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Neal Boortz is right: “social conservatives” will cost the GOP more elections

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  1. Jake is right on, you should try the Huff Post for your blathering.

    • Keep wishing. Im a limited govt conservative, you and Jake are Big Govt liberals who want to dictate to ppl how to live their lives. It is ppl like you who enabled socially conservative RINOs to hijack the GOP in a Big Govt direction. We, real conservatives, want the govt to stay out if our boardrooms AND our bedrooms.

  2. Exhibit A, B, C, and D — the first four comments couldn’t have made the author’s and Bortz’s case much better.

    Listen to how Cruz and other young guns work — The issues of the day are O-Care, jobs and the economy and don’t stray from that. Redirect any attempts to distract from O-Care, jobs and the economy back to O-Care, jobs and the economy. It’s easy, “That’s not as important of an issue to everyday working families as dealing with O-Care, jobs and the economy”…


    Controlling other people’s lady parts with Big excessive Gubermint rules isn’t Christian. There’s no 11th commandment to that effect, nor does it sell politically.

    Putting Trust in God (not big government) to sort out the unsortable parts of human behavior (like abortion) is Christian. Or so the Commandments say.

    As for moral decay, seems like there’s a Commandment about not coveting other people’s wealth — you know like how the left’s excessive taxation and redistribution causes much of the moral decay our nation faces. But Nooo…. these sorts of common sense (Christian) values are treated like bad cherries than never get picked…

    Which brings up the fabled 12th Commandment, “Pick and choose what Commandments you want to bring up and ignore the rest…” It’s working great — for the devilish left…

    All the left needs to do is plant a mole in most any Social Conservative meeting and start babbling on in support of banning contraception and abortions, and like a choir, the group will join in that dance, each trying to out do the other. Meanwhile another mole nails it all with a cell phone video, ready and waiting to go viral on You Tube when the moment (for the left) is just right…

  3. What the establishment GOP and Godless Democrats don’t want to acknowledge is America’s problems are due directly to social policy.
    Abortion is a curse that began the destruction of our nation and now gay marriage, the explosion of pornography along with Christian values being openly cursed is the final nail in our coffin.
    If the GOP want to be like the Godless democrats then you can bet they will continue their slide into oblivion, and I will gladly cheer that slide. On the other hand if they would pay attention to the outpouring of support to Chick Fill A and Phil Robertson when they take a moral stand on their values then they may have a chance.
    As for me, I will never support another GOP establishment hack and would rather stay home than cast a vote for someone (like Mittens)who morally and legislatively is identical to the democrats.

    • Guve ne ONE example if how gay marriage, contraceptives, or DADT repeal have destroyed your, or anyone elses, marriage and family, or driven up demand for social spending. You cannot – bc your claims are utterly false. As for the welfare state, it was born in the 30s under FDR, who made 50% of all Americans dependent on a welfare check. Since then its been all downhill for America. This was decades before Griswold and Roe. lbj greatly expanded the welfare state, again well before Roe. The vast majority of those who use welfare are heterosexuals, not gays.

      As for the Establishment, if FISCAL, rather than social, issyes were the yardstick of conservatism, virtually all of its members, including the Bushes, Bob Dole, Juan McAmnesty, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor, would’ve had NO BUSINESS even being in the Party, let alone running it. It is YOU social cons who enabled these RINOs to hijack the GOP and implement Big Govt policies like Medicare Part D, NCLB, gargantuan farm/ethanol subsidies, and much more. Everytime I criticize Bush for these, I heard in response “but hes completely pro lufe and pro marriage, so that excuses him.” It is YOU social cons who enabled these RINOs to hijack the GOP, by putting your pet issues above everything else and believing these RINOs’ useless promises.

  4. If the vast majority of Americans approved of gay marriage then places like California (one of the gayer states) would have brought it in via popular vote. But they tried and it failed. When the Iowa supreme court allowed it, all the judges were removed by the voters. The simple fact is that the majority of states disallow it because the majority of the population doesn’t want it. How did you get to write for CDN by the way? If I wanted to read gay marriage and abortion propaganda, we’d read the huffpost.

    • Which is more relevant to the majority of folks?

      Having a good main street job so you can support your family and community, or stopping gay marriage?

      Successful politics isn’t just about picking issues to discuss, there’s all sorts of issues choose from, with and without majority support.

      Successful politics is about being able to focus one’s attention on the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES to the majority that wins elections…

      Which is most important to focus one’s energy on — having a good main street job to support the family and community or ?

      Political winners would choose the former, regardless of their beliefs in other issues, whatever that might be.

      It also shouldn’t go unsaid that the GOP LOSERship is also incredibly weak on focusing on main street job issues. They are basically mudfarmers who spend most of their time helping their political crony donors out of the burrOcrat muck so the crony can get ahead of everyone else in the race to suceeed. The LOSERship is as clueless about main street job issues as Social Conservatives. To them, everything must have a big gubermint fix that brings them more money and power…

      Which defines what’s wrong with the contemporary GOP — the LOSERship aren’t leaders, they are mudfarmers helping cronies, the Social Conservatives have a extreme fetish for abortion and gay issues with a desire to use big gubermint to force their fetishes on everyone else. Neither are focused directly upon the important main street issues, like jobs and prosperity. The only group that seems close to having a clue are the Tea Partiers. Which is why the LOSERship fights them as Tea Party solutions might reduce the LOSERships ability to mine crony donations to stay in power.

      Meanwhile, while the factions of the GOP are distracted by their own nonsense, the various Social Marketplaces (Education, HealthCare, Energy, Transportation, Housing, Food, etc) are being centralized under federal power by the Ocrats so they can exploit centralization with a ‘Trust in Gubermint’ (not ‘Trust in God’ or oneself) to buy votes with other people’s money.

  5. Show me ONE example of how the legality of contraception and gay marriage or the repeal of DADT have created any demand for new social spending. On the contrary, contraceptives have dramatically REDUCED the need for social spending by preventing unwanted pregnancies and STD infections, and DADT repeal has stopped the taxpayer bleeding by discharging highly qualified personnel who happen to be gay. YOU are the Big Govt Liberal here – YOU are the one wgo wants to dictate how ppl should run their lives.

  6. “abortion, gay marriage, contraceptives, and repealing DADT have not done any damage to America’s prosperity or well-being.”

    Wrong, wrong, wrong! And I say this not from any moral perspective, but simply a utilitarian one. All those social issue you state are irrelevant have the same effect – they increase the demand for social services and welfare programs provided by the government.

    So what if Republicans go soft on social issues and get elected. What are they going to do – cut off all the welfare programs? Do you really think that is possible when everyone desires and supports this spending? Do you really think all those soccer moms and gays you convinced to vote for Republicans by avoiding campaigning on social issues will suddenly agree that the government shouldn’t fund the social welfare programs they support and rely on?

    The only way to reduce this spending which is destroying our government and economy is to reduce the DEMAND for it. That is, convince the public to change their collective mind on the social issues that drive the spending.

    That might be a pipe dream, but so is getting Republicans elected by stealth who then push through the fiscal restraint that nobody wants. That subterfuge has no possibility of success. But at least social conservatives campaign (and lose) on the merits.