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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Islam


Islam- The most important video on Islam. YouTube Description: Most important video I have ever seen about Islam — thanks whoever made it.Every non-muslim should know these facts before they begin to know about it — at least the first one.You will never able to find out two Islamic clerics simultaneously explaining Qur’an same way.There is no authentic translated version ...

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How Halloween can teach your children about Socialism

Yes, you read that correctly. Halloween may be a Pagan holiday from a long time ago but it also creates as Barack Obama likes to say a “teachable moment.” If this exercise that I’m about to give you is done correctly it should have a significant impact on your child this Halloween and will illustrate to them just how unjust ...

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America Our Way with Dustin Hoyt Sebelius hearing style – October 30th


When: Wednesday, October 30th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: America Our Way with Dustin Hoyt on Blog Talk Radio What: Dustin Hoyt takes on the biggest issues of the day, advocating for smaller government, liberty, common sense, and honest politicians. His insight and witty commentary provide entertaining and provoking angles on everything from fiscal policy to the most sensational statements. With a ...

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Wheelchair-Bound Gun Owner Shoots Robber


YouTube Description: A wheelchair bound jewelry store owner in Alcoa, Tennessee has proven more than the fact that guns save lives and stop the bad guys. He’s proven that they also level the playing field. Jewelery store owner Danny Malone had two men come into his store last week under the guise of shopping for jewelery. One of the men ...

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Why Changing Demographics Mean More Democrats


They always shoot the messenger. Even when he’s being optimistic. And Mitt Romney was optimistic when he said only 47 percent of the potential electorate wouldn’t vote for him because they were dependent on the government. The actual Census Bureau figures are much worse. The bureau reports 49.2 percent of your fellow citizens received some type of benefit from one ...

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New York Doctors Revolt Over Obama-Care

We have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it said Nancy Pelosi, well she was right, we are all finding out what is in it and we don’t like it. But how long will it take before people get mad enough and they demand this law be overturned? Doctors in New York are already ...

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Confederate Corner with George Neat


When: Tuesday, October 29th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific   Where: Confederate Corner with George Neat on Blog Talk Radio   What: Yes there are Confederates north of the Mason-Dixon line, and George Neat is one of them. And we’re happy to bring his views to you in the “Confederate Corner” radio show.   For more information on George and his political views, ...

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Myth: “the Defense Lobby buys politicians”

For some years, some people have erroneously believed and claimed that defense budgets are determined by, and weapons programs initiated at the behest of, defense contractors, who supposedly buy Washington politicians’ votes. Anti-defense organizations like POGO have been spreading that propaganda for decades. Recently, pseudoconservative sites like LibertyNews and the DailyCaller have been spreading that blatant lie too, claiming that ...

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Their Finest Hour with Allan Bourdius – Sister Toldjah Night – October 28th

TFHRsquare - 300x300

When: Monday, October 28th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: Their Finest Hour with Allan Bourdius What: Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it – or to not repeat the parts that should be. We’re in a solemn hour in the cause of freedom, and yes, we’re only ever one generation away from losing it. Allan Bourdius of the Their ...

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NEXT with Jonathan D. Sangster Week 2


Where: NEXT with Jonathan D. Sangster What: Looking for something more than the typical mainstream take on news and entertainment? Don’t miss NEXT with Jonathan D. Sangster. Talk radio for people that are looking for more than just the same old talk – for people that are looking for what’s NEXT. Tonight: It’s time for Week 2 of NEXT with ...

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Obama Hates Black People


You may recall that, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it became popular for black Americans to quote a certain rap star and say, “George Bush hates black people.” Because blacks in New Orleans were suffering. But the shoe is really on the other foot. I don’t understand how black Americans can say with a straight face that Obama is ...

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Teach your Children well?


From a young age and throughout the years I have heard people say, “teach your children well, you don’t want to raise little monsters, do you?” These and other comments were about molding and shaping children at an early age. The Bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will ...

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Who Are The Real Cronies And Fascists?


So often, in such a politically divided system, such as ours, in The United States, incendiary words such as Fascist, Socialist etc. are, routinely, tossed around, simply because one is opposed to a Politician, and their policies. I think it is, also, commonly accepted, throughout our population that, a Socialist or Fascist is synonymous with a murderous thug. Certainly, we ...

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The Lies of Obamacare

 David Letterman has his top ten list so I am having my top 6 list of Obamacare lies starting with No.6 and working down to No. 1. Here we go: 6) Obamcare is a website where you can go and compare and purchase healthcare plans just like you would buy a TV on Amazon. (Tell that to the millions who ...

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