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Victims Deserve to Get Attacked Because They Ask for it

The long heard line from the left about rape victims is that regardless of how a victim dressed or acted – rape is solely the fault of the attacker – and I agree. But now, when an event featuring cartoons of Muhammad is to blame – it’s the victims fault, because she asked for it.

Winning-cartoonPamela Geller put on an event in Garland, Texas to find the best cartoon art of the prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe that any depiction of Muhammad is blasphemy. In America, we call it free speech.

Two ISIS-backed terrorists attacked the event and were stopped by a 45 caliber pistol-wielding cop (aka Hero.)

Now, liberal pundits, main stream media talking heads, democrats in-general and even the Garland Mayor are saying that Geller – the victim – basically goaded those muslims into going all jihadi on the place. Basically, they say she was asking for it.

The Mayor of Garland castigated Geller for choosing his town as the place for her event:

Mayor Douglas Athas said he wished Ms. Geller, co-founder and president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, hadn’t picked Garland as the site for Sunday’s event, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“Certainly in hindsight, we as a community would be better off if she hadn’t,” he told the paper. “Her actions put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk. Her program invited an incendiary reaction. She picked my community, which does not support in any shape, passion or form, her ideology.


Of course the mayor spends no time admonishing the two body armor-clad wanna-be-mujaheddin who would definitely have struck somewhere else if not there, some other day if not that night.

Terrorists are looking for a reason to attack and need their deeds to bear symbolism. It Wasn’t about drawing Muhammad cartoons, it was that Americans were doing something Islamists didn’t like – and they needed to be punished for it.

The media and this ill-thought mayor are saying that if a scary person tells you not to do something, do NOT be brave – just do what they say. Then again, that’s exactly how Sharia law works.

Who’s up for a good stoning?

Piss-ChristNow turn the tables again. Remember “Piss Christ” where an artist submerged a crucifix into a jar of urine as an art exhibit? Christians were outraged at what they saw as blasphemy and the display was ultimately vandalized. The media – blamed the vandals, not the artist.

It’s a double-standard. Islamic terrorists are becoming some sort of protected class. Our political correctness will be the weakness they exploit so they may expand, strengthen and attack – over .. and over .. and over.

Then again, it’s our fault – because we asked for it.

National Labor Relations Board Ambushing the Workplace [Video]

A new set of regulations allows for some pretty scary tactics by unions.

The new regulations allow “snap” elections, prohibit employers from presenting a competing case to unionization, forbids businesses from involving legal counsel and forces employers to turn over private information on workers.

While recent rulings prevent the NLRB from providing worker’s information to political groups or telemarketers, it doesn’t prevent the “in-bed-with-Democrats” unions from doing the same.

ADP: April Showed Slowest Hiring in Last 18 Months

us-unemployment-rate-decline-2012Payroll processor ADP reported that companies hired at the slowest rate in the last 18 months.

Hardest hit were manufacturing jobs. More than 10,000 jobs were lost in the sector. Losses are attributed to a strong dollar making American goods too expensive overseas and to cuts in oil and gas drilling in the U.S.

ADP said that businesses added just 169,000 jobs in April, which is 6 thousand less than were added in an abysmal March.

The ADP report along with a downturn in PMI, negative consumer confidence, a terrible March durable goods report, and record high consumer credit defaults all point to a slowing economy. It is likely that Q1 GDP, the measure of the U.S. economy’s output, will be negative.


Hillary’s “Full and Equal” Citizenship May Not Be So Equal

Hillary announced Tuesday that she supports “full and equal citizenship” – whatever that means.

The Clinton campaign pushes her stance as superior to Republicans because they’ve never said “full and equal.” Then again, no one has.

The Clintons are expert at saying a lot without saying anything and this latest blurb is a shining example.

First, what does “full and equal” actually mean?

The full part is obvious, but equal is confusing. Does she simply mean equal citizenship with other Americans or that new, illegal immigrants will be considered equally with those having spent years and dollars to go through the legal process?

This is a ploy – pure and simple. Clinton is suffering among her base and moderates. Now, she has to appeal to the non-American voters (yeah, I think I just about puked.)

The fact that the left has no choice but to appeal to people that have no right to vote, wreaks of desperation. It also points to a tyranny yet to develop.

One plays on the weak when they have nothing strong to offer.

ISIS Threatens Pamela Geller, Her Security and Many Other American Targets

Two men attempted to interrupt a free speech event in Garland, Texas on Monday. The men were ISIS sympathizers, dressed in body armor and ready to die as martars. Instead, they just died.

Since then, a self-titled ISIS representative left a somewhat threatening letter on social media under the title “The New Era”:

To our brothers and sisters fighting for the Sake of Allah, we make dua for you and ask Allah to guide your bullets, terrify your enemies, and establish you in the Land. As our noble brother in the Phillipines said in his bayah, “This is the Golden Era, everyone who believes… is running for Shaheed”.

The attack by the Islamic State in America is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah in the heart of our enemy. Our aim was the khanzeer Pamela Geller and to show her that we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter. This will heal the hearts of our brothers and disperse the ones behind her. To those who protect her: this will be your only warning of housing this woman and her circus show. Everyone who houses her events, gives her a platform to spill her filth are legitimate targets. We have been watching closely who was present at this event and the shooter of our brothers. We knew that the target was protected. Our intention was to show how easy we give our lives for the Sake of Allah.

We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, We are increasing in number bithnillah. Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan. The disbelievers who shot our brothers think that you killed someone untrained, nay, they gave you their bodies in plain view because we were watching.

The next six months will be interesting, To our Amir Al Mu’mineen make dua for us and continue your reign, May Allah enoble your face.

May Allah send His peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhummad and all those who follow until the last Day.

Abu Ibrahim Al Ameriki

Maryland seems oddly familiar… oh yeah.. that’s where Baltimore is. Is this some tangential claim to having been responsible for burning down a CVS? Wow.. melting boxes of chocolates in the name of Allah – I’m sure he’s proud.

Then there’s the Clinton-like spinning of the Garland failure into a success when Al Ameriki says, “The disbelievers who shot our brothers think that you killed someone untrained, nay, they gave you their bodies in plain view because we were watching.” Um, ok,  the cop doesn’t think he shot them dead, he knows he shot them dead. Just because you were watching doesn’t make their evil mission to kill innocent people any more godly. It just means they’re dead and they got left in the middle of the road like dead animals for quite some time according to news reports.

Police in the U.S. carry guns and they are trained to use them. Heck a huge portion of Americans carry guns and are very adept at using them. Check your history on the revolutionary war Mr. Ameriki – we adapt to aggressor tactics better than any nation in history.

This is not Europe, where the average citizen has no way to protect themselves and, after decades of anti-gun laws, likely do not have the skills to manage it.

What’s even more ridiculous is that this “leader of men” is angry about … a cartoon. Then again, they stone women that don’t do what they want.

America is a different nation – a country others look up to for its freedoms, opportunities and understanding. As long as progressives are unable to limit the freedoms the bill of rights affords Americans, U.S. Citizens will continue to thwart simple men like Abu Ibrahim Al Ameriki.

Besides, this is America, and we have Chuck Norris.. so there!

Greece Considers Cash Withdrawal Tax – Could it Happen Here?

Greece has revealed it is to introduce a surcharge for all cashpoint withdrawals and financial transactions in a desperate attempt to prevent citizens withdrawing their money from the country’s beleaguered banks.

Let that sink-in. The government is taxing people if they choose to withdraw their own money!

Greek citizens were taxed when they made the money. They got taxed on any money their money made (interest.) Now the government is making a last ditch effort to slow the run on the banks by taxing the people’s money if the people decide they’d like to keep it.

Greece would not need this new tax if they had not just elected an anti-austerity government that has spent months thumbing its nose at the EU nations that had lent is so much money.

As the Greek economy teeters on the verge of bankruptcy, millions of panicking citizens have completely cleared their accounts – pulling more than €28 billion out of banks and pushing the total cash revenue held in the country’s financial institutions to a 10-year low.

The question is, could it happen in America? And the answer is YES – easily.

Many Americans keep precious little cash on them and even less in personal stores (outside banks.)

Recently the largest American banks are telling customers that they can neither store cash in safe deposit boxes or use cash to pay bills owed to the bank.

Deflation is the most-urgent concern of the Fed, which is why several re-wordings, interest rates have stayed scarily near zero.

It won’t take much of an alarm to scare U.S. account holders into pulling their cash from the bank. In a fractional reserve system – that spells trouble.

To avoid a bank run, the Fed could push for regulations making it too expensive to withdraw cash – the Greek withdrawal tax being an excellent example. More than likely, this would start a panic and a 1930’s -style bank run.

Americans Lose Hope for Economic Rebound

A new Gallup survey shows that consumers are losing confidence in the economy at an accelerating rate.

Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index was -9 for the week ending May 3 — its lowest weekly score since December. This reflects a six-point decline from the previous week, and is the largest week-to-week drop since last July.

The survey looks at how people feel about the present economy and the future prospects for improvement. Not only were Americans down on how things are now, they are growing increasingly concerned about the future.

consumer confidence


Note how the economic outlook line crosses above the current conditions line late in 2014. At that point, consumers felt like things would be better than at the current time. Looking at late February ’15, we see the reversal. Current condition numbers remains hopeful, but the outlook went negative quite suddenly.

May brings about a horrific picture. Not only did current condition sentiment drop significantly, the future outlook number dropped even more indicating that Americans see the economy as worse than before and getting much worse in the future.

This index measures sentiment. As such, it does not show what people are spending or have spent. It is important though, as how consumers view the future of the economy will influence their decisions on spending.

Another factor that might be affecting sentiment is that Credit card default rates have seen a disturbing trend upwards leaving many maxed-out Americans unable to use debt to finance purchases.

If Americans think they might lose their jobs, have their hours reduced or are having trouble paying their current bills, they won’t run out and buy that new car, T.V. or refrigerator. They’ll just make do with what they have.

This negative outlook on the economy may be an indicator of why the recent decrease in gas prices has done nothing to boost consumer spending.

Ben Carson Announces Bid for President

Dr. Ben Carson announced his entry into the 2016 Presidential race yesterday in Detroit, Michigan.

The world-renown neurosurgeon first announced his intentions on local Detroit television station WPEC.

Later, Carson made a speech at a Detroit event explaining in more detail why his candidacy was important.

Dr. Carson has never held nor run for political office before now.

Fiorina Announces Presidential Bid

In a video entitiled “I’m Running for President”, Carly Fiorina steps into the ring as a 2016 Presidential candidate in the Republican primary.

The former Hewlitt-Packard CEO was on ABC’s “Good Morning America” yesterday where she said “I think I’m the best person for the job because I understand how the economy actually works.”

Fiorina ran an unsuccessful Senate campaign against Barbara Boxer in 2010.

Carly brings even more variety to an incredible diverse GOP field. Black, Hispanic, White, Indian and now a female candidate.

The entire GOP field has but one realistic opponent to defeat in the general election – Hillary Clinton. Fiorina is able to go after Hillary without cries of sexism from the left.

Before going head-to-head with Hillary, the field still has to battle each other. With 18 months until the final vote, there is much time for any of these candidates to shine or implode.

Shooting at Muhammad Cartoon Drawing Event in Texas

Eerily reminiscent of the Muhamad revenge attack in Paris, two gunmen in a vehicle fired several shots at security at a Muhamad art contest near Dallas, TX.

The City of Garland said that the men drove up in a vehicle and began shooting at a security guard in front of the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX.

Both gunmen were killed when local police returned fire and one security card was treated for a gunshot to the ankle. The security guard has since been released and is expected to recover fully.

The gun men used twitter to announce their attack shortly before it began and an suspected ISIS-related account praised it just after it occurred.

The center was hosting an event sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative that was giving $10,000 for the best cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

The gunmen were left in the street for sometime after the failed attack as local officials were concerned about possible explosives on or around the bodies.

Liberal Tool Responds to NYPD Officer Getting Shot

NYPD Sargent Brian Moore was put into a medically-induced coma on Saturday after suffering gunshots to the head and chest.

Reaction from the local community was largely an outpouring of support, but one twitter user just couldn’t resist the urge to tie these events to the ongoing protests.

The suspect is in custody due to be arraigned on attempted murder charges. There is currently no official word that the shooting is tied to the Freddie Gray protests.

Sgt. Moore is in stable condition this morning. Sgt. Moore passed away Monday, May 4th, 2015.’s Joan Walsh: White People Got Freddie Gray Killed

Joan Walsh, published author and writer for Salon, doesn’t seem to like white people very much. In fact, she seems to blame what happened to Freddie Gray on white people in-general.

Before we get into the America-hating articles that Joan Walsh has written lately, a little bio might be helpful. Walsh is the author of “What’s the Matter With White People: Finding Our Way in the Next America.” I’m not sure who the “us” is that needs to find their way in the next America or what the next America supposedly is, but both of those concepts sound like a push to continue the country on its currently hell-bound track.

Ms. Walsh is the not-so-amazing talent behind articles like “The hideous white hypocrisy behind the Baltimore ‘Hero Mom’ hype” and “How job flight & police brutality spelled doom for Freddie Gray’s neighborhood

From the latter article, Joan posits that what happened to Freddie was due to the “hole at the center of these communities: disinvestment, job flight, wage erosion; the ‘disappearance of work.'” But these issues are laid out as causes of inner-city troubles instead of examining them as the effects of something else – something deeper and harder to fix.

What causes these businesses to leave? Why is there “job flight?” Her article on the subject does not examine the business environment, political leadership, community leadership or other societal factors.

If the local populace want to loot and burn their local establishments, that is their choice, but who’s actually to blame?

Could it be the de-emphasis of church and community that big-government liberals have pushed for generations? Without a core for a community, it becomes more reliant on the political leadership and slowly quits listening to its own elders. Church leaders’ voices get replaced by the likes of Al Sharpton – what could go wrong?

As a result of these riots, riots before these and extremely high crime rates, banks will NOT loan money to put new businesses in those locations. Before long, no new jobs will show up and the stores and restaurants that do exist will have no choice to but to move to friendlier neighborhoods – the death spiral of the inner-city continues.

In her article on the “Mom of the Year” Joan scolds white people for their admiration of a black Mom yanking her child out of the riots:

anyone white who’s applauding Graham’s moment of desperation, along with the white media figures who are hyping her ‘heroism,’ is essentially justifying police brutality, and saying the only way to control black kids is to beat the shit out of them.

See, white people caused police brutality because they, according to Joan, believe that you have to “beat the shit” out of black kids.

White people did not torch Baltimore, nor Ferguson, nor L.A. nor Oakland nor any other neighborhood that allowed their local environment to deteriorate to the point that businesses decided to operate elsewhere.

Going off on white people when Baltimore has a black Mayor, a black police commissioner and a mostly black city council seems odd. Add in that  half of the officers charged in Gray’s death were black makes Joan’s arguments even more ill-thought.

There are awful things that happen due to racial issues. Making everything about race belittles the truly racist actions that occur.

Before long, crying “racist” will have no more impact than saying that someone isn’t your friend anymore. They may just take their ball and go home – much like those businesses in black communities.

Those businesses (owned by black and white alike) are doing what they have to in order to survive. While leaving the neighborhood might be similar to taking your ball and leaving, it is is not the same as causing someone to get killed.

Baltimore Cops Charged in Gray Death: Murder, Manslaughter, Assault

This morning, Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that all six officers involved in the arrest and transport of Freddie Gray were being charged with crimes ranging from negligence to manslaughter.

The charges stem from an arrest that Mosby charges was made without probable cause. After the alleged false arrest, the officers failed to properly secure Gray in police van.

At one point, Gray is allegedly handcuffed and his legs shackled but was laid on the floor instead of seated and belted securely. This is believed to have led to his neck injury and subsequent death.

The police transport van is stopped on at least three occasions where officers were able to observe Gray’s condition. At least twice, Gray reportedly requested or positively acknowledged the need for medical attention. Medical assistance was not requested until finding Mr. Gray unresponsive at the final destination.

Officer Caesar Goodson, the van driver, was charged with second-degree murder, while others were charged with crimes including manslaughter and assault.

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