders of 9 people to diminish the second amendment.

The President took time to recognize the tragedy for what it is – a murderous rampage by a troubled young man against black people in a historic church. Then, following the progressive script to let no crisis or tragedy go to waste, he disparaged the current political climate and admitted that it would be unlikely that he could change the nation’s gun laws using these murders as a call-to-action.

It is in our power to do something about it.
I say it recognizing the politics in this town foreclose a lot of those avenues right now, but it would be wrong for us not to acknowledge it, and at some point it’s going to be important for the American people to come to grips with it and for us to be able to shift how we think about the issue of gun violence collectively.

Thursday morning, Dylann Storm Roof killed a group of people attending a prayer meeting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Downtown Charleston, SC.

Roof had been previously arrested on two occasions for drugs and trespassing. A classmate has told reporters that Dylann was an abuser of prescription drugs like Xanax.

Just hours after the murders, Roof was captured in North Carolina by state troopers. He surrendered without incident.

While the President can’t use this tragedy to promote an anti-gun agenda, he can take some comfort as this story will likely overshadow the House vote on Obamatrade today. There will be no deluge of phone calls to representatives as the media just won’t notice the vote.

**Update – Fast-Track (TPA) has passed the House, now back to the Senate where it will likely pass.**

Why Supporting Republicans is So Hard for Conservatives

Constantly voting for the lesser of two evils gets tiring and even more so when the “lesser” decides that most of the concerns of the electorate are not that important.

The GOP are weak on the second amendment (thank God for the supreme court – ie. Heller), seriously sucking wind on fixing the national debt and are almost absent on their promise to repeal the national travesty known as Obamacare. It is easy to point out their failures on tax reform, minimizing welfare, immigration and helping to create jobs.

Republican leadership has taken advantage of the conservative movement for decades, then again, the conservative movement has not uniquely and simply quantified its desires since the mid-20th century.

Frank Meyer laid out that [Conservatives]:

  • They accept “an objective moral order” of “immutable standards by which human conduct should be judged.”
  • Whether they emphasize human rights and freedoms or duties and responsibilities, they unanimously value “the human person” as the center of political and social thought.
  • They oppose liberal attempts to use the State “to enforce ideological patterns on human beings.”
  • They reject the centralized power and direction necessary to the “planning” of society.
  • They join in defense of the Constitution “as originally conceived.”
  • They are devoted to Western civilization and acknowledge the need to defend it against the “messianic” intentions of Communism.

Can most modern-day Republicans live up to these black-and-white standards after decades of being shown that the word “is” might have multiple definitions or that white is black and male is female?

Consider these principles as you read the next news article or watch some talking head on T.V. Simply ask – are they protecting my RIGHTS or giving them away. Are they opposing liberal attempts to enforce ideology on Americans? Are they diminishing the central government’s power to plan our society? Are they devoted to Western civilization?

Sometimes the lesser of two evils is the choice we each must make, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

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This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

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