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Walmart avoids FTC investigation by removing questionable ‘Made in USA’ labels

Walmart is a fine purveyor of the cheapest stuff on the planet and with that comes the reputation of being a retailer of mainly cheaply-made Chinese goods. The massive retailer tried to change that image by labeling more goods as “Made in America” and the Federal Trade Commission had a few questions about many of those items.

The FTC said in a letter to Walmart‘s associate general counsel posted on the FTC’s website on Tuesday, that it would not pursue action against Walmart WMT -0.25% because the retailer had taken voluntary steps to “prevent consumer deception.” Those included removing “Made in USA” logos from product listings on its website and removing U.S. country of origin claims that appeared in product descriptions or titles. In some cases it is also making more detailed disclosures regarding the percentage of U.S. content contained in the product.

So after having deceived consumers, the retailer avoided legal action because they quit doing it once they got caught. I guess it’s good to be the king…

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