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Vladimir Putin Fan Club

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  1. Putin is an evil enemy. But I have more respect for him as an enemy than I do our own POTUS. Maybe that makes me part of the fan club

    More importantly is that we are witnessing what can happen with government corruption attempting to subdue a people. And it seems to be a global trend and may be further exacerbated when the European banks and economies finally fail.

    Now I would feel better about this if we had a patriotic government as we have stood against tyranny before. But we don’t anymore. We have a government and Oval Office that is just as intent to seize power as Putin’s intent. We have a government that does not promote freedom but disregards our own constitution. Both parties.

    Both parties are allowing a 17 trillion dollar debt to go unresolved. We are only spending more. You want to accuse me of wearing the tinfoil hat? Then you tell me Mr. Progressive how we will continue to further exacerbate the debt which is already most likely non resolvable and things will turn out just fine in the end. That is like me telling you the tidal wave is far out at sea, has been noted and is approaching and you looking at the ocean calm and telling me you don’t want to leave the beach. The tsunami doesn’t care—it is still coming whether you see it yet or not. And by the time you do see it, it will be too late.

    When we do finally collapse as the laws of economics state we must then what happens? Here is a test case to look at. Katrina. And they seized guns from the law abiding. Blood should have already been spilled over that. Try that in Montana or Wyoming sometime. Blood will be spilled. Just like, let’s

    Power is power. You have global powers that wish for global control now.
    Including in the United States. It doesn’t really matter whether it is from
    another country in Crimea or our own federal government crossing into Wyoming. I predicted what will happen in my own fiction. Fiction based on what has already happened. In history. And history is a sage that tends to repeat itself. So do I think we will have World War III to save the world from tyranny starting in Crimea? No. I think across the world it will be free peoples fighting their own governments for the natural right of freedom. And I think we are going to see that strife in America very soon.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE