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One thought on “The Economy: National Review and de Rugy promote suicidal “free trade” policies, attack Ex-Im

  1. efficeintmarkets

    After watching yesterday’s testimony I was struck by how disingenuous Anderson of Delta was with his example. It showed that there was a approximately 2 1/2 % subsidy going to Emirates, but the transactions he shared was an over-ripe apple versus a pristine orange. The non-subsidized deal was an operating lease on an A380, at the end of which the borrower can “put” the airplane back to the lender. The A380 is new and a highly speculative super-jumbo aircraft. The other “subsidized” transactions was a full payout financing, i.e. Not “put” of the aircraft to payout the balance at the end, and the plane was a B777, which has service history measured in decades and is in high demand.

    Using such a distorted comparison is cynical and contemptible, in my opinion.

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