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California law makes Colt 1911’s unavailable for sale

Colt 1911California’s draconian gun laws have made a multitude of firearms unavailable to the state’s citizens and the list is growing to include firearms based on a more 100 year old design.

A link was posted on The Gun Page to a story that demonstrates that California’s approved handgun list is not about safety, but gun control (duh!)

Colt firearms is the latest gun company to have to withdraw product models from the state’s list. The shocker is that it is a handgun that holds 8 rounds and was designed more than a century ago:

firearms dealers in California are being told by Colt that many of their pistols are going to fall off the roster of “approved” handguns for sale in the state within the next 60 days..

How these low-round count firearms got pulled is due to a requirement from the state that all firearms sold in the state must be submitted for inspection and approval before sale. If any modifications are made – no matter how small – the firearms will have their approval revoked, must be resubmitted at manufacturer’s expense and face possible rejection. Colt, like Springfield and many others, has decided not to face the expense and frustration.

Other firearms manufacturers have been forced out of the state by the firing pin micro-stamping regulations that are currently impossible to implement:

Smith & Wesson president and CEO James Debney said his company “will continue to work with the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to oppose this poorly conceived law which mandates the unproven and unreliable concept of microstamping and makes it impossible for Californians to have access to the best products with the latest innovations.”

What should be of concern to gun owners is that this is proving a successful tactic to prevent the lawful ownership of firearms. States have tried things like New York’s Safe Act, New Jersey’s ban on hollow-points and Massachusetts’ requirement of a 10.5 lb trigger pull, but they have done little to make guns less available. Only California’s model is proving to be an anti-gun success.

Other states will likely begin to copy California by creating “approved gun” lists and requiring manufacturers to submit to costly and useless requirements. The requirements will differ from state-to-state making it increasingly costly to produce firearms. Those costs will be passed on to consumers at first, then avoided by not selling into those states – much to the liking of the anti-gun left.

California’s approved gun list isn’t about protecting anyone, it was just one of many experiments into gun control – and it’s proving quit the success.

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