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WATCH: Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote on Live TV

On Saturday, Neil Cavuto aired a clip of President Obama encouraging illegal aliens to vote in the 2016 election.

While amendments to the Constitution protect citizens right to vote, it does not forbid non-citizens from participating in elections, but voting is limited to citizens by state and federal law. Every state in the union has a law prohibiting non-citizens from voting in federal elections and there is a law at the federal level preventing the same.

The interviewer in the video proposes the criminal act of voting without being a citizen by asking Obama if they vote anyway, will they go to jail? The president answers confidently “no.”

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  1. …….and “they” would have us believe that it’s out of the goodness of our hearts to have open borders and gather 100K’s of refugees…..

    FYI American citizens in Israel ‘rally’ voted 100% for Trump

  2. WAIT! We must not make the election “official” until we count the absentee votes from, yes, RUSSIA, SYRIA, SUDAN, ETC!

  3. She posits that contrary to law, mere presence in the US confers the right to vote upon ‘unofficial’ citizens. Obama accepts that premise when he replies, “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself” i.e. the very act of voting makes it legal to vote as a citizen. The camera cuts to her and you can see the smug smile of appreciation as Obama directly implies agreement with her that she has a right to vote. The message has been sent out; noncitizens who break the law and vote will get away with it. Obama IS encouraging lawlessness.