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Pentagon Owes Veterans an Explanation!

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Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com


  1. I understand & love your passion, but let’s be honest….THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR EXCUSE !!! This is beyond deplorable!!! It was when Janet Napolitano first said it about ‘returning’ vets. The thing they should remember is THEIR oaths of office & service. (The Vets do) They should know the difference between ‘service to Country’ and SELF serving….L.E. you’re on target!!………If information like this doesn’t motivate ‘action for change’ in 2014…don’t know what will….If you live in Okla, & can’t find anyone competent…I have a great grandson that’s 6 yr old & would be better than what we now have.

  2. There’s no such thing as a great article from Todd Starnes…

  3. Political correctness has taken over the military. If we had officers like Chesty Puller and George Patton in the military today this crap would not be happening. What we have today are officers that worry more about exit strategies rather than winning. “War is Hell”, but politics in the military is fatal for the fighting men.