It’s Old Black Men, Not Old White Men That Are The Problem

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  • Congrats for ‘tackling’ an issue that is, according to some, touchy and a political no no….it needs to be discussed to show and educate that ‘racist’ is NOT limited to a single race and the coin has a flip side…To continue to use ‘the word’ is to continue divisions among all citizens…Our youth can only learn what they are taught….do we truly want to teach hate? For now it appears that way Mm & Dad have a huge job offsetting all the garbage polluting the air around the kiddos. It’s probably true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…nor men, black or otherwise….I suspect that the Jacksons, Sharptons could be bought but don’t of a cure for closed minds.

    Hey, Where has every one gone? It’s starting to resemble a ‘private conversation’that Derrell drops in on…Maybe we should just meet at the bistro & have a glass of grape nectar…

    • Thanks Jan, You know me, I am never PC, I say what I feel.And I don’t know about that glass of grape nectar, I am a Scotch man myself.

      • JW BLACK

        • Single Malt only, Glenlivet

          • Ah so…different views, yet shared objective…there’s a lesson here….besides, even you are entitled to be wrong…(chuckle chuckle)

            PS: My Mister thought article was great & appreciated it’s honesty