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Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Anomalous Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

What Made George Washington Great?

There would have never been a United States of America without George Washington. John Rhodehamel, author of “George Washington: The Wonder of the Age,” details how Washington successfully guided the budding nation through war and nurtured her in peace. Watch: Transcript: It’s hard to imagine there would have been a United States of America without George Washington. He was there ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Monday, February 18, 2019

Donald Trump and Melania Trump deplane air force one

President Donald Trump will travel to Florida International University Monday afternoon then return to the White House. Keep up with Trump on President Trump’s Schedule Page. President Trump’s schedule for 2/18/19 All Times EST 3:00 PM The president and first lady depart Palm Beach, FL, en route to Miami, FL – Motorcade 3:40 PM The president and first lady arrive at the ...

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It’s Official: Smollett investigation shifting focus from attack to hoax

While CDN’s reporting has been steadfast in its skepticism of Empire star Jussie Smollet’s attack allegations, it has taken almost three weeks for most other reporting to catch up, but it’s official now: Chicago police are investigating Smollett as the perpetrator of a hoax. “We can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the ...

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McCabe Spokesperson says Trump-ousting comment ‘Taken Out-of-Context’

A spokeswoman for disgraced former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe says that McCabe’s comments about removing Trump from office were mischaracterized. “At no time did Mr. McCabe participate in any extended discussions about the use of the 25th Amendment, nor is he aware of any such discussions,” McCabe Spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said. “He was present and participated in a discussion ...

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Waters: America should rally against ‘Fake Emergency’, But Here’s Why That Won’t Keep Trump From Building the Wall

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is at it again. Democrats’ poster-child for insanity believes that everybody should take to the streets to protest Trump’s “fake emergency,” but that’s not going to keep the president from building the border wall. “And so it’s time for everybody to stand up. All hands on deck to refuse this president these fake emergency powers that ...

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CBP in Collaboration with HSI Intercepts Largest Cocaine Contraband at Port Hueneme in 25 Years

LOS ANGELES—A joint collaborative effort between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations, resulted in the seizure of 221.7 pounds (100.6 kilograms) of Cocaine concealed in produce cargo vessels arriving to Port Hueneme from Ecuador and Guatemala. On January 22, while conducting an enforcement boarding of ...

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CBP Officers Create A Double Play As They Seize Meth Worth Over $1.7 Million at the Laredo Port of Entry

LAREDO, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers create a double play as they seize methamphetamine worth over $1.7 million in two enforcement actions on Wednesday, Feb.13. “CBP has numerous layers of enforcement and our officers will go above and beyond to keep these illicit drugs from entering our country and affecting our ...

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Pentagon: Here’s how we’ll help build the wall

The Pentagon revealed just how President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration enables the Department of Defense to secure our borders and illustrates just how little the restrictions in the funding bill actually mean. “The president has declared a national emergency on the southern border,” the Defense Department said Friday in a statement. “The president invoked sections 12302, 284(b)(7), and 2808 ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Saturday, February 16, 2019


President Donald Trump has no public events scheduled, but check back as this page will be updated should events warrant. President Trump traveled to Trump International Golf Club Saturday morning for a round of golf. Keep up with Trump on President Trump’s Schedule Page. President Trump’s schedule for 2/16/19 All Times EST No Public Events 8:30 AM Depart Mar-a-Lago – Motorcade 8:42 ...

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Not Ready for Prime Time: Robot cars on average required a human takeover every 14 miles driven

Watch Googles Waymo car service to hit the street with no one in the drivers seat

Updated reports required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles from companies testing robot cars on California public roads reveal a fleetwide average of 1 human takeover for every 14 miles tested, according to calculations by Consumer Watchdog. The number of times a human driver had to take control of the robot car during testing varied widely between companies.  Overall 28 companies ...

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Watch: President Trump Speaks on the National Security & Humanitarian Crisis on Our Southern Border [Video + Transcript]

Rose Garden signing

President Donald Trump delivers remarks Friday morning on the national security and humanitarian crisis on the U.S. southern border. The Rose Garden speech is likely to include an announcement about the signing of a bi-partisan border security funding measure and the declaration of a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border. The address comes after months of contentious debate about whether ...

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President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Friday, February 15, 2019

President Donald Trump will deliver remarks on the national security and humanitarian crisis on our southern border then receive his daily briefing as prepared by the intelligence community. Later, The president and first lady will travel to Palm Beach, Florida, where they will stay at their home at Mar-a-Lago for the weekend. Keep up with Trump on President Trump’s Schedule Page. President Trump’s ...

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CBP in San Juan Intercepts Concealed Narcotics inside Parcels Destined for Connecticut and Rhode Island

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers intercepted and seized Monday 5 pounds (2.34 kilograms) of cocaine, 2.2 pounds (1.03 kilogram) of oxycodone and 7 pounds (3.28 kilograms) of endocet, found concealed inside separate courier parcels sent from the Dominican Republic and destined for Connecticut and Rhode Island. On Feb. 11, CBP officers selected for inspection ...

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One American, Chinese National Indicted in Tennessee for Conspiracy to Steal American Technology

A grand jury sitting in Greeneville, Tennessee has returned an indictment against Xiaorong You, a/k/a Shannon You, 56, of Lansing, Michigan, and Liu Xiangchen, 61, of Shandong Province, China for conspiracy to steal trade secrets related to formulations for bisphenol-A-free (BPA-free) coatings.  You was also indicted on seven counts of theft of trade secrets and one count of wire fraud. ...

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