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One thought on “Rand Paul is the one distorting Reagan’s foreign policy

  1. Jan Brown

    Boy ‘O Boy, you certainly helped fill the seats on my Rand Paul train of thought !!! Some of ‘differences’ I knew of, but several I hadn’t heard of…It seems lil’ Rand feels it’s more to follow Daddy’s footsteps ‘anything goes’and rendering his Country impotent is of no importance what so ever. …I see the Paul(s)plan is to appeal to the younger voters natural rebellious nature by appearing to be ‘against’ the majority and offers comfort to mature voters by injecting Reagan’s name & pretending it’s in line with their thinking…Which says,in essence, that no one is supposed to ‘think’ & should take it as gospel…Being from Texas I’ve had the chance t meet Daddy Paul who is far from humble or poor. He paid his son-in-law (in excess)of a million dollars to ‘manage’ his last campaign & found success in splitting votes allowing Obama to win…Far Right leadership brings it’s own dangers.
    Thanks again, good to have you to count on for info.

    Had so difficulty finding your website to see if this was still up ??? I wanted to send it to others

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