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Solution to Oscar Race Issue – Give Everyone a Trophy

oscar trophy - wikimedia

The whole perfect equality thing has reared its ugly head in affirmative action, sports and now – the Oscars. Perhaps it’s time to just give everyone a trophy and be done with it. Are actors and actresses (or are they actzes?) now willing to give up awards and such in the name of fairness.  Sorry about the actzes thing, but it’s ...

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Chris Christie vetoes NJ smart gun bill

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rejected a highly-criticized bill that would have required gun shops to carry smart guns once available. Gov. Christie derailed the progressive agenda item using a pocket veto under which no comment was necessary, anti-gun rights legislators were not as quiet on his decision. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (Dem) had unkind words for Christie’s protection of the ...

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Palin for Trump? You Betcha’! [full video]

Palin for trump

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump had been promising an exciting announcement this evening and a special guest – it would appear that the two were one in the same. Sarah Palin is officially endorsing the billionaire real estate investor in a slight to the more Tea Party-aligned Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz took the high road: I love @SarahPalinUSA Without her support, ...

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SpaceX Flight Ends in Catastrophe [again]

Spacex rocket landing

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched another rocket and the mission ended just as the previous two barge-landings had – in a fireball. Falcon lands on droneship, but the lockout collet doesn't latch on one the four legs, causing it to tip over post landing. Root cause may have been ice buildup due to condensation from heavy fog at liftoff. A video ...

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Navy tests Excalibur N5 guided projectile from 5″ gun [video]

Excalibur N5 test video

Raytheon’s new Excalibur N5 projectile was fired from a 5-inch naval gun during a flight test at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The new technology effectively triples the range of the Navy’s 5″ naval guns. Raytheon claims that due to the remarkable precision of Excalibur, significant cost, manpower and time savings will become evident: By using Excalibur’s level of precision, ...

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Obama declares ‘State of Emergency’ in Michigan – FEMA going in

Flint River - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

A city in Michigan is about to get a visit from FEMA, money from the Feds and government assistance due to poor decisions made by … their government. Today, the White House announced that President Obama had signed a declaration of a state of emergency in Flint, Michigan in order to “lessen or avert the threat of a catastrophe in Genesee County.” Flint ...

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White House: President Obama Signs Michigan Emergency Declaration

The President today, in response to a request from the Governor submitted on January 14, 2016, declared that an emergency exists in the State of Michigan and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions in the area affected by contaminated water. The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency ...

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Obama Admin: No More Coal Leases


President Obama is delivering upon his threats to force his agenda on the American people by ceasing the approval for any new coal lease permits on federal land. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Friday that companies will continue to be able to mine coal reserves already under lease. Jewell says the coal leasing program has not been significantly changed in ...

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Rand Paul goes full-on echo chamber during GOP debate

Rand Paul twitter town hall

The rules for the January 14, 2016  GOP debate eliminated Rand Paul from the main stage along with Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum based on … the number of people that might actually vote for them. Carly and Rick attended the undercard debate anyway while Rand Paul pounded his fists, kicked and screamed and ran off to … Twitter to hold his ...

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Confederate flag flies over GOP debate site


An airplane dragging a huge Confederate flag flew over the North Charleston, South Carolina site where tonight’s republican debate is to be held. Confederate flag banner flying over SC GOP debate. Unclear who paid for it — Kasie Hunt (@kasie) January 14, 2016 The pilot was also dragging a banner that read “No Votes for Turncoats” an apparent afront to ...

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