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Police Want A Record Of All Text Messages

Law enforcement agencies want to require cellular providers under the force of Federal law to keep a record of all text messages in case they ever need them.

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other wireless providers would be required to capture and store Americans’ confidential text messages, according to a proposal that will be presented to a congressional panel today. The law enforcement proposal would require wireless providers torecord and storecustomers’ SMS messages — a controversial idea akin to requiring them to surreptitiously record audio of their customers’ phone calls — in case police decide to obtain them at some point in the future.

So the cops want a record of every single text message sent. What ever happened to privacy and being secure in our communications? How can people communicate if they know that a permanent record of the communication is being kept by a third party? This is an attack on the right to privacy.

“Billions of texts are sent every day, and some surely contain key evidence about criminal activity,”Richard Littlehale from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will tell Congress, according to a copy (PDF) of his prepared remarks. “In some cases, this means that critical evidence is lost. Text messaging often plays a big role in investigations related to domestic violence, stalking, menacing, drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking.”

Yes, but most Americans are not criminals. There is no compelling need for the state to require a permanent record of all text messages sent.

Not only does Littlehale want a permanent record, he wants to access it without even getting a warrant in “emergency circumstances”.

Littlehale also proposed that any attempt to update ECPA include revised “emergency” language that would allow police to demand records from providers without search warrants in some cases.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say due process can be suspended in “emergency circumstances”. This is simply a power grab by law enforcement.

As my colleague S.K. Mann wrote on Monday, civil liberties are what should unite all Americans. Our liberties are what make America exceptional. We shouldn’t throw them away based on fear.

Why The Sequester Is Important

On March 1st, the so-called sequester which is a series of automatic spending “cuts” that were agreed to in 2011 are supposed to take effect. The “cuts” are supposed to be around $1.2 trillion over 10 years spread equally among defense and non-defense spending. Democrats are complaining how women, children, and old people will be (insert one or more of the following here) starved, made homeless, and/or impoverished by the “cuts” in social welfare programs. Republican defense hawks are claiming that sequester will destroy the US military. Both groups also claim the sequester will put the economy back into recession and/or maybe even a depression. Indeed, both groups say that the sequester should be avoided at all costs and that we should “raise revenues” which is Washington speak for raising taxes to cover the amount that was supposed to be “cut”. However, if we are ever going to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, we have to allow the sequester to take effect.

Why I Hate The Sequester

Although I do believe that the sequester must be allowed to take effect, I don’t like it. For starters, $1.2 trillion in “cuts” (which are not actual budget cuts but instead are merely reductions in the rate of spending growth) is a very small amount when you look at how grave the nation’s financial condition is. Secondly, the sequester does nothing to address entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare which are the two long-term drivers of future financial problems. Third, the Democrats do have a point when they say the cuts fall disproportionately on non-defense spending. The Department of Defense is the largest single item of discretionary spending and all other agencies combined do not equal it. But the DoD is only taking 50% of the cuts. Finally, this is the easy way out for the Ruling Class. Instead of making the hard decisions to going through the budget and eliminating failed programs and looking to shift responsibility back to state and local governments in some cases, they come up with this lazy solution.

The Sequester Is Best For The Country

Right now the sequester is the best of bunch of bad options. For starters, 77% of all Americans received a tax increase at the beginning of the year. It is simply immoral to tax Americans even more when Washington will not sacrifice. Also, while the sequester itself is kicking the can down the road, here’s the chance to make some modest reforms in government and a chance to streamline it. Government departments have the opportunity to maximize efficiency and cut wasteful and unneeded programs.

The Sequestered Is A Political Test

This sequester is a political test for those of us who want to cut the size and scope of government. Here we have $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts set to take place. All Congress has to do is nothing for them to happen. If we can’t get Congress to do nothing and let $1.2 trillion in cuts take place, how are we going to pass the deeper spending cuts and entitlement reforms we need to rescue our country from financial ruin? Finally, here is a chance to take on the sacred cow that is defense spending. If we cannot make these modest defense spending reductions, how are we going to take the hard look at our foreign policy that we desperately need?

This is one time where Congress can help the country by doing nothing. They should not act and let the sequester happen as a small first step to getting the nation’s financial house in order.

Rand Paul: ‘Not a neoconservative, nor an isolationist’

Rand Paul not isolationist nor neoconservativeWednesday, Senator Rand Paul gave his long awaited foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation. In it, he tried to outline a foreign policy vision that is a departure from the foreign policy that has been offered for more than a decade by the GOP. Also in the speech, he tried to distance himself from his father, Ron Paul’s, more radical non-interventionist views. Predictably, both neoconservatives and libertarian non-interventionists were not pleased with the speech. However, Senator Paul’s speech may open up a path for Republicans and conservatives to regain lost credibility on foreign policy and national security issues and tie it into the larger issues of debt and spending.

Senator Paul began the speech with this.

 I see the world as it is.   I am a realist, not a neoconservative, nor an isolationist.

That sentence largely defines what Paul’s policy is. Traditional conservative realism as oppose to the alternatives of neoconservative hyper-interventionism and quasi-isolationist noninterventionism. A third way that is skeptical of intervention while at the same time engaged and active in the world.

Senator Paul also did something very few American politicians have done since 9/11, have a frank discussion with the American people about radical Islam.

The West is in for a long, irregular confrontation not with terrorism, which is simply a tactic, but with Radical Islam.

As many are quick to note, the war is not with Islam but with a radical element of Islam  — the problem is that this element is no small minority but a vibrant, often mainstream, vocal and numerous minority.  Whole countries, such as Saudi Arabia, adhere to at least certain radical concepts such as the death penalty for blasphemy, conversion, or apostasy.  A survey in Britain after the subway bombings showed 20% of the Muslim population in Britain approved of the violence.

Some libertarians argue that western occupation fans the flames of radical Islam – I agree.  But I don’t agree that absent western occupation that radical Islam “goes quietly into that good night.”  I don’t agree with FDR’s VP Henry Wallace that the Soviets (or Radical Islam in today’s case) can be discouraged by “the glad hand and the winning smile.”Americans need to understand that Islam has a long and perseverant memory.

As Bernard Lewis writes, “despite an immense investment in the teaching and writing of history, the general level of historical knowledge in American society is abysmally low.  The Muslim peoples, like everyone else in the world, are shaped by their history, but unlike some others, they are keenly aware of it.”Radical Islam is no fleeting fad but a relentless force. Though at times stateless, Radical Islam is also supported by radicalized nations such as Iran.   Though often militarily weak, Radical Islam makes up for its lack of conventional armies with unlimited zeal.

For Americans to grasp the mindset of Radical Islam we need to understand that they are still hopping mad about the massacre at Karbala several hundred years ago.  Meanwhile, many Americans seem to be more concerned with who is winning ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Illiberal Islamic radicalism is more prevalent in the Islamic world than most Westerners believe. After all a few years ago, a Muslim United States Army major killed many of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood in the name of jihad. There is no way the neoconservative vision of spreading democracy by force could ever take root in such an illiberal society.

Senator Paul opined about Iran, again trying to strike a middle ground. He explained that he supported sanctions as an attempt to restart diplomacy, but he was not sold on a military option to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

No one, myself included,  wants to see a nuclear Iran.   Iran does need to know that all options are on the table.  But we should not pre-emptively announce that diplomacy or containment will never be an option.


Senator Paul is correct here. Strategic ambiguity is the best policy in regards to Iran. By stating that the United States will go to war to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons will likely accelerate Iran’s quest to acquire them as a means of deterrence. Also, one of the best arguments the Iranians have for acquiring nuclear is what happened in Libya. After the Iraq War, then Libyan dictator Gaddafi agreed to end his weapons of mass destruction program in exchange for not being removed from power. In 2011, our glorious Dear Ruler, Caesar Barackius the Magnificent, decided to remove Gaddafi from power because he disapproved of his crackdown on Al-Qaeda aligned rebels. Why would anyone trust any security assurances the United States gives in exchange for ending a weapons of mass destruction program?

Senator Paul also did something most American politicians absolutely refuse to do, comment on the plight of Arab Christians.

Likewise, today’s “Truman” caucus wants boots on the ground and weapons in the hands of freedom fighters everywhere, including Syrian rebels.  Perhaps, we might want to ask the opinion of the one million Syrian Christians, many of whom fled Iraq when our Shiite allies were installed.  Perhaps, we might want to ask:   will the Syrian rebels respect the rights of Christians, women, and other ethnic minorities?

Arab Christians have not fared well under the neocon vision of bringing democracy to the Islamic world. From Egypt to Palestine, the persecution of Arab Christians is on the rise at the hands of these new Islamic “democratic” governments. What most neocons do not understand is that democracy is more than just having elections, its about having a pluralistic society that can respect differences of opinion and lifestyle.

Finally, Senator Paul opines about how Congress has failed at its job of oversight over the Executive Branch.

Since the Korean War, Congress has ignored its responsibility to restrain the President. Congress has abdicated its role in declaring war

Congress not restraining the Executive Branch is why Dear Ruler can arrogantly maintain a kill list of Americans he believes he can order killed with no oversight at all. Our liberties have suffered as a result and it is also worth noting that the United States has only had one decisive military victory, the first Gulf War, since World War II.

Overall, Senator Paul outlined a vision of a restrained foreign policy with a suspicion of foreign intervention, Congressional oversight as required by the Constitution, and in line with the realities of a nation deeply in debt and with a weak economy. It also provides a more realistic alternative to the neocon vision of spreading democracy to the Islamic world. It is also a more conservative alternative in acknowledging that we have to take the world as it is and that we can impose a utopian ideal in Western-style democracy in an illiberal culture such as the Arab World. Where at the same time, it maintains the conservative commitment to a strong national defense instead of being the policeman of the world that neocons and leftists would like America to be.

In the political arena, this is a foreign policy that can help regain the credibility with the American people that the Republican Party lost in the sands of Iraq. It signals that the era of perpetual war against a vague enemy is over. This would help reassure the American people that their son and daughters will not be sacrificed casually.

Young Conservatives Take Aim At Gun Control

Starting on Monday, young conservative activists began a campaign to defend the right to keep and bear arms. The campaign, entitled “Take Control of Gun Control Week” is a week long series of events where activists are urged to contact their representatives and tell them that if they support gun control measures, they will receive no campaign funds.

According to the event’s Facebook page, over 3400 activists are participating in the event. The event is being organized by Rebooting America, an organization devoted to educating young American voters about the Constitution and free markets.

To participate in the event, just simply download this flier, red if your representative is a Republican or blue if your representative is a Democrat and Tweet the flier to them, along with a pro-second amendment message, with the Twitter hashtag #TakeControlOfGunControl. Then afterwards, join the Facebook group and invite all of your friends to do the same.

It is important that our Congressmen and Senators hear from us, especially as the Obama administration begins its push for new guns and as states like New York enact harsher gun bans on the state level. The enemies of the Second Amendment are well funded and have the mainstream media and pop culture on their side. Its up to us as liberty activists to push back and defend our Constitutional rights.

#TakeControlOfGunControl week ends on Friday night.

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Go Home Wayne LaPierre, You’re Drunk

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre broke his organization’s silence since last week’s atrocity at Sandy Hook Elementary by giving a press conferencethis morning. The press conference’s tone was rambling at times and it appeared to generally lack focus. The NRA gave some reasons they thought that there were mass shootings

There exists in this country, sadly, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people. Through vicious, violent video games with names like “Bullet Storm,” “Grand Theft Auto,” “Mortal Combat,” and “Splatterhouse.”

LaPierre also went on to blame violent movies and music videos as well. LaPierre also appeared to claim that there was a media conspiracy to cover up the role of violent media by blaming gun owners.

The problem with blaming violent video games for crime is that its simply not true as is pointed in this piece in the National Review. Also, is the message that we need to gut the First Amendment to save the Second Amendment the right message we need to send right now?

LaPierre unfortunately wasn’t finished with his Joe Biden impersonation. He had some suggestions for improving school security.

I call on Congress today, to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation. And, to do it now to make sure that blanket safety is in place when our kids return to school in January.

First question, why is this a Federal responsibility? I thought conservatives were against a Federal role in education. Second question, where is the money going to come since we’re running deficits of over $1 trillion? Thirdly, is turning our schools into prisons the best use of our resources?

Granted, the NRA’s current proposal on this topic utilizes retired police and military that are trained by the NRA, but eventually the Federal government, given its track record on these types of programs, will likely take it over.

Each local school district needs to come up with their own plan to best suit their own needs. The decision to have armed police in a school needs to be up to each community and local school district and they should pay the cost if they choose to go that route. Education is either entirely a state and local responsibility or its not. LaPierre’s approach appears to be doing for schools what the TSA has done for airport security.

Finally, I was struck by these comments in the LaPierre presser.

How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?

Quick poll of my readers, raise your hands if you trust this current administration with any database. Given that just about everything these days can be classified as a “mental illness”, this proposal seems to be a genuine threat to the liberty of all Americans. Especially since many if not most people suffering from mental illness pose no threat to others.

Unfortunately, LaPierre’s clown act distracted from his good points about the ignorance of the media about firearms and the refusal of our so-called Attorney General and gun dealer to Mexican drug cartels, Eric Holder, to enforce the gun laws currently on the books. The press conference was a devastating own goal that hurt the cause of the Second Amendment. If we are going to fight new gun bans in part based on a freedom argument, we need to be in support for all the Bill of Rights, not just a particular one. We need to ditch the embarrassing and anti-freedom NRA and get behind other organizations that fight for our right to keep and bear arms.

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Off The Cliff We Go

fiscal-cliff630-290x207Tonight, Speaker of the House John Boehner declined to bring his so-called “Plan B” for averting the so-called fiscal cliff for a vote. “Plan B” did not have enough support among House Republicans to pass. The House immediately voted to adjourn until after Christmas. We’re pretty much going off the cliff unless something drastic happens in the next couple of weeks.

The GOP messaging and generally how they have conducted themselves in this crisis is abysmal. The House GOP should be out front trying to point out in every media appearance that they passed legislation in August extending the Bush tax rates for everyone and that the Senate has done nothing about it. But they haven’t talked about this, instead they have bought into the Democrat party’s class warfare arguments hook line and sinker. First it was the GOP leadership’s proposal to cap deductions for wealthy taxpayers, then it was getting into general agreement with President-Messiah Barack Obama about taxing the eeevvviiilll rich. For these basic marketing failures alone, the House GOP is in dire need of new leadership, starting with a new Speaker. If the Republican Party cannot be counted on to oppose tax increases, what is the point of voting for them?

All President-Messiah Obama has to do at this point is do nothing. Republicans are so afraid that they will be blamed for going off the fiscal cliff that they will give him exactly what he wants. If by some miracle House Republicans somehow receive a backbone from Santa for Christmas, Obama still wins because taxes go up for all Americans; not just the eeevvviiilll rich.

The only thing Republicans can do at this point is walk away. Let Obama win this battle because there is nothing to negotiate with. Vote present in the House for Obama’s plan and don’t filibuster Obama’s plan in the Senate. Let Obama and the Democrats own the consequences of their economic policies, for better or worse.

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